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Why You Should Splurge on Business Card Printing

by Arianne Foulks

August 26, 2014

It’s so hard to spend money on your business, isn’t it? Especially if things are going well enough or if what you have now is working fine. Or is it working fine? Your customers may not consciously realize it, but they’re certainly judging you by how you present yourself – from your website to your product packaging, to the business card printing choices you make.

We’re wrapping up designing and printing the beautiful branding materials that go with the Aeolidia redesign, and I had a pleasant surprise that I wanted to share with you. I’ve used digital printing for all of my print projects up until now, and I now have a before and after that shows what a big difference an upgrade can make.

Mariah designed our business cards early on, and I needed to have some in hand for a conference, so I quickly had them printed digitally online and was pleased with them. Recently, we replaced these temporary cards with upgraded ones, and the originals look downright cheap in comparison. I did a quick photo shoot to share with you what a difference printing can make.

Business card printing upgrade - Why You Should Splurge on Business Card Printing

What do we have here? Post-duplexed and thicker card stock, screen printed, gold foil, and die-cut corners. “Duplexed” means that they stuck a thick creamy white paper onto a smooth charcoal stock, making a heavy and serious card. For the temporary cards, the charcoal color was printed onto white paper, which isn’t as glamorous. The screen-printed waves add a tiny bit of texture, and the gold foil is a sparkly stunner! We switched to turqouise for the cheapies, because we knew gold color or even metallic ink would be a letdown. The die-cut corners are a theme throughout our branding, and I’ve found that they have the added bonus of preventing bent corners.

Business card printing upgrade - Why You Should Splurge on Business Card Printing
Here’s a closeup that shows the juicy details.

It feels like the velveteen rabbit to me – don’t the more expensive cards look more “real” than the budget ones?

We went with Mama’s Sauce for this project, and I’ve been very pleased with their work and their customer service. Writing out thank yous is a joy on our beautiful new cards.

I can tell you it’s a bit terrifying, splashing out the cash on this stuff, especially when it’s all at once. It’s particularly hard to pay for the design work and then pay for the print work. It has been tempting to have certain things done more cheaply, but I know that doing things right is going to feel so good (and have a ripple effect on our clients).

Business card printing upgrade - Why You Should Splurge on Business Card Printing
You can see the duplexed stock and the weight of the card in this shot.

Your marketing materials and branding set the tone when clients or customers approach you and work with you, and I want everything we do to communicate that we take our design work (and the businesses we work for) seriously.

How does your packaging look? How pleased are you with your marketing and advertising materials? Does your website feel right for your business? Is it all “good enough,” but you know it could be better? Can you make the physical manifestation of your brand a budgeting priority?

Business card printing upgrade

Making your ideas and plans tangible is what we’re all about – please contact me today so we can talk about how we can improve the impression that your business is making on people.

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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Splurge on Business Card Printing”

  1. Those are gorgeous. I would love to splurge on fancy cards, but my only caveat is wondering how many get thrown out. I feel like most customers don’t keep them, and instead use their pins, facebook, or browser history to contact me again.


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