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How do Shopify vs. Etsy fees stack up? Often, shop owners come to us ready to set up their own ecommerce website because they've watched their Etsy fees steadily increase. Once you are paying high monthly fees, it's an easy decision to make the move to setting up your own online shop.

The first month I paid $3400 in Etsy fees was the real moment I was like ‘WTF.’ —Amy, Little Hip Squeaks

The calculator tool was updated in June 2019 with the latest Etsy and Shopify fees. The post graphics may not reflect the current fees. Please use our free calculator tool to get correct information.

How do Shopify vs. Etsy fees stack up? Often, shop owners come to us ready to set up their own ecommerce website because they’ve watched their Etsy fees steadily increase. We shared Amy’s story – once you are paying such high monthly fees, it’s an easy decision to make the move to setting up your own ecommerce shop.

When you are first getting started with ecommerce as a product-based business, it can make sense to set up shop on Etsy to test the waters, or test your proof of concept. Will your products sell? Are there adjustments you can make to your photography to make your products more appealing online? How can you bundle your products together for more sales? The list of things you can test out as you are beginning your business is long, and Etsy is an easy platform to use for that testing period.

Once your business has grown, and you are ready to make the leap into setting up a shop on your own domain (, not, where should you go? We’ve talked before about why we recommend Shopify. When new clients write to us, one of their concerns is the fee structure on Shopify. When does it make sense to set up your own shop? Will your monthly expenses, the fees that you pay to run your shop, increase? How do Etsy and Shopify fees compare?

Well, I did the math!

Calculate your Shopify fees vs. your Etsy fees with this free tool to see which is a better choice for you.

Free tool: Etsy vs. Shopify fee calculator

Shopify vs. Etsy fees for a low volume business

only $10 more per month to set up your own shop!

The spreadsheet above represents a fairly new business, selling an average of 20 items per month at an average price of $50 per item. You can see that for this shop owner, Etsy is the least expensive way to run their shop, but not by too much!

Sometimes business owners will write to us wanting to set up an informational site that simply links to their Etsy shop because they are concerned about monthly fees. On the surface, this makes sense, but the amount that you will pay to host your informational site on WordPress, for example, can be $10 and up per month. Think about that!

If you are selling on Etsy and paying for hosting, you could be running your own ecommerce site on Shopify, for not much more (if any) AND you would be building your business on your own website. That is a game-changer!

Moving away from Etsy will position you as a legitimate business, and make it easier for you to form long-term relationships with your customers, as well as giving you greater ability to work with wholesale clients. Having your own shop gives increased flexibility as far as design and features go, and your site will be able to change with you as your business grows.

Shopify vs. Etsy fees for a higher volume and lower item price

$871 saved with Shopify’s Unlimited plan!

As your business grows, and you begin making more sales, it can be more cost effective to run your own ecommerce site, rather than paying Etsy’s monthly fees. The example above shows a relatively low average item price with a fairly high number of monthly sales, and all three of Shopify’s plans are now less expensive than Etsy. Keep in mind that this only includes one Etsy item fee of 20 cents per sold item. Often, shop owners are listing and relisting items multiple times before making a sale, which means those Etsy fees could climb quite a bit higher!

Shopify vs. Etsy fees for a higher volume and higher item price

Wow – $3571 saved with Shopify’s Unlimited plan!!

I found after running the numbers that shop owners who sell goods with a fairly high average price are even more likely to save money by selling on their own ecommerce site. With an average item price of $75 or higher, it doesn’t take many sales per month to recoup the monthly fee of running your own website on Shopify. In the example above, a shop owner would save over $3500 with Shopify’s most expensive monthly plan.

A quick note about variables:

The fee calculator we are sharing here is a great tool – there are a few variables to mention that can affect the overall monthly fees:

  • Credit card processing fees may vary, depending on which payment processor you use for your shop.
  • Shopify waives the transaction fee for transactions using Shopify payments.
  • The ‘fee per order’ is calculated as a fee per item sold in the fee calculator to simplify things. Actual fees would be charged per order, not per item sold.
  • Etsy began charging a percentage fee on shipping costs in 2018.

Are you ready to do the math?

If you’re not quite at the point with your business when setting up on Shopify could save you thousands of dollars, why make the move? What are the benefits that you get on Shopify that you don’t get on Etsy?

  1. You build your business on your own domain. You OWN your own future!
  2. On your own website, you control the design, the overall look and feel of the site. This allows you to extend your brand identity to your website for a memorable customer experience.
  3. Rather than visiting Etsy (and potentially clicking to visit another shop) customers will return to visit YOU!
  4. By setting up a professional website you are in a better position to reach out to potential customers, press and wholesale clients.
  5. You don’t need to rely on Etsy to send your traffic, nor worry that if they adjust their algorithm, all your sales will dry up.

Learn more about Shopify here:

If you’re thinking about making the leap into setting up your own ecommerce website, you should do the math! Check out our free Etsy vs Shopify fees calculator tool here!

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  1. Great points – love the calculator. Not relying on Etsy for traffic is a pro and con. I definitely have the sales volume to save money by switching to Shopify. However, because a decent percentage of my customers come from Etsy, I would definitely not be able to sell nearly as much on Shopify. It would be nice for the traffic I do drive myself to be able to have my own site but not yet worth the upfront time and money investment for me.

    • Laura I wouldn’t switch, I’d have both. Grab your domain name And open at least a free shopify plan. Include your domain name somewhere in your Etsy orders. On Etsy it’s so easy for potential customers to wander off, distracted by other items. On your own website they’re all yours!

      • Steve Wright says,

        Amanda, I’m looking for the free Shopify plan. The only one I see is the free 14 day trial. Not sure that would be long enough for us to see if we can migrate off Etsy. Is there another free plan I’m missing. Thanks. Great info.

        • Sam Hirst says,

          Hi Steve – yes, that’s correct. There is a free 14 day trial, and then you do have to begin paying a monthly fee for Shopify.

  2. Excellent article! I did the math over a year ago and realized I was paying more for Etsy. I set up a Shopify e-commerce site and have been growing my business there. I am still on Etsy, but Shopify is a wonderful home for my own website. I just converted to an annual rate which saves me a little more money. Since I still do lots more business on Etsy, I am staying there as well for now.

  3. Thanks for this very informative article. I am looking forward to the day when I have enough monthly sales to justify moving to my own web site. :-)

  4. Thanks for putting this together! I’ve had a fairly successful Etsy shop for a few years and just moved my website to Shopify; now selling on both platforms.
    One thing to think about is the advertising fees (and ad logistics) for each. Lots of variables here but a comparison of Etsy’s Promoted Listings VS. a Google Ad campaign would be interesting to see. I may start a spreadsheet…

  5. This is such a fantastic post. Thank you so much for doing all this research and sharing it!! Math is not my strong suit, so this was extremely helpful. Thank you!!

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  7. Amanda says,

    I know this is an older article, but I’d be curious to see the numbers now since Etsy offers Pattern which obviously if an Etsy store uses that increases their monthly cost to run.

    • Great idea, Amanda! We have some thoughts about Pattern, too.

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  9. I was under the impression that Shopify had not transaction fees if you use their credit card processing. Am I misinformed?

    • That’s correct Reid – there is a note about that under the list of variables that can affect the calculator.

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  11. Thank you for this wonderful calculator Arianne! It is the perfect resource for anyone reaching the tipping point of expanding from Etsy to Shopify.

    There are a couple items I thought could be updated on this file though:
    a) Etsy’s fees have increased from 3.5% to 5% per transaction.
    b) Etsy collects and remits VAT taxes automatically on my behalf (I sell digital goods), while Shopify does not. Finances are not my strong suit, so third party software like TaxJar or PayHip (5% per transaction, up to 100 transactions/month) is definitely something I’d need to consider.

    • Thanks for checking in, Cecelia! It turns out our email was linking to the old document, which we’ve updated for everyone now!

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