A Beautiful and Powerful Website Redesign on Shopify: Lovewild Design

This website redesign on Shopify is meant to make this handcrafted gift shop much more successful at online retail

The Lovewild site before and after the Aeolidia website redesign

When you’re building a website for your business, it’s likely you’ll start with the basics, like a home page, about page, product pages, FAQs and policy. Giving your customers the information they need is an important starting point, and essential to all good e-commerce sites. But great e-commerce sites do better—they make it easy for customers to not only find what they need, but to discover all your offerings. They entice them to want to shop your products by making the experience easy and enjoyable. And they streamline the fulfillment process for you as the business owner as well.

Lovewild Design is a perfect example of an online store we were happy to help blossom to its fullest potential. Family-owned and women-run by Sierra Zamarripa, they are a Brooklyn-based studio known for handmade sustainable gifts and stationery. A significant portion of their customers are local retailers who carry Lovewild’s original lines, but as business grew, they began needing more efficient ways for retailers to place (and for them to process) wholesale and custom orders.

Enter Aeolidia!

Lovewild Veggie Dinner Dice © Stephen Wilson Photography

Lovewild Veggie Dinner Dice © Stephen Wilson Photography

Solving the website problems using Shopify

Our first priority before beginning the Lovewild redesign was to define the project goals. Our team worked both internally and with Sierra to come up with a simple, smart and straightforward list:

  • Have the home page clearly show what Lovewild does with super easy navigation.
  • Easily portray who they are and the array of items they offer: “A lot of our visitors are from Instagram or from a site feature that directly mentions a product, so it would be nice to show the other goodies we have,” Sierra mentioned.
  • Make a connection with customers, giving them an easier and more professional shopping experience.
  • Create a system that processes custom orders faster and allows wholesale accounts to see past orders so they can quickly reorder.
  • Showcase and feature her top-selling products in a way that’s easy to understand.

That last point was especially important. Sierra noted they’d enjoyed more success at trade shows and in-person events because the concept of their “Blooming” products was not being conveyed effectively. Their plantable gifts made of paper with seeds are part of what differentiate and define the Lovewild brand, so we knew they would need more than a subcategory in the site’s navigation.

Lovewild Design product page

Lovewild Design product page


Lovewild Design retailers page

Lovewild Design retailers page

The custom design plan for Lovewild

Do-Hee on our team redesigned the Lovewild site with an aesthetic that echoed the tactile, natural, handmade quality of Lovewild’s products.

“While the website is digital, I brought in analog-inspired elements to complement your handmade practice and products.”

She also came up with a new navigation structure that immediately showed retailers and wholesalers where to go, while also leading customers to all the fun products available in the shop!

“I love that this menu is immediately visible when your customers come to your site, so it’s very clear to them the range of products Lovewild Design has to offer. They will not have to guess!”

Lovewild website design

Why a custom site was the necessary solution for Lovewild Design

Sierra and the Lovewild Design team came to us for a website makeover that better showcased their point of view and quality products. Plugging their existing products and content into a pre-made theme was not going to cut it.

Instead, we designed a contemporary Shopify site from scratch that reorganized the existing products into easy-to-shop categories.

Visually, we integrated existing elements from their handmade products, including Sierra’s whimsical illustrations, to really bring Lovewild’s personality to the forefront (without clutter). The neutral colors in combination with sage green and yellow ochre accents echo the color palette of their botanical inspirations and help communicate the natural aspect of Lovewild’s products.

Overall, we created a site that improved shopability, all the while showcasing the spirit that makes Lovewild Design unique!

We invite you to take a look at the brand new Lovewild Design shop and discover all the lovely handmade goodies they have to offer. If you think your e-commerce site could use a more welcoming, easy-to-navigate, shopping-friendly experience, contact us! Friendly is our middle name.

See this project in our portfolio »

What our client thought

Sierra told us,

“Hiring Aeolidia was one of those things we felt needed to happen in order to grow and strengthen our online presence. They made taking the plunge and investing in a relatively intangible thing a lot less scary by holding our hand the entire way.

I was super impressed by their response time and organization right off the bat. Everyone on the Aeolidia team took the time to listen and humor me when necessary. The overall design process took what felt like very minimal back and forth as the main designer understood who we were from the very beginning.

When put to the test- our conversion rate was overwhelmingly higher. It’s one thing to have friends and family say how great the new site is but when customers and bloggers comment on the design and ease of use you know you got the results you’ve dreamt of.

Thank you!!!”

Grow your own handcrafted business

Bonus! If you currently have an Etsy shop and would like to set up your own shop on Shopify, I’m sharing a plan specifically for you. This is the nitty gritty details of the steps you need to take to get your Shopify shop up and running, and you can get that here:


Read our guide to setting up Shopify for Etsy sellers

Free Video: State of Making–the Big Changes From 2016

This State of Making video is a free look at a summit by Academy of Handmade, discussing big changes in 2016 and prepare for the future of online business.

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I don’t know about you, but I simultaneously feel like January just started and is already basically over. So I’m doing a quick recap of 2016, before plunging into 2017.

2016 was a big year for highlighting the importance of diversification and differentiation for small businesses! People realized through some abrupt changes to the platforms they’d grown to rely on that their business was not ultimately in their control when the bulk of it depended on one third party system to keep on working the way it used to work (this could be Etsy, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

At Aeolidia, we have been stressing the need for self-reliance. Instead of passively waiting for shoppers to come to you, you should take time to learn what makes your business unique, who your perfect customer is, and how to market your business. That way, when change comes, you have a solid foundation to your online business, and the know-how needed to pivot and take your customers with you.

Etsy is good, but you also need your own domain name and online shop. Social media is great, but you also need your own email list. A Facebook page is fine, but Facebook Groups have been huge for small businesses this year. Carve out your own spaces to create community and interest in what you do.

The tools and services available to help you do this are better than they ever were, though the marketplace feels like it gets more crowded every day. That’s why finding a unique niche and point of view for your business is vital.

Sharon Fain from Academy of Handmade summed it up nicely when speaking of the online summit she put on last fall:

When we take a moment to look back at what we did the past year, it’s truly astonishing how much change we’ve endured and how, despite the difficulty, we are still here and better for it. Not only that, these changes can really help us to see patterns for the future and anticipate future changes.

Which is why Academy of Handmade is hosting the first-ever The State of Making: An Online Summit. It’s a multi-day event over three weeks that will look back at the changes in the biggest categories that affect makers, with insight from experts (like Arianne from Aeolidia!) and veteran makers.

Watch my panel at no charge

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Not a subscriber yet? Below is a peek at the video. This clip is about things that your customers want you to have on  your website. We also talk about Buyable Pins, choosing ecommerce software, why we like Shopify, moving from one platform to another, the importance of having your own site, rather than selling on someone else’s marketplace, and much more.

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State of Making: Ecommerce

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Watch the entire summit

Sharon has made the whole online summit available for viewing. See who spoke about what, and purchase access to the whole video series at Academy of Handmade: State of Making Summit.

Podcast Interviews With Arianne Foulks About Growing a Creative Business

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If you’re thinking about how to take your business to the next level in 2017 (I sure am!), you may want to listen to these two (and a half!) recent podcast interviews with me where we cover some best practices for makers, designers, and shop owners. And if you’ve been thinking of hiring Aeolidia one day to take care of your branding, website, and marketing needs, this is a nice way to get to know me and my philosophy towards small business a bit better.

Thrive By Design interview with Arianne Foulks

Today my super special guest, Arianne Foulks, is going to help you define your story and build a better brand presence. Arianne is the captain and co-founder of Aeolidia.com. She’s an expert at digital and visual branding. Arianne works with so many amazing designers and has tons of spot-on advice.

… And I know you’re dying to hear how to convert traffic.

But let’s talk about getting more traffic first. Arianne is going to tell you how right now, so let’s see what she has to say.

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CreativeLive’s Power.Profit.Pursuit interview with Arianne Foulks

Today Tara connects with Arianne Foulks the Captain and Founder of Aeolidia a web and graphic design studio that has been working with creative, design-oriented shops since 2004. Aeolidia serves those at early stages on their path with informative blog and a supportive community and her agency builds fully custom e-commerce sites for established businesses at the tipping point where strategic design can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Tara wanted to learn how Arianne decided to build an agency instead of going it alone at web design. They talk about who she hired first, how her team works together, and both the first and last steps of any client project.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript on TaraGentile.com


Power.Profit.Pursuit ecommerce bonus episode with Arianne Foulks

Today we release our very first ever BONUS EPISODE. Today Tara is joined again by Arianne Foulks but this time they are talking about how e-commerce businesses can get more out of their websites so they can sell more of their products.

Listen to the podcast on Creative Live (episode 57.5)


Doing the bonus episode for you with CreativeLive was part of my resolution to make sure I’m doing my best to reach the right people any time I agree to speak. These things take me a decent amount of prep time, and talking to the people who will care about our services is an important part of the decision.

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Hire the Best Shopify Web Designers for Creative Businesses: 22 Shop Transformations Underway

We're the best Shopify designers for creative, design-based businesses. There's just no one out there who is doing what we do at the consistently high and thorough level of service that we provide.Are you looking to hire a Shopify designer? We’re your team! While it would be pretty out there to say that we’re the best Shopify web designers in the world, I’ve gotten us to a point where I feel pretty calm claiming that we’re the best Shopify designers for creative, design-based businesses. There’s just no one out there who is doing what we do at the consistently high and thorough level of service that we provide. It’s the thing I’m most proud of (sorry, kids, you’re number two on the list), and what I spend all my work time on!

Here is a quick peek at our clients’ recent launches, and at what we’re working on this winter. These motivated creative businesses include: five gift and jewelry shops, three clothing shops, two stationery designers, two housewares designers, two dog apparel brands, a party shop, a bath & body brand, a toy designer, a doll maker, a planner designer, a fine art gallery, an interior design studio, and a sewing studio.

It is such an honor and a delight to be able to work with such creative, ambitious, and dedicated business owners. I think you’ll like them, too!

We will write about these projects in more detail in the upcoming weeks, but for now, I wanted to give you the rundown of what work we’ve finished and what we’re beginning now.

These ones are totally done!

Design block five at Aeolidia has wrapped up, and block one of 2017 is underway. Some of our logo clients from block 5 are having a website built, and the others are new to us this block. I’d like to show off the inspiring brands that are ready to put their plans into action and achieve their goals now! Here are the projects we’ve recently completed:

JillianMaddie Paperie

JillianMaddie Paperie Shopify custom theme

Client: Holly Hutton
Project: Brand Identity and Customer Experience DesignCustom Shopify website, copywriting

Status: Project complete, website launched! Visit: JillianMaddie Paperie

We created a website that shows off JillianMaddie’s wonderful assortment of paper and party products. JillianMaddie’s story is told through an airy layout, bright photography and happy details. The homepage invites customers to shop, with its top categories and products clearly highlighted. Customers can refine category listings by color and occasion, two important details to the seasoned party thrower. Making the purchase is easy as pie with clean product page.

Congratulations on your new business, Holly!



Petit Collage

Petit Collage website redesign

Client: Lorena Siminovich
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting

Status: Project complete, website launched! Visit: Petit Collage

Petit Collage is an established brand with a well-recognized aesthetic. We created a website befitting of the modern, sustainable brand. The homepage, while packed with information, doesn’t overwhelm its customers. They can shop by age, price, theme, or category. Or they can explore Petit Collage’s top-selling products with various homepage features, including a slideshow and a simple but sweet video. The feature-rich site includes a “quick view” item option and a helpful store locator.

Make the best of this fresh up to date incarnation of your online home, Petit Collage!


June & January

June & January website redesign

Client: Amy Richardson-Golia
Project: Custom Shopify website

Status: Project complete, website launched! Visit: June & January

Design-wise, it helped that we have worked with them for ages and so aesthetically it was pretty easy to get them where they needed to go. This project was about functionality:

  • Allowing customers to begin shopping straight from the home page
  • Making it easy to determine what colors/sizes are available
  • Integrating the site more closely with Instagram
  • Making it easier for mobile shoppers to add products and make it through checkout

Congrats on your new site, Amy! Send those sales numbers through the roof!


Gather Here

Gather Here custom Shopify site for a sewing studio

Client: Virginia Johnson and Noah Dubreuil
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting

Status: Project complete, website launched! Visit: Gather Here

The Gather Here team needed a shiny new website to match their fantastic new stitch lounge in Cambridge, MA. We delivered a modern, uncluttered, user-friendly site that still feels warm and inviting, with nods to hand crafts (sewing, knitting, and the like) sprinkled throughout. We built upon their existing red and gray color palette by introducing a friendly blue tone used throughout, and created a sleek new online shop and class calendar for crafters to find anything their yarn-shaped hearts may desire.

Best wishes building  community both online and off, Virginia & Noah!



Paperwand website

Client: Neesha Merani
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation DesignCustom Shopify website

Status: Project complete, website launched! Visit: Paperwand

Neesha hired us for a complete relaunch with these specific goals in mind: she wanted a delightful brand that clearly communicates her message, creates an immediate emotional connection to her customer, and a happy experience that makes them think “Yes, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” Sarah’s design incorporated a hand-drawn, custom font paired with a shining star that mirrors PaperWand’s sense of wonder, magic and wishfulness. The starburst made for a beautiful, iconic PW monogram.

Enjoy the fresh start, Neesha!



Lovewild website design

Client: Sierra Zamarripa
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, trademark registration

Status: Project complete, website launched! Visit: Lovewild Design

Sierra and the Lovewild Design team came to us for a website makeover that better showcased their point of view and quality products. We designed a contemporary Shopify site that reorganized her existing products into easy-to-shop categories. Visually, we integrated existing elements from their handmade products, including Sierra’s whimsical illustrations, to really bring Lovewild’s personality to the forefront (without clutter). The neutral colors in combination with sage green and yellow ochre accents echo the color palette of their botanical inspirations and help communicate the natural aspect of Lovewild’s products. Overall, we created a site that improved shopability, all the while showcasing the spirit that makes Lovewild Design unique!

Best wishes building up the retail portion of your business, Sierra!


Harvest Paper Co.

Client: Sam Bearbower
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Design, trademark registration

Status: The final touches are going on right now, and Sam will be sharing her new name and brand identity design soon!



These ones have moved to the next phase

We were hard at work on these projects on block 5, and now we’re moving right along with the next step through early 2017.


Photo © YAYA

Photo © YAYA

Client: Alon Abadi
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, Marketing, SEO
Current site: YAYA (new site scheduled to launch in 2017)

Status: Site designed and in development

Sometimes a business owner comes along and you can see that they have all the elements needed to achieve their goals: 1) a deep understanding of their brand and what differentiates it from others, 2) a natural connection with their perfect customers, and 3) a strong work ethic. If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right! Alon, Yael, and their Aeolidians are in perfect agreement on this, and I cannot wait to see where they take it.



Crafty Wonderland

crafty wonderland brick and mortar shop

Client: Cathy Zwicker and Torie Nguyen

Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting
Current site: Crafty Wonderland (new site scheduled to launch in 2017)

Status: Site designed and will be in development in early 2017

Crafty Wonderland is a brick and mortar retail shop in downtown Portland as well as a twice yearly large scale art + craft market that happens at the Oregon Convention Center. The shop is unique in that it only sells goods made by Portland artists – currently about 200 artists are represented. The Art + Craft Market has about 250+ artists from all over the country that set up and sell their goods directly to the public.

The new design by Christine on our team design highlights *all* the facets of Crafty Wonderland— Now, customers will be able to learn more about the events that are coming up, visit the brick & mortar store, and make purchases of Portland made goods once they’ve left the fine city of Portland. This one is good!!



Photo © Mafu

Photo © Mafu

Client: Bonnie Juma
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design, Packaging
Current site: BJ Naturals

Status: Brand identity designed, beginning website design in block 2

This is going to be a stunning transformation, and I really can’t wait to share it all! With a new name, gorgeous new brand identity, new packaging, and professional photos, the “before and after” on this one is going to be a thrill! Bonnie puts such care and love into her products and business, and it’s really going to look like it when we’re through with our work. It’s been such a joy to make plans for this loving, healing business.



Living Well Spending Less

Photo © Living Well Spending Less

Photo © Living Well Spending Less

Client: Ruth Soukup
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, Photography, SEO
Current site: Living Well Spending Less (new site scheduled to launch in 2017)

Status: Site designed and in development

There is nothing we like more at Aeolidia than a problem to solve, and a busy business to untangle. Ruth’s blog and brand have grown and grown over the years, leaving her with a confusing mishmash of a website with a blog and shop that aren’t really “speaking” to each other. There is so much great information on there that is getting lost, and the tools to purchase to simplify your life, well… aren’t simple to find! Taking Ruth’s WordPress site and making it work together in harmony with her Shopify shop has been a delightful challenge, and we’re excited to see how many more sales will result once things have been cleaned, cleared, and simplified!



Handmade Sam*Made

All photos © Samantha Leung

Photo © Samantha Leung

Client: Samantha Leung
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Design, trademark registration
Current site: Handmade Sam*Made

Status: brand identity and packaging will be completed during Block 1

Samantha has been working hard building a solid foundation for her brand, and it’s been our pleasure to breathe life into it with graphic design. With a new name, new look, and every detail accounted for, there’s nowhere Sam won’t be able to go with her business!



Push Pushi

Photo © Push Pushi

Photo © Push Pushi

Client: Feri Bijan
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation DesignCustom Shopify websitecopywriting, Marketing
Current site: Push Pushi (new site scheduled to launch in 2017)

Status: Site designed and in development

How fun is it to design a website with these cute puppy faces staring back at you? It’s been really fun! We’re hard at work making sure Feri’s perfect customer will relate to the design and look of the brand and site, and find it easy to pick the perfect accessory for her posh pup! With an innovative product and the readiness to invest in the necessary design work to show it off, Feri should have no problem converting interested browsers into satisfied customers. Woof!



Cactus Fine Art

Photo © Cactus Fine Art

Photo © Cactus Fine Art

Client: Ricardo Vazquez
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation DesignCustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: This is a brand new business!

Status: Brand identity designed, beginning website design this block

We always love getting in on the ground floor and being able to dream big for a new brand from the very start. The logo for Cactus is absolutely lovely, and now we’re planning for the best online shopping experience for their art gallery.


Dani Barbe

Photo © Dani Barbe

Photo © Dani Barbe

Client: Dani Barbe
Project: Brand IdentityCustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Dani Barbe
Status: Brand identity designed, beginning website design
We called in Christine to update, refine, and extend Dani’s existing brand, and now we’re tackling a beautiful new website to establish her as a serious professional, with a site that’s as easy to use as it is gorgeous. This one is going to look amazing!



These ones have just begun

Getting started with block 1, I’m thrilled to introduce you to these inspiring businesses. See where they’re at now, and check back with us in a couple of months to see their transformations!

Well Dressed Wolf

Client: Sarah Lemoine & Shannon Caserta
Project:Brand IdentityCustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Well Dressed Wolf (new site scheduled to launch in June)
Well Dressed Wolf is a business that felt like an iconic Aeolidia-type business from the moment she contacted me. We’re enjoying refining Sarah’s brand and sub-brands and getting her ready to meet her goals.

Marketing is really something I love. I design children’s clothing but I have also done all of the graphic design and marketing and photography for our business up to this point. I truly love it, but I am wise enough to know how far my own skill can take our business. Even when things look pretty good from the outside, knowing the internal structure of our site isn’t as streamlined as it should be… bothers me. […] Right now we aren’t missing any sales. We sell all inventory that is offered and typically run short of demand. That said, we do want the business to grow without over saturating the market. This means increasing our fan base and slowly increasing production proportionally, keeping the limited feel while offering more product. Our offshoot brands will also help by providing a different (more comfortable, knit, everyday wear) product to customers that will not be as limited (and will be restocked as needed). The ideas are a lot to juggle, and I think working together would benefit us.


Client: Christina Platt
Project: Custom Shopify website, Marketing
Current site: Bamboletta (new site scheduled to launch in April)
Christina is one of our nearest and dearest clients from many many years ago! Our two businesses have been growing up alongside each other for ages, and now we’re so honored to jump back in with Christina and make her website a true joy to shop, that really reflects all the love and care she and her team put into their handmade dolls.

Georgie Designs

Client: Robyn Klauer
Project:Brand IdentityCustom Shopify websitecopywriting, Marketing
Current site: Georgie Designs (new site scheduled to launch in June)
It’s a thrill being brought in when a successful business is seeing growing pains and needs a custom website that eliminates frustrations and can grow with them. Robyn told us:

I’ve been running this business for 10+ years. It’s been my full time job for 3 years. Etsy is very successful for me. On my website, my conversion rate is terrible. I think my website doesn’t look professional enough. I need a branding overhaul. I think with the high level of customization available to my customers, they are also overwhelmed with their choices. My dropdown menus and options are confusing and I’m not sure how to fix it. This is a known problem. Customers email me with questions all the time. So I can only imagine how many customers are just abandoning the idea all together.

Silly Buddy

Client: Hande Cengiz
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting
Current site: Silly Buddy (new site scheduled to launch in April)

My main concern is that when someone asks a Silly Buddy customer “where did you get that from?” that their answer is “Etsy.” We need to change this to “Silly Buddy” and this starts with our own beautiful website.

Benny & Lou

Client: Marissa Salvatore
Project:Brand Identitycopywriting
Current site: (coming soon)

Benny & Lou will be an online retail destination for baby clothes and accessories. It will be focused on finding stylish and comfortable pieces made by small brands with high quality fabrics. Over the last few months, I’ve realized that there are little to no places online where you can shop these brands in one place. I see Benny & Lou as being a site where mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. know that they can find their baby/toddler clothes and gifts—a “go-to” destination for your child’s clothes.

The site will also be reflective of my style: classic and comfortable, but also stylish. The way I would want to be dressed if I could wear a onesie :)

Hester & Cook

Client: Courtney Cochran
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, Marketing, SEO
Current site: Hester & Cook (new site scheduled to launch in April)

We are known for our paper placemat pads, a gift industry trend we started. Ours are still the highest quality, best designed in the marketplace (maybe I am biased). In addition to the placemats, we also have paper table runners. I would say those two items are our most easily recognized, though our lighting is also a show-stopper. Our stationery is also growing in popularity. We have a strong line that is based around paintings from various local artists, so it does look distinctly different from a lot of other stationery brands. Everything we make is produced in the USA. Last but not least, we provide amazing customer service.

Nest Interior Design

Client: Nicole Fulton
Project: Brand IdentityCustom Shopify websitecopywriting, Marketing
Current site: Nest Interior Design (new site scheduled to launch in June)

Nest is 10 years old, and we have been growing each year. I feel what is holding us back is our inability to reach a broader audience with our unique design perspective and products. We have to work so hard to place each individual piece in a client’s project, we need our designs to be farther reaching. We need some of our sales to be easier :)

Our goal is to establish a web presence with a blog, interactive website and an e-commerce site. We would like to have a format that will cross-pollinate between social media, blog, website and the commerce site. We would like to hear your thoughts on how to increase visibility for site via our existing avenues and how to expand exponentially from there.


Client: Patricia Dunlap
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand IdentityCustom Shopify website, copywriting, photography, Marketing
Current site: Tri-Elegance (new site scheduled to launch in June)

I launched my business initially on Etsy by opening my shop on October 7, 2012, primarily selling handmade cards. In 2014, I expanded my business to offering stationery and home goods using wood as the main source material and started my own e-commerce site on Shopify. My company is over four years old and experienced good growth. However, I am struggling to communicate my brand’s voice, tell my story and increase traffic to my Shopify store due to struggles with SEO and communicating a cohesive brand via a professionally made website. In addition, challenges include marketing on social media and improving my store’s views to sales conversion ratio.

My goal is to take my business and brand to the next level. To get it there, it’s time to invest in getting a professionally made website which clearly communicates my brand, mission, tell the story behind my company and product offerings including is optimized with good SEO.

Do any of these hard working business owners sound like you?

Your small but fast growing business is perfectly poised to make a big splash in online retail, and that’s exactly where Aeolidia loves to meet you. Our work is strategic, completely custom, and entirely goals-based. We like to get involved when we know our work can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Ready? If you’re ready to move forward with your business, and to invest in some outside help, we would love to be your team. If you email today, we can get you into block 2 of 2017. Block 2, you ask?

Tell me more about this block system

Aeolidia schedules projects in a block system. This means that we have set up discrete blocks throughout the year, and all projects start at the same time, and launch by the same time. When you work with us, the block system will mean these things to you:

  1. You will know exactly when you will launch, and your launch date is guaranteed
  2. Your launch date will be strategic, based on your business’ important sales season

Each block is two months long, and you will be working with either a designer or a developer during a single block.

  • A logo takes one block.
  • A website design takes one block.
  • Developing that website takes one block.

So each of our clients will need 1-3 blocks (2-6 months) to complete their project.

Here are our blocks for 2017:

  • Block 1: January 2 – February 24
  • Block 2: February 27 – April 21
  • Block 3: March 24 – June 16
  • Block 4: June 19 – August 18
  • Block 5: August 21 – October 13
  • Block 6: October 16 – December 15

When should you get started? We’d be glad to discuss that with you in detail, but a rough guideline is:

Want a logo and brand identity created in time for the National Stationery Show in May? We can design your logo and packaging in block 2 for an April 21st launch.

Need an impressive brand identity and compelling website for wholesalers to shop from by the NY NOW summer show this year? Get your logo designed in block 2, your website designed in block 3, and we’ll build it for you in block 4, in time to head to New York in August.

Planning to have everything ready for the holiday sales season? You’ll want to get started by block 3, in March. If you don’t need a logo, you could start in block 4, in June.

We book up early, and are glad to book you up to 18 months in advance. When we do that, you lock in our current prices. Please let me know if you’d be interested in telling us more about your retail goals and objectives so we can put together a custom proposal for you. If so, I have a wonderful questionnaire for you to fill out.

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How To Make Your Shopify Site Work For Instagram Shoppers

The website redesign for June & January on Shopify needed to work well for their Instagram shoppers, customers, and fans on mobile phones

Big little businesses…they grow so fast, don’t they?

They do when you start off on the right foot. Way back when June & January was barely a newborn business, we gave this maker of bold, colorful clothes for modern babies, tots and kiddos a complete makeover. It involved a new name, web design and visual identity, and once their transformation was complete, we watched them grow and grow and grow.

Photo © June & January. Purchase Poppy Bows Tote bag

Photo © June & January. Purchase Poppy Bows Tote bag

Photo © June & January. Purchase Hoodie Jumper

Photo © June & January. Purchase Hoodie Jumper

Five years later, June & January had doubled their sales each year for the past three years. They’d built a huge social media following and online community of moms who can’t wait for the brand’s newest product release or sales special.

We were thrilled—and super proud!—when founder Amy Richardson-Golia asked us to help take her brand yet again to the next level. With a 5% conversion rate and thousands of Instagram shoppers monthly, the June & January site was already performing strongly. But there were several areas ripe for improvement, most of which had to do with the logistics of how customers make a purchase.

78% of J&J’s traffic was mobile, and more than 80% of that traffic was on an iPhone. Why so high? The June & January Instagram account—and its nearly 200k followers—is a huge, direct driver of purchases. In fact, it was almost too direct: because customers were brought to their cart immediately, they weren’t being encouraged to shop longer and discover the many lovely goodies June & January has to offer.

There was also the matter of logistics. One of Amy’s goals was to help Instagram customers shop with greater ease and less clicks by making it easier for them to buy the same products in more color options. This meant a cleaner, more simple design was in order, as well as making it simple for mobile/Instagram shoppers to choose their preferred color and size.

Photo © June & January. Purchase Swing Dress

Photo © June & January. Purchase Swing Dress

Photo © June & January. Purchase Knotted Headband

Photo © June & January. Purchase Knotted Headband

Given June & January’s strong mobile traffic, Christine began designing the new site with a focus on mobile first:

“The June & January moms are serious about their online shopping—they have been waiting with bated breath for your next release and when it’s time to pounce on that sale they don’t have a lot of time to do it. The homepage is designed with them in mind—it’s clean and simple, making it a breeze to see your awesome products and make a purchase.”

The new mobile-friendly item page opens with an image of the product. Customers can view alternate images by clicking the dots at the bottom of the image. Below the image are the product name and price, followed by the color, size, and quantity options. The “add to cart button” is high up on the page, making it easy for customers to buy the adorable item. And the social media share buttons are directly below the add to cart button so they can share it with all their friends.

June & January website - home page design

June & January website – home page design

This new streamlined shopping experience was designed not only to encourage purchases, but sharing. The June & January community is vibrant and active, full of moms who can’t wait to post pictures of their little ones in the latest J&J gear. By integrating the site with the brand’s preferred Instagram hashtags, we created a community-driven feed of customer photos. Two images display fully on each product page, and customers can use the arrows to scroll through the rest. Can you even resist it?

If you’re reading this on your phone, we definitely recommend taking a stroll through the new June & January site. Does it look like something that could help drive purchases and build community for your brand? Contact us about growing your business with a stronger mobile strategy.

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Aeolidia signing off for 2016

Aeolidia seasonal merman in wreath

This is the last post on the Aeolidia blog in 2016! Most of our readers are very busy this time of year just keeping afloat with fulfilling orders, so this is when we slow down, recharge, and get serious about 2017 planning.

I have a lot in store for you, including:

  • A proper members’ area on this site that contains all of our bonus content to help you build a business. It will be free to newsletter subscribers.
  • An ebook for those of you who are DIYing your social media efforts. Learn how to do what the agencies do in a way that’s effective for your business.
  • A live Q&A in the Facebook group about forming an LLC (next week!).
  • Upcoming newsletters: books that will change your business for the better, night guy vs. morning guy, what to do about Google’s change for sites with pop-ups, why your brand is like the velveteen rabbit…
  • Upcoming blog posts: using Facebook groups to create customer communities, how to choose a great name for your business, deciding when to invest time or money, things that could be affecting your conversion rate, and more interviews with amazing handmade shop owners.

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Gift Guide For Designers and Other Nerds, 2016 part 2

Do you have some creative design snobs on your list? I asked the Aeolidians to let me know what they have their eye on this season to give you some ideas. Let’s look at some beautiful, adorable, and quite useful things that we’re thinking of gifting or getting for Christmas.

The Aeolidia team is back with a 2016 gift guide! If you’re new here, Aeolidia is the web design studio that transforms creative shops and into profitable powerhouses. Many of these shops are our clients, and the rest we’d love to work with one day! We’d be honored to boost online sales for you next year—see what we can do, then get in touch!

Do you have some creative design snobs on your list? I asked the Aeolidians to let me know what they have their eye on this season to give you some ideas. Let’s look at some beautiful, adorable, and quite useful things that we’re thinking of gifting or getting for Christmas. This is part 2, and part 1 is here.

Shalon’s Picks

Shalon has been a graphic designer for over 14 years, is a bit of a crafter as well, and documents the little things in life behind her camera.

Greatest Adventure Art Print by Harvest Paper Co. • Lavender Soy Candle at Pink Olive

Ceramic Tea Infuser Mug Set from Stone Haven Pottery • Stitched Leather Ipad Mini Case at Anthropologie



Arianne’s Picks

Arianne is captain and founder of Aeolidia, and loves a cheery bit of nature.

Floral Infinity Scarf from HillScarves • Ooma Bowl at Uncommon Goods

Anchor Necklace at Beehive Handmade • Wool Log Pillow from Hi Tree

Whales Sticky Note Cube by Ilee • Urban Tote in Yellow Dots by Red Staggerwing



Brooke’s Picks

Brooke bakes lemony desserts, continues a quest for the perfect slice of pizza, and knows every line to Steel Magnolias.

Midnight Everyday Agenda by Rifle Paper Co. • Book* (Wine) Tote Bag by Emily McDowell

Hand-Printed Linen Calendar by Jen Hewett • Herringbone Cutting Board by American Heirloom



Jon’s Picks

Jon, a web developer, is a fan of handmade work and the independent spirit and has a fluffy cat named Wilson.

Dapper Cat Pin by Emily McDowell • Serious Starters Drawing Book by Serious Creatures

Cat Glass at Curious Experience • Bright Side Hat at Tilde



Kelly’s Picks

Kelly is a web developer on our team, and is perpetually seeking her next big adventure in the small, quirky towns she discovers along her travels.

Colorful Planner at Paper*Source • Michigan V-Neck at The HomeT

The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson • Geometric Diamond Infinity Scarf at Nora Gray



Maggie’s Picks

Sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries make Maggie giddy, and 75% of her daily conversation is in the form of movie quotes.

Geometric Cutting Board by American Heirloom • Tacos Pennant by Three Potato Four

Coffee by Grounds & Hounds • Offhand Shoulder Bag by Hardgraft

Red Horse Towel by Mirdinara • Wooden Magnets by Butternut Brooklyn



Sarah’s Picks

Sarah is a self taught artist living on a 5 acre homestead in the most isolated part of the world.

Purrmaid Necklace by Small Wild Shop • Mini Golden Bee Pin by Chris Uphues

Amazonite Mala at Hanuman Heart • Squirrel Wall Art by Winding



Happy Shopping!

If you’d like to see what else we’re loving right now, visit our “Handmade and Boutique Goods” board on Pinterest. We’ll be back to serious business advice in January.

Gift Guide For Designers and Other Nerds, 2016 part 1

Do you have some creative design snobs on your list? I asked the Aeolidians to let me know what they have their eye on this season to give you some ideas. Let’s look at some beautiful, adorable, and quite useful things that we’re thinking of gifting or getting for Christmas.

The Aeolidia team is back with a 2016 gift guide! If you’re new here, Aeolidia is the web design studio that transforms creative shops and into profitable powerhouses. Many of these shops are our clients, and the rest we’d love to work with one day! We’d be honored to boost online sales for you next year—see what we can do, then get in touch!

Do you have some creative design snobs on your list? I asked the Aeolidians to let me know what they have their eye on this season to give you some ideas. Let’s look at some beautiful, adorable, and quite useful things that we’re thinking of gifting or getting for Christmas. This is part 1.

Sam’s Picks

Sam takes care of our clients and keeps the Aeolidia projects shipshape. Sam loves historical fiction and slinging ink as a block printer.

Set of Nesting Covered Bowls at Sarah Kersten • Coco Rose Lip Set at Herbivore Botanicals

Ribbon Scissors at Angela Liguouri • She’s Mum and Then Some Mug by Bespoke Verse



Christine’s Picks

Christine is a brand and web designer, and design infuses her everyday.

Flat Clutch at Clare V • Prime Timber 2.0 Mechanical Pencil at Little Otsu

Dawn Necklace at Sycamore Street Press • In the Company of Women at Design*Sponge

The Standard Graph Notebook at Iron Curtain Press • Modern Birds puzzle at Petit Collage



Terry’s Picks

In addition to design, Terry has business and music training under her belt—99% of her memory is comprised of song lyrics, and she thinks George Michael has the voice of an angel.

Silhouette Plate at Flutterbye Prints • Pennsylvania Tank at Megan Lee Designs

Book of Cocktails at the New York Times • Cheese Board at Anthropologie



Jess’ Picks

Jess is an enthusiastic and passionate designer whose home is filled with plants.

Ladies Drawing Night Book from Leah Goren • Agrumes Art Print at Lea Maupetit

Teardrop Himmeli at Handmade SamMade • The Future is Female T-Shirt at OtherWild



Do-Hee’s Picks

Do-Hee dreams of being a pig and/or flower farmer, but is constantly torn because she loves city living so much.

Boss Lady Pencils from Harvest Paper Co • Inflatable Dinosaur Card by Pango Productions

Lip Balm Kit from Handcrafted Honeybee • Brooklyn Pouch from Lovewild Design



Caroline’s Picks

Caroline loves peanut butter inexorably, and thanks to her global family and a year abroad, speaks two (maybe three) foreign languages.

Mini Papel Picado Banners by Ay Mujer • Table Runner by Sweetgum Textiles

Mosaic Scarf by Block Shop Textiles • A daily painting by Lisa Daria



Jen’s Picks

Jen delights in wildflowers sprinkling rolling foothills, beautiful light, and the smell of wet earth, and is our talented product photographer.

Pink Bomb Canvas at Lindsay Letters • Leather Moccasins by Koala Tea Moccs

Embossing Rolling Pin by Valek • Custom Family Portrait by Brittani Rose



Happy Shopping!

If you’d like to see what else we’re loving right now, visit our “Handmade and Boutique Goods” board on Pinterest. We’ll be back to serious business advice in January.

What Makes a Handmade Business Really Work? Interview With Opposite of Far

How community, collaboration, and love can lead to success for a creative handmade business owner.

Do you have a handmade business? You know that at Aeolidia we love creative handmade businesses that started with a fiery little spark in someone’s sewing room or garage. We’ve been celebrating these handcrafted businesses by learning a bit more about them, and getting tips for keeping a crafty business going, and even expanding it beyond what your two hands can do. This is an interview with Jessica Near, of children’s costume business, Opposite of Far.

Opposite of Far is a small operation that takes pride in carefully hand making high-quality items for children. Every single item is designed, cut, sewn, finished and packaged by Jessica Near, the creator and owner of Opposite of Far. Christina is Jessica’s right hand woman who helps with everything from cutting to shipping to sewing! Mike Near, Jessica’s husband, also helps with several steps of the process. During extremely busy times they are fortunate enough to have lots of family and friends who pitch in to help where they can!

What do you create and what makes it so special?

I make handmade felt animal masks, tails, ears, paws and more! My designs are 100% original, drawn by me to be recognizable as the animals they represent while still being soft and playful for children.

Is your product entirely handmade? Could you describe who makes your product and how? How has that changed over the life of your business?

My product is completely handmade. I hand draw my patterns and sew the majority of the pieces. My husband and friend/contractor do all the cutting and trimming. We’re a really small team working hard to create unique, high quality items for children!

Is it important to you that your product stays handmade, and why?

It is really important to me that Opposite of Far stays handmade! The reason is simple—there’s so much detail on every item and manufacturing would compromise those design details. I don’t want to make those changes because I believe those details are what make Opposite of Far special!



How long have you been in business? What can you pinpoint as a turning point to your business’ popularity? What propelled you forward and how did you know you’d “made it?”

I have been in business for almost 6 years! I can’t really pinpoint one thing that made me feel like I’d “made it” because there were several opportunities that propelled my business forward in significant ways.

One surreal moment was realizing I had more work than I could handle myself, that it was time to ask for/hire help in order to not only keep up with current orders but expand too! Renting my first studio was a big moment too. That made me feel really legit! ;) Seeing people share Opposite of Far all over Instagram, blogs, etc is always exciting- that never gets old!

Honestly, I’ve been amazed all along that that I’m making products people love so much! Instagram, Etsy, bloggers, magazines, etc have all aided in my popularity and my fans are incredibly supportive, I feel very lucky to have found my unique niche in the handmade world!!

Do you keep inventory of everything on hand, or is it made to order? How do you keep up with inventory for your shop?

Everything is still made to order! I say every year that I will build inventory, but with such a small team and steady orders year round, it’s nearly impossible to achieve any substantial inventory!

How have you adjusted pricing, process, and methods as your business grew, and how did that affect inventory and sales?

I started out at $5 per mask, but as my designs evolved and I grew my team I realized my products needed to reflect the work being put into making them! I do try to keep my prices low because I want Opposite of Far to be affordable so my products can reach more children.

It’s so important to place value on your work. I’m only charging for the actual product I make, which doesn’t take into account all the time I spend marketing, managing my website, answering emails, researching, designing, purchasing supplies and materials, shipping, organizing, and all the other day to day tasks outside of production time.

Being handmade doesn’t automatically mean a product is high quality, but I firmly believe that once people hold a high quality handmade item in their hands they know exactly why it is priced higher than cheaply made products.


Where do you promote your work most? How do you sell it? How much time do you spend on marketing or promotional work?

Almost all of my promotion is on Instagram. I recently started a Facebook group for my fans too (The Opposite of Far Imaginears Club). I set aside time each week to create flat lays to post on Instagram that include Opposite of Far products along with other handmade/small shop items for cross-promotion. I also love working with brands and photographers to organize photo shoots. My handmade/small shop community is invaluable to me!

At the beginning of 2016 I moved my website to Shopify and couldn’t be happier! I like to send out a postcard/coupon with every order, so I spend a couple hours every other month or so designing a new card to include in packages.

I notice that you do collaborations with other makers. Could you share with us how some of those relationship began, how your promote each other’s work, and how that has grown your business?

I admire a lot of hand made makers and find so much inspiration in people creating unique items! I have a million ideas swimming in my head at all times, but I can’t possibly do everything myself. And why would I do something myself when I know other talented people could work with me to create something extra special?!

Usually, I will approach the maker with an idea/s and we will begin brainstorming to make the collaboration really amazing! I think collaborating is really important in the handmade community where you often hear of people stealing designs or products rather than creating something unique. If we work together we can combine our talents and make the absolute best of each unique product to offer to our fans! Team work, integrity, originality… these traits benefit every small handmade business and the people who shop with us!

What do you like about how you sell your handmade goods? What about your selling process is not ideal for you?

I love seeing children playing, being silly, reading books, enjoying and imagining with Opposite of Far! I don’t like that I can’t just give everything away for free! haha. Customer service can be really hard. I am a pleaser; I don’t want anyone to be upset with me, my products, my service, my turn-around time, anything! I struggle with saying no and respecting my own boundaries.

But these things make me real and people really do respond well to seeing the REAL (flawed, sensitive, sincere, caring) person behind a business. I’ve had so many customers thank me for “personally responding” to them. As hard as it is to wear every hat behind this business, I can’t imagine it any other way. That personal touch is an integral part of what Opposite of Far stands for! Really, I just love seeing families playing together, that’s the best part of the whole process!


Is your business financially sustainable?

Yes! We do have a busy season and less busy season, but the business is sustainable!

How do you see your business growing in the next few years? Do you intentionally keep it small? Would you like to expand? If so, how?

If you had asked me a year ago my answer would have been “BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER!” But 2016 has made me re-evaluate for personal reasons and now my answer is “I’m not entirely sure where I see Opposite of Far in the next few years!” We’re definitely not going anywhere, but I may slow down a little in order to make a really good plan for the next few years. I would love for Opposite of Far to include more focus on the importance of play, more family outreach and more options for everyone interested in including Opposite of Far in their play, parties, costumes, etc!

What advice or encouragement would you give to other handmakers?

First of all, be sure you’re doing this because you LOVE it! Find something unique that is meaningful to you in some way because that is the only way to sustain a successful business. Find a community of makers and small business owners so you can share sources, ask advice, lift each other up, commiserate and support! This community will be your backbone!



Thank you so much, Jessica!

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Cushy Cove: from Amazon to “Real” Business in 5 Big Steps

Thinking of taking your Amazon shop and turning it into a real brand? When we first met JJ, he was ready to capitalize on his success selling on Amazon and turn his playmat-selling business into its own brand and online store. We were ready with a multi-faceted plan.

When JJ Park bought his first South Korean cushy mat for his son in 2008, he was working as an engineer and analyst for Amazon. He soon realized this play mat was something special; more than a mat, it was an extra-safe, extra-large space where his baby could feel free to roam and grow his curiosity. It was big enough that he and his wife spent plenty of time on the mat as well, making it an integral part of their home.

Because floor-living is so central to South Korean culture, JJ knew the mats were hugely popular, but he also saw a potential to bring them to a new audience in the U.S. He began selling them on Amazon in 2010 to much success—he received an Amazon Choice Award and an overall 5-star rating from more than 1500 reviews.

When we first met JJ, he was ready to capitalize on his success selling on Amazon and turn his playmat-selling business into its own brand and online store. We were ready with a multi-faceted plan.

Step 1: marketing strategy consultation

Working closely with our marketing consultant, Jena, JJ delved deep into his target audience, his unique selling proposition, and core mission. This helped our entire team focus from day one on the strongest differentiators of his brand and how to connect that to customers. Jena also worked on developing an online marketing strategy that encompassed ways that JJ’s new brand might connect to its audience through social media, press coverage, blog communities, and online ads.

Step 2: a new name and tagline for a new brand

The most important selling point for JJ’s company was the safety and softness of the mats, and how they inspire play, bonding and wonder for both babies and families throughout many stages of life. As I brainstormed new name concepts, I kept coming back to names that emphasized a sense of place. I imagined a fun, happy place full of happy creatures and hints of adventure. The softness of the mats, combined with the idea of a safe habitat where a baby and parent bond, led us to the perfect name and tagline: Cushy Cove – Playmats for Life.

success selling on Amazon: cushy cove's logo

Step 3: visual identity and logo design for Cushy Cove

About his goals for the design, JJ told Melanie: “I want the logo–together with the entire brand and website design–to give the reliability and trust for customers to feel safe to shop on my site. In that sense, a simple yet elegant logo with dignity may be preferred over a kiddy style logo, even though our site would mostly sell kids play mats.”

Melanie’s initial design concepts explored the usage of animals, like kangaroos and otters, to illustrate the special bond and feeling of safety between mother and baby. In subsequent rounds, the otters won out—both for their cuteness but also their shape. “It is shaped a bit like a C, but this isn’t necessarily just because I wanted to make it a C,” Melanie explained. “That is something that I do love, but the main reason I made it bend, is that I like icons to have some graceful movement and feel more ‘iconic’ and less like a visual representation of the animal.”

This gave the new Cushy Cove logo that clean, simple elegance so important to the brand, while also conveying the rounded, connected feeling between otter and mother with a bit of whimsy.

Cushy Cove Quick Brand Guide. After seeing success selling on Amazon, JJ came to us to turn his import business into a real brand.

Step 4: bringing Cushy Cove to life through words and images

With the visual identity complete, we got to work on beautiful, effective art and copy that would tell the Cushy Cove story through words and images. Jennifer, our photographer, styled, produced, and shot completely new images of the many play mats in the Cushy Cove collection. Far more than product shots, the images of babies and moms enjoying the mats conveyed the emotions and lifestyle that Cushy Cove products provide. This same value- and philosophy-driven approach set the tone for the website’s copy: from the Home Page to the About Page and FAQs to each individual product description.

Cushy Cove model product photography

Cushy Cove styling and photography by Jen Lacey for Aeolidia

Cushy Cove model product photography

Cushy Cove styling and photography by Jen Lacey for Aeolidia

Step 5: a guided Shopify setup for CushyCove.com

With newer businesses, we recommend that they invest in the brand as the top design priority, and one of our logo packages includes help setting up a pre-made Shopify theme to work with your new brand. This is a good solution when funds are tight and is a great first step to making a good impression online.

With custom photography, a new visual identity, and copy development, Cushy Cove was nearly ready to make its big launch. We helped JJ take all these great pieces and put them together into a Shopify theme that worked with both his branding and e-commerce goals. Three cheers for Cushy Cove! This project called for some big steps and major work, but we were delighted to do and delighted that JJ felt empowered by the process.

“From the brand name, tagline, copywriting, logos, hero shots and more, it’s been a great pleasure to work with the Aeolidia team where experts for each area kindly and professionally led me through projects that seemed overwhelming at first. Moreover, they have a working process to deal with ambiguity and find the perfect balance between the needs from the client and the target audience.”
–JJ Park, Cushy Cove

Ready to take some big steps in your business? Contact us to set sail on your new journey!

See this project in our portfolio

View Cushy Cove’s new site

Want to build a brand around your product?

Selling on Amazon is one thing, but building a brand that lasts is a whole different skill set. Over the years, we have watched many businesses succeed, and many more struggle.

Those businesses that seem to have had an overnight success and barely needed to work at promotion? There is something special about them. They know it and their customers know it. Their work can be spotted from a mile off, it’s something that people want, and it’s easy to promote – like a snowball rolling down hill, gathering speed, and getting huge.

Why is it so easy for them? If you have what they have, it will be easy for you, too. If you’re lacking this, it will be like trying to win a race with a bicycle that has square wheels. A crazy amount of work, with few results. Find out what I’m talking about by watching my video presentation on building your brand story:

Building the Story of Your Brand

My video includes:

  • A puppet show! And access to my general goofiness.
  • A bonus story about how storytelling saved Aeolidia, my own business
  • Additional detail and explanation on topics

Get the free 40 minute video here