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The Most Complete Review We've Ever Gotten

by Arianne Foulks

May 6, 2014

We give our clients some prompts and ideas when we ask for a testimonial so that we get a bit of a story and address the types of things our future clients may be wondering about. We also ask for constructive feedback, so that we can improve our process for our next projects. Well, Katherine of Etch went above and beyond the call of duty by answering every single one of my example questions, kind of like an interview! It turned out to be a great insight into what it’s like working with us, and I wanted to share the whole web designer review with you here.

Margot designed the logo for Etch, and Lauren created the web design, with Zak developing the site.

web designer review of Aeolidia by Etch Design Lab

What hesitations did you have about working with us?

Just the location!  We found Aeolidia early on in the web design/logo research process and absolutely loved their work.  We assumed working with a local designer would help avoid an excess of growing pains due to the nature of meeting with someone face to face and we were concerned that Aeolidia and its team of designers/developers were scattered a distance from us.  However, we decided to throw it all to chance, feeling confident that even if the process was grueling, their portfolio was so good that any extra coordination and effort would be worth the risk.  Thankfully our concerns were needless! — the transparency and project organization available by using Basecamp was the perfect tool to keep all of our ideas in order.  It actually made the process feel quite fluid, even though we didn’t have any face time. The added bonus was that all our project correspondence in Basecamp is still available for us to access even though our project is completed and archived – we’ve referenced several tips already!!

What changes have you noticed in your business since working together?

Considering Etch is a newly formed partnership, we wanted to officially spread the word by “launching” our business with the unveiling of our website – something that would give a good impression of who we are and that would represent us artistically since we had only a few projects in our portfolio.  We never expected to get clients by having a website, but hoped that it would help “validate” our business to potential customers, and create a stir.  We were delighted when we got more feedback than we ever imagined, and we know it’s thanks to the dynamic polish of our web presence.  The quality of the site is something we are so proud of.

If you had any problems with the process or saw things that we could improve, please share those as well. This type of constructive feedback is very important for helping us keep our level of service high.

The only part of the process that we ever had concerns with was the project management. Although a fabulous tool, Basecamp’s transparency was also sometimes a detriment. Some of the staffing changes, schedule revisions, and even the detail of the deadline timeframes showing how much time Aeolidia was taking to complete the designs gave us too much clarity in the “behind-the-scenes” that we sometimes lacked confidence in the process. Thankfully, any concerns we voiced during the project were met with respect and full consideration of any issues. Plus in the end, we received an amazing finished product, so as we noted above, “any extra coordination and effort [was] worth the risk”.

What did you like best about our work together?

Etch is a collaboration between an artist and an interior designer, and we both worried that we’d have a hard time leaving the designing of our web identity and brand to someone we didn’t even know.  But, we knew how important it was to call in the professionals since it wasn’t within our area of expertise, and we really hoped that our website would “wow” potential clients.  Even so, we both had a LOT of hopes and dreams for our branding, given in extreme detail! We are still in awe of how Lauren and Margot were able to translate our conversations into something that feels so close to us, that it’s as if the logo and website have always been ours.  That’s an amazingly exciting thing.

Would you recommend our services to others, and if so, why?

Absolutely, and we already have!  Not only was the experience a fun collaboration, but Margot, Lauren, and Zak are super talented folks, with a powerhouse of skills.  Samantha was a kind voice that was there for each and every worry and celebration along the way.  We were in such capable hands, and that is priceless!

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