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How to Make Your Shop Pinterest Friendly

by Jena Coray

February 2, 2016

Tips to make your online shop Pinterest friendly, so you can make it easy for your site visitors to pin your products & content!

Hi friends, I’m back again with another Pinterest installment!

Last time we talked about how to how to market your creative business using Pinterest, to attract more of your ideal customers and bring more traffic and sales to your site (if you didn’t read that one yet, please do, it’s an info-packed one!)

The flip side of that coin though, to get even more people spreading content from your site around, is to make sure your site is in tip-top “pinnable” state!

So, here are tips on how to make your shop Pinterest friendly, and easy for your site visitors and potential customers to share and spread all the good stuff you’re creating.

It’s all about the images

You already know how important your product photos are in conveying the item details to your customer, and in making the sale, but you also want your photos to get PINNED, shared and spread so that even more people find out about the good stuff you have to offer, yes?

In order for that to happen, your product images need to be TOPS: clear, well-lit, in focus, of course. Lots of product images on white backgrounds do well (and are great to have for press!), but it’s the “lookbook” sort of images that really seem to appeal to and get spread around on social media most, because they’re inspirational- aspirational.

People want to envision what their life would be like once they have what you offer in their hot little hands, so help them with the vision. Use your visuals. Images communicate online more powerfully than words- they’re what capture people’s attention to draw them into the words, into the details. Figure out what you want to say visually, what do you want to communicate with your imagery?

The better brand story you can tell through your images, the more people will be able to easily start to recognize what you offer as distinctly your own. And the more they’ll get pinned and shared and spread around!

*Great example: check out AHeirloom‘s beautiful, aspirational, very Pinterest friendly product photos:

aheirloom has pinterest friendly product photos

Think vertically

Speaking of images, think vertically with them! Square images are ok, but the more space they take up vertically, the better, as they’re simply more likely to be noticed and acted upon.

It seems portrait format images are actually becoming more prevalent on all social media now, for the same reason- they take up more space as you’re scrolling through a page. Even on Instagram, you can now post big, tall photos if you’d like.

The wider your photos get, if they’re in landscape format, the smaller and smaller they become on a Pinterest feed, and the more likely they are to go unnoticed, unclicked, un-engaged with! I don’t even pin any landscape oriented images anymore, because people don’t see them and they don’t get as many re-pins, if any!

So, even if your big beautiful slide show on your homepage isn’t super pin friendly in its wide width, if you make sure your product images are vertically oriented (or at least square), you’ll give yourself more chance of having your products seen on the feed when you, or customers, pin them.

*Great example: These simple, beautiful photos from Azalia Spa Goods.

Luxury bath and body packaging design by Aeolidia

Get your blog on

You only have so many products, right? So, what else are people going to pin off your site? Great content!

If you have a blog on your website, you can use it not only to promote your products and business related stuff, but also think about what sort of content your dream customer would be attracted to. If it’s either informative or inspirational, it’s great fodder for Pinterest, and social media in general, and can become just the thing that gets shared, and brings more traffic back to your site!

Then you want to share more great, clear, branded (vertical!) graphics and images on your blog that entice your readers to pin, like Grace does over on the Pink Olive blog, sharing great product roundups, notices and inspiration. Like we do here on the Aeolidia blog!

What sort of content would your customers, fans and followers be interested in, that would be a great complement to what you sell? Arianne has 260 ideas for you right here, if you’re stumped!

*Great example: Carolyn Cochrane, both in the Pinterest friendly images she creates for her blog posts and in the inspiring & personal content she shares


Don’t forget to button up!

You want to make it SO SO easy for your customer to pin something from your site, to encourage them to do so! Whether it’s the classic “pin it” button you can get from Pinterest, or some other social media sharing widget, you want to be sure you have a super easily accessible, recognizable way to share share share your stuff.

I like the “pin it” buttons that come up when you hover over an image because not only are they the easiest, most accessible buttons for people to find to be able to pin you’re stuff, they’re also effectively a call to action, whispering to the customer, “come on, pin me, you know you wanna!”

*Great example: Can you spot that beautiful pin it button on the Queen Bee website? I can!


Enable rich pins

Pinterest rich pins are a little hassle to get set up, but worth it. They keep the meta data description, your Pinterest profile and link back to your site attached to all content that anyone pins from your site. This is good stuff, and helps people find you in searches! And then you can use the pin descriptions (like we talked about in this post) to add even more helpful content and keywords, so that people can find what you have to offer.

For product posts, it also adds your product’s price and name and is updated in real time, if you make changes. This is super handy dandy, and research has shown that pins with prices included actually get more click throughs and sales! Maybe because the customer already knows exactly what to expect?

Here’s how to set up rich pins on your site: Rich pins overview. You need to set things up on the back end, apply, and then you get approved in a few days and it starts working automatically from there on out, and even on things you’ve already pinned from your site! Easy enough.

*Great example: Mapamundi Kids has rich pins set up, so when anyone pins from their site it includes the business name, product name & price, a link back to their Pinterest profile with favicon, and a link directly to that item so they can SHOP!

mapamundi kids is a great example of using product rich pins

By following these tips for making your shop more Pinterest friendly, and these on using Pinterest to market your creative business, you should start to see your products and site content getting pinned and re-pinned, more and more!

Pinterest is a top traffic referrer for many creative business owners (including us here at Aeolidia), and a top sales referrer as well! With these tips, I hope it can become one of your favorite and most effective sources for generating more traffic and sales to your shop, too.

Have questions? Other tips? Stories about awesome customers who found you from Pinterest? I’d LOVE to hear – leave a comment below!

And psst: if you’re not following us on Pinterest yet, we’d love to see you over there!

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