How to Print Custom Ballpoint Pens With Your Logo

What I learned creating and packaging a set of ballpoint pens with our logo on them. People are always asking me for print and packaging sources, and this is proving to be a popular series!

We wanted an unexpected but useful thank you gift for our design clients, and we decided to put together a set of Aeolidia-branded ballpoint pens with our logo, our merman mascot, and a seahorse. With three pens, we couldn’t resist doing three colors, so Mr. Merman assists you with all your redlining.

We wanted to design nice packaging that wasn’t an instant throwaway, so we made the paper backing into a lovely gold foil die cut design with a quote from our manifesto, to be used as a bookmark (or taped to your inspiration board!).


Custom printed ballpoint pens with our logo


A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out bookmark


All packed up and ready to send!

These would make great trade show booth gifts, thank you gifts, unboxing freebies, or products to sell.

Want to make your own business materials beautiful?

I’m sending out an email tomorrow with design tips and tricks, decisions we made, and my print sources for:

  • Custom logo ballpoint pens
  • Custom printed bookmark/pen backing
  • Clear bags with sticky flap
  • Sticker/label for package
  • How I secured the pens to the packaging
  • How I made the bookmark re-usable and how I explained it

Sourcing printers and packaging suppliers

I would like to share which printers and manufacturers we worked with to produce our marketing materials and packaging. In this many-part series, I am also going to tell you about:

  • any problems I had with printers
  • how we saved money when we could
  • where and why we splurged.
  • what I learned through the process (there were some mistakes!),
  • what I would do differently

People are always asking me for print and packaging sources, and this is proving to be a popular series! This information is going out to my newsletter subscribers only, and I will write once a month throughout 2016 about each part of our packages in detail.

Sign up for our print series! The most recent post went out last month and is about our custom thank you cards and envelope liners – you’ll get a link to that post in tomorrow’s email, which will have all the details about our ballpoint pen sets. I’ll be sharing the problem we had with pen colors and printing in gold, and how we solved it.

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We were used to doing everything ourselves. Letting go and trusting was not easy. But we could not be more happy with the results. The site looks so great. The project was completed right on schedule. The branding work has proved very useful. Shopify itself exceeded our expectations.

— Chris Morris, Island Thyme