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Refined Design: Amata Jewelry Studio

by Sam Hirst

July 16, 2015

Amata Jewelry Studio combines centuries-old metalsmithing techniques with a modern aesthetic to create unique and gorgeous gemstone jewelry.

amata jewelry studio before & after

Ladini contacted us last year about redesigning her logo and website. She told us:

The primary goals for our ecommerce site are to help generate online sales and begin an online presence that reflects who we are now and can potentially grow and evolve with us. We would like the site to attract current and new customers, wholesale accounts, press and bloggers. It will be a platform that stimulates ongoing and constant engagement with our customers. We hope to inspire, educate and curate. Our objective is to attract a refined clientele, who appreciates beautiful jewelry and value handcrafted, quality products.

Margot on our team began by creating a new logo and identity for Amata Jewelry Studio which is a great improvement over the simple text logo that Ladini was using before. Margot was inspired by Amata’s gemstone jewelry and created geometric gemstone shapes for the logo which feel contemporary, yet refined.

Amata Jewelry Studio quick brand identity guide

Margot then carried the new brand over to the website design. When presenting the new look, Margot explained to Ladini that the intent of the new design is that it be clean, modern, feminine, and elegant. The focus is on the beautiful images throughout the site, and uses simple, intuitive navigation to guide customers to information.

Amata Jewelry after the redesign

Amata Jewelry Studio home page design

The new Amata Jewelry Studio website is refined and elegant, showing off the beautiful jewelry pieces that Ladini creates. The new site uses variant images that change the featured product image based on the user’s selection, and includes a “More Colors” feature on the collection pages to let customers know at a glance if a product is available in additional colors or with additional stones. The large product photography is our favorite aspect of the site – it really showcases the products in a spectacular way.

Amata Jewelry Studio item page design

Margot worked with Ladini to figure out a way to show a large number of images on her new About page, without a slow load time. Creating collages of images allowed us to design a beautiful page full of imagery that represents the company.

Amata Jewelry Studio about page design

We asked Ladini for feedback about her project with us and she shared:

We’ve received hundreds of wonderful comments on social media and in person about our new branding and website thanks to Aeolidia! Designing and developing our first ecommerce site was one of the most extensive and fairly complex projects for our small business. A project of this scope can be very intimidating and overwhelmingly complex, however, the Aeolidia team are remarkable communicators, which made the project streamlined, efficient and enjoyable. From the creative skills of the designers to the highly organized project coordinator to the expertise of the developer Aeolidia is a truly professional team that was a pleasure to work with. They were always there to gently guide me through the new world of ecommerce and every seemingly minor or complex issue was always addressed. I’m so grateful to have a team of experts that Amata Jewelry Studio can grow and develop with.

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