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Give Your Business a Head Start: PaperWand

by Natalia Sylvester

August 18, 2016

It’s hard to do everything at once, which is why most businesses start out with small steps, like creating their own logo or using a web design template, before taking big leaps and hiring a specialist. There’s a lot of growth that happens between these two milestones (I like to think of it as the teenage phase). Your business is full of promise and energy, but also wavering between doubt and confidence as you navigate its place in the world.

But wouldn’t it be great if, instead of struggling with awkwardness, you went straight to the successful phase?

We know not every business will have a budget for professional graphic design, but for those who do, hiring a designer is a great investment to make because it can give your business a head start. A strong, cohesive visual identity and optimized site design mean you won’t have to work as hard to gain trust, because you’ll look trustworthy. Your website will have a good conversion rate, so more browsers will become customers.

How do you know if you’re ready to take the leap? If you’re still experimenting with product types and styles and don’t know who your customer is, the time might not be right just yet. But if you really understand your brand and your target audience (we can help with that) and are ready to take it in an exciting new direction, we’re all in!

We recently had the pleasure of helping Neesha Merani, owner of PaperWand, with exactly this kind of launch. PaperWand is a line of whimsical gifts, art & illustrations created by Neesha to capture the magical moments of young motherhood and childhood. Though in the works for years, PaperWand officially launched in Oct. 2015 with a logo and web design that Neesha, who is an award-winning graphic designer, had created herself. Within months, though, she felt her business had outgrown its visual identity. Neesha hired us for a complete relaunch with these specific goals in mind: she wanted a delightful brand that clearly communicates her message, creates an immediate emotional connection to her customer, and a happy experience that makes them think “Yes, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

PaperWand logo designed by Aeolidia

What made Neesha’s project with us such a success is that she had a laser-like focus on how she wanted her brand to evolve. We started by creating a brand new logo and brand guideline for PaperWand, and Neesha’s direction helped pave the way for a logo that got right to the heart of her brand:

“I want to stay away from being too literally magical. PaperWand is more about what your heart wishes, and the daily magic moments in life, less about magic spells,” Neesha said. Sarah’s design incorporated a hand-drawn, custom font paired with a shining star that mirrors PaperWand’s sense of wonder, magic and wishfulness. The starburst made for a beautiful, iconic PW monogram.

Brand style guide for PaperWand by Aeolidia. Expert branding and logo design can give your business a head start!

PaperWand is a perfect example of what happens when you bring a deep understanding of your brand and objectives to a designer and they totally get you and run with it. Ready to pass the baton to us? Contact us and let’s discover how we can set your brand up for big wins.

See this project in our portfolio.

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2 thoughts on “Give Your Business a Head Start: PaperWand”

  1. Ah Yes…. Absolutely what I am going through with my phase in my startup business. I’m wavering between doubt and confidence as well but not going to loose hope. I’m never looking back. You are definitely right about the visual design of the website to be appealing to the customer for better conversion. I posted my website and I was wondering what you thought of the visual design if I could improve?


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