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Distinctive Trade Show Booth Design at the National Stationery Show

by Arianne Foulks

May 26, 2016

Sam and I spent two days walking up and down and up and down the vibrant pink carpet at the National Stationery Show, a trade show for paper businesses. I’m going to write more about what goes on that the show, who goes, and share tips, but first, some gorgeousness! Here are some examples of distinctive trade show booth design that stood out to us as the most distinctive showstoppers. All photos by Sam Hirst.

Felix Doolittle

Felix’s booth was small and completely packed with buyers. This was my favorite booth at the show, because I’m a nature nerd, and it felt like the cards were set up in little natural history displays – like a beloved butterfly collection or something.

His booth really elevated his products. Picture the same illustrated cards on a plain white wall. Still lovely, but much easier for buyers to pass by, or not “get it.”


Wolf & Wren Press

I loved the color-matched stools and logo here, and the paper plane detail broke up the boxiness of the booth, while drawing your eye to the products.

Paper Bandit Press

The wooden walls with geometrical paint job did a great job of drawing us into this corner booth.

Paper Bandit Press NSS booth
Paper Bandit Press

The Regional Assembly of Text

The pegboard wall and color scheme made this booth stand out from all of those around it. It was clear that a lot of careful work went into displaying the cards.

Red Wooden Flag

This fully illustrated wall caught the eye for sure, and the perfect use of the unusual color scheme also attracted you to the booth to discover the careful and detailed storybook illustrations of this exhibitor.

Red Wooden Flag

June & December

June & December’s thoughtful arrangements, carefully and beautifully cluttered table, and variety of products made this booth so interesting and welcoming.


The painted wall in this booth caught your eye from a distance, and when you were up close you could see that they’d even painted the screws to camouflage them into the flowers. A great way to get people curious about your work.

Lana’s Shop

We almost dropped dead at Lana’s booth when we saw the full watercolor mural wall, complete with welcome mat and potted plants. There wasn’t anything else like it at the show, and it was a perfect advertisement for Lana’s detailed illustration style.

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