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Where to Spend & Save in 2022: Shop Owner Survey

by Arianne Foulks

July 14, 2022
Julia & Wayne Gold in their studio
Soapmakers (and Aeolidia clients) Julia and Wayne of Whispering Willow in their studio

What’s your next move in this current economy …and potential recession? Do you know where you should be spending and where you should be saving in 2022? What’s going to be a smart risk, and what a poorly-timed mistake?

It’s really hard to make a solid plan without knowing what to expect, or what other people are preparing for.

Let’s put our heads together and see if we can help this community out! Much like when the pandemic lockdowns began, I would again like to support you by diagnosing what’s going on, then meeting you with what is most needed right now.

It’s important to know what others in your industry are doing to survive and thrive, so we are going to make the results available for everyone who completes the survey (your answers will be aggregated into pie charts and graphs, and all email addresses will be hidden from the report).

In addition, I’ll look over each response personally, and reach out to you if I can help you in any way, whether it’s offering a resource, a referral, or making my team available to you.

Let’s get to the bottom of what’s going on right now, and emerge stronger for it!

Will you share what’s working for you, what you’re preparing for, your best 2022 tip, and ask your most burning question?

The survey is for anyone selling any physical product(s), online or in person, and is geared towards artisan and design-focused goods.

Get the intel to know what to do to grow your business in 2022.

Last time, we got answers from 150 shop owners, who were then able to pivot their business with our support to make it through the pandemic. I know we can beat that number this time, and combine forces to weather this economy. I appreciate your contribution so much.

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