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The Next Step to Grow My Business

by Arianne Foulks

September 25, 2014

Your best Next Step to grow your business

How can I grow my business?

The excitement is contagious when I get an email from a business owner who has been waiting to contact us and is now ready to leap in with both feet. Some people come to us very well informed and knowledgeable, with a rock solid plan that we can jump right to work on, but for many business owners, the “next step,” while exciting, is understandably a bit mysterious.

  • Do I need a new logo, or would it confuse my customers to change it?
  • What content do I need on an ecommerce website?
  • How should I style my product photos?
  • What ecommerce platform should I use?
  • Do I need a blog?
  • What is best to feature on the home page?
  • Once the site is live, how do I get people to visit it?
  • How can I grow my business without overwhelming myself?

When we hear from someone new who is ready for a change, we first discuss their business, their challenges, and their goals, and then we dig into their current website, consider the best steps to take, and present them with a project proposal, often with a Plan A and a Plan B.

These are fun to put together, and after working with hundreds of creative businesses, we have a solid idea of what is a best “next step” for small businesses in all different phases. We would like to help you with that next step! Read on below for your chance to win a free, no strings attached next step business consult.

Success stories from our blog

Spring Creek Ranch

It is very fun to read about thriving little businesses that are making it and doing it on their own terms (please remember that it took them all a lot of very hard work to get there)! Here are some of my favorites from our archives, and you can read all of our success stories here:

Today’s giveaway

Do you feel like it’s time for a change for your business? Perhaps you’re wondering where your budget will be best spent? Maybe you have no budget, but just want to know what work you should do next. We will ask you a few questions about your business and goals, and once we understand where you’ve been and where you are, we’ll give you a map for where you should be going.

Next Step Business Consult

This forward trajectory plan comes with no strings attached and no obligation to purchase anything from us or anyone else. After you get your “next step” plan from us, feel free to give us a friendly, “thanks, bye!” and keep on keepin’ on as you have been. 🙂

Having experienced professionals look at what you have now and share thoughts on where you could go with it can be an inspiring catalyst for change and growth.

We are going to do as many of these as possible, and if we aren’t able to include you, we will send you some resources that will be of use.

Enter the “Next Step” Business Consulting giveaway

This giveaway has expired. Stay tuned for future offers!

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