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Brand Identity Design For a Fabric Shop

by Arianne Foulks

October 16, 2014 / Updated: May 5, 2023

When you’re wearing a fancy dress, do you find yourself walking taller and more confidently? When your nails are painted, do you use your fingers more elegantly (gentlemen, when you have your bow tie on, do you walk with a dapper stride)? When you have new shoes on, do you notice that people compliment you on them? That’s because you’re wearing them with pride, and people can tell that something special is going on.

Conversely, when you make that Target run in the baggy sweatshirt or dash out to the mailbox in your slippers, do you look away from people, make it quick, and hold back on your personality?

Well, guess what? The same thing applies to the way your brand is dressed up – your logo and brand identity design. You don’t want to hand out ugly business cards or send people to an amateur website. You want to speak with pride about your business and be ready to introduce it to the other well-dressed attendees at your fancy dance.

We recently completed a logo and brand identity for Heather Hupfer, who runs a fabric shop called the Fabric Hive. She was blown away by the look that Mariah built for her, and her new style is going to affect how she thinks about her brand, the choices she makes, and how she introduces her business to others.

Fabric Hive Logo & Brand Identity Design Project

Heather has been selling her handmade goods on Etsy for a couple of years, and is now branching out into running a fabric shop. She told us,

I would like the new logo to be recognizable, creative, and have a real presence on the page.

I tend to migrate towards modern/contemporary traditional design, vintage colors, and lodge.

I’d like the logo to be down to earth with a handmade feel (but not crafty/cutesy). I would like it to have a modern feel/coloration. I think I prefer clean designs with an organic natural element, mixed with a contemporary flair.

Our Solutions

Mariah went through quite a few ideas to land on one that was just right, contemporary, handmade, and organic with clean lines. Mariah shared,

I played a lot with texture in each design. My favorite thing about any given fabric, aside from the actual design, is the feel of it in hand. You mentioned wanting a handmade feeling but that you also wanted something clean and not craftsy or cutesy. I tackled this request by working with texture of a more hand made nature, while keeping nice clean lines. You will see a great texture reminiscent of screenprinting (adding a handmade quality) in each concept.

When looking at her final logo, Heather was bowled over, and told us:

This is really exciting! Everything is so professional and amazing… I hope my little shop can live up to it!!

I’m a little overwhelmed by it all:) It seems too lovely for me (in the best way)… I’ll have to get used to it (happily)!!

Thank you, thank you!

Fabric Hive logo and brand identity design

Fabric Hive logo and brand identity design

Fabric Hive logo and brand identity design

Take a look at the rest of our brand work for the Fabric Hive in our portfolio.

Jena helped Heather start her business off on the right foot, with a thorough marketing consultation, preparing her to make the most of her new logo and new business.

What Our Client Had to Say

Everyone I worked with at Aeolidia is so warm and gracious. Samantha was always available to answer questions and offer solutions on the contract and legal questions I had; I very much appreciate her!

Mariah is a pleasure to work with… her patience and talent were beyond what I would have hoped! She came up with such beautiful designs right away- professional, smart, attentive to every detail… they were wonderful. So when I suddenly veered off course, while finalizing the initial designs, I was a little surprised and a lot thankful that Mariah went right along with me to create the most perfect brand that was the very epitome of everything I had asked for; thank you Mariah!

About midway through I decided I needed some copy help to create a tagline. Natalia was generous in offering suggestions and was very receptive to back and forth dialogue. The final copy is a great compilation of her many ideas.

The Aeolidia team is a gifted and inviting group of individuals; I feel very thankful to have been able to work with them to achieve a brand that I will be able to grow my company with.

Visit The Fabric Hive on Etsy here.

Is Your Brand Ready to Look Right?

Is your brand identity design causing you to hold your head up high, or are you searching for a robe to throw around yourself before you answer the door? You know we want to get in there and make your business look its best! Please do send me an email today to talk about how we can make that happen.

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