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Key Ecommerce Trends in 2020

by Justin Trombetti

January 8, 2020

2020 ecommerce trends aeolidia design and shopify agency
Happy New Year! Ecommerce is a constantly changing landscape, and keeping on top of the most important shopping trends is crucial to keeping your business happy, healthy, and growing. To this end, we thought this would be a great time to share some things that should be top of mind for 2020 if you run an online store.

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Mobile First!

I wasn’t sold on the idea of adding this to the list; it’s almost become a marketing buzzword. Every single year for the last 5 (maybe more?) this has topped the list of ‘important digital trends’ but there’s a darn good reason for it. Total mobile users are growing every single year and as that happens, it becomes infinitely more important.

The more saturated a niche becomes, the more important user experience gets. Your visitors’ attention spans are short, and if your pages don’t work well, look great, or load quickly on mobile, you’re going to lose them to your competitor. On top of this, all of these things have the potential to lower your SEO ranking.

I cannot stress this enough: make sure your site is super mobile-friendly! A great way to get started with this is to go all the way through checkout and buy something from yourself on a phone, making note of any points of friction.

Personalize Everything

Stats have shown time and again that personalization is important. You may just be thinking email when you think about personalization; that’s a huge (and all too often missed) part of it, but it’s far from all of it. Between product recommendations, personalized ads & emails, loyalty & rewards options, and customized user experience options, there’s a lot that the best online stores are doing well.

One mindset to get yourself out of is the notion that including someone’s name = personalization. It does, but in the same way that eating your appetizer = having dinner.

While using custom user data fields to personalize copy does increase engagement and conversions (a big reason why we love Klaviyo), the idea behind personalization is providing an experience that’s relevant on an individual level and allowing your customers to make their shopping experience feel like it’s all their own.


It’s no secret that subscription services have taken off over the last few years, but it’s rapidly transforming from a standalone sector of ecommerce into another limb of the standard online store.

Countless ecommerce stores are implementing subscription-based products in addition to their standard product offerings to diversify their user base, toy around with price margins and models, and keep up with the trend.

Implementing this isn’t necessarily easy, but it can be highly profitable, and the right touch of creativity in a ripe niche can prime a small to medium-sized online store for marketing success (cool subscriptions are attractive). It’s also great for increasing your customer lifetime value. It’s easier to keep a customer you have than to win over a new one.

AI and Chat

Maybe I’m an exception, but the idea of automated bots and chats still makes me cringe a little bit. Most data, though, points to the fact that creating automated chats and support systems makes for an overall better user experience, better conversions, and a lessened customer service burden for your company.

Whether it’s an arm of your marketing strategy, your Facebook page, or your on-site functionality, missing out on chatbots and other AI features puts you behind the curve heading into 2020.

Am I Falling Behind?!

The best thing about paying attention to these trends is that it helps you stay on top of the waves, rather than drowning in them when they hit. If you feel like you’re in a good position to get ahead of the competition, but don’t know where to start, drop us a line. Let’s see if we can transform your brand into something modern, profitable, and most of all, uniquely you!

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