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Best Artisan & Handcrafted Gifts Under $50 (2019)

by Justin Trombetti

November 27, 2019 / Updated: January 17, 2023

It’s that time of year again! Around the start of the holiday season, Aeolidia likes to highlight some of the amazing artisan and independent designer businesses out there. It’s never easy to narrow it down to a single list (there are so many amazing creatives these days), but we’ve found a few of our favorite, budget-friendly gifts for everyone to share this year.

Remember, shopping small means you’re supporting real people who have dedicated their lives to their craft. It also means you’re more likely to find something unique.

Artisan Housewares Gifts Under $50

Carter & Rose Wall Planters (from $15) – A unique and absolutely gorgeous way to display plants in an elegant way! Carter and Rose use ceramic cones and reclaimed wood to craft a one-of-a-kind planter display that’s perfect for anyone whose walls could use a little flavor.
carter and rose wall planter gift

Zero Waste Cartel Kitchenwares (from $10) – Zero Waste Cartel is all about sustainability, with products that are plastic-free and ethically sourced. Their kitchen collection has everything from copper cups to reusable scrubbers and sponges to soaps. It’s the perfect way to spice up an eco-friendly kitchen this season.

Cotton & Flax Merino Wool Coasters ($26) – Cotton & Flax wants to up your coffee table game with these stylish (and holiday colored, to boot) merino wool coasters. We’re sure you’ll want to get these to dazzle the guests at your next party, but they will look amazing all year long.

Grace D. Chin’s Prints, Stickers, and Wreaths (from $8) – Grace’s creations are all about empowerment. Their shop has stickers, handcrafted wreaths (which we just can’t get enough of), prints, and more that are all centered on her passion for intersectional feminism.

Honeycomb Studios’ Decorative Vases (from $16) – Honeycomb Studios has a vase collection that we’ve been over the moon about this year. Courtney’s handcrafted ceramic products have been popping up all over, and we can see why; they’re totally unique and totally perfect for sprucing up the home.

Seltzer’s Paper Plants (from $12.95) – Yes, we said paper plants. Seltzer is a fun, women-led goods shop that has all kinds of fun things for around the house, but we think these paper plants are just amazing. Add a little bit of love to someone’s desk when the weather outside gets dreary.
seltzer paper plant gift

Handcrafted Jewelry Gifts

Betsy and Iya’s Necklaces (from $34) – We love gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, and Betsy and Iya are some of the best! They’re a Portland-based modern jewelry shop that has all sorts of collections, from the sleek to the quirky and fun. Check out some of these necklaces for your favorite jewelry lover.

Treeline & Tide’s Earring Collections (from $24) – Treeline & Tide is all about blending the natural with the modern. Their wooden jewelry, home goods, and accessories are stylish, vibrant, and “mindful.” Check out Damian and Jenn’s collections at the link above.
treeline & tide earrings gift

Bags, Totes, & More Under $50

Talking Out of Turn’s Dollface Pouch ($20) – Made of vegan leather, this pouch is the perfect size for both portability AND optimal storage. You can throw your accessories, makeup, and more into this cute pouch (and its super cool exterior pocket).

Kaiko’s Handwoven Products (all price ranges) – Kaiko is a handwoven, crafty shop that sells clutches, bags, backpacks, craft supplies and more. What’s more, they have all kinds of cozy pillows to choose from that are perfect for warming up by a fireplace.

Stationery and Planner Gifts Under $50

Ponderlily’s Planner Collection (from 28GBP) – Ponderlily is a paper and planner shop that focuses on gorgeous, ethically created products. They’ve been featured in publications like Forbes and Huffpost, and for good reason!

Day Designer’s Notebooks (from $12) – If you’re looking for a sleek planner focused on helping your day-to-day productivity, Day Designer is your go to. Those start at $59, but luckily enough, they have what might be the coolest stocking stuffer we’ve found this season. Their slim notebook collection is great for the writers and neurotic note-takers in your life.

Emily McDowell’s You Can Do It! Planner Pad ($12, but on sale at time of writing for $8.40) – Sick of the same kinds of planners? Mix it up with Emily’s planner pad. It’s equal parts cute and practical, and it can even double as a mousepad for your desk.
emily mcdowell you can do it planner gift

Soaps, Scrubs, and Bath & Body Gifts Under $50

Bite’s “The Duo” Toothpaste Bites (from $20) – Toothpaste…bites?? Yep, these little bites contain whitening mint and activated charcoal that work as a detoxifier and a stain fighter. Leave the Listerine off your list, and try The Duo for your loved ones’ pearly whites.

Soaring Suds’ Bubble Bars (from $15) – Bath bombs beware, Soaring Suds is taking over bathtubs this year. These amazing bubble bars look awesome, smell even better, and make your skin feel good as new.

Outlaw Soaps (from $8) – “Rugged and real” is the M.O. of Outlaw Soaps. If you’re not into the more commonly found sweet fragrances that come with artisan soaps, check out Outlaw. They also have some killer colognes, beard products, and even subscription boxes.

Sugar + Spruce’s Body Scrubs (from $15) – Exfoliate in the sweetest way you can with Sugar + Spruce. They also have candles, face products, products for the men in your life and more. Sugar + Spruce is a no brainer for the bath and body lovers this holiday season!

Want even more ideas?

We get it, there’s never enough to choose from. We do this every year though, and you can see last year’s list right here!

Happy holidays, and remember to shop local!

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