A Sewing Logo That’s Anything But Cookie Cutter: Puzzle Patterns

Puzzle Patterns sewing logo design for a maker of clothing patterns.

Aimee Randle had been following Aeolidia on Instagram for about a year when she finally made the leap and reached out to us about creating a logo and visual identity for her brand new clothing pattern business, Puzzle Patterns. We were thrilled at the chance to start from scratch, especially because she was looking for a team of logo and brand designers who could work with her business as it grew.

Puzzle Patterns sells PDF clothing patterns for collection pieces that are interchangeable, like a puzzle. With an initial launch of children’s clothing patterns and plans to expand to women’s clothing later, the brand has a style that is modern, hip, and functional for play and tumbling, with a dash of cute and quirky. As Aimee put it, she wanted a visual identity that would quickly let customers know that “this is not the same kind of patterns their nana uses.” She also envisioned clear lines and structured design, to keep the logo reflective of the brand’s easy-to-follow patterns. Enthusiasm paired with simplicity were key.

As we kicked off work on her new logo design, Aimee told Jess on our team: “I don’t want people to look at it and think of the chore of sewing things for themselves, but the fun and imagination that can come from it.”

Puzzle Patterns custom sewing illustrations for a maker of clothing patterns.

Minimalism and quirk? Sign us up. Inspired by Aimee’s love for Scandinavian design, Jess began researching and exploring imagery options and kept coming back to retro Scandinavian folk art flowers. They’re graphic and fun, but with a minimal amount of lines and detail. Using this as the foundation for the logo, she then incorporated scissors and pins—tools of the trade—into a flower design made up of individual geometric pieces. “They can be shuffled around to create new and different types of flower designs, much like your concept for your products! In addition, the line-art style of the icon also mimics the design of clothing patterns.”

Jess paired the flower icon with a simple lowercase serif type that has a retro fun flair with the loopy “t’s”. The resulting combination hints at a vintage aesthetic, but with a clean and contemporary twist that Aimee absolutely loved.

Check out the branding guide and accompanying brand elements, like Puzzle Patterns postcards and Instruction Sheet Templates, that Jess created using the new logo as a foundation. The color palette has plenty of vibrant pop, but delivered in a really simple balance that makes it feel clean and refreshing.

Puzzle Patterns logo and brand identity design for a maker of clothing patterns.

Puzzle Patterns logo and brand identity design for a maker of clothing patterns.

Puzzle Patterns business card design for a maker of clothing patterns.

We’re so excited for Aimee’s new business and look forward to the time when a custom web design is on the horizon! We loved cheering her on as her business identity came to fruition.

“This was a huge step for me and everyone involved made the whole road clear, exciting and incredibly easy to navigate,” Aimee said. “The logo is beautiful and the design is so simple and clear, but I keep looking at it and seeing more and finding more to love.”

View more designs for this project in our portfolio

Could your business use this kind of clever design? We still have some spots left in our August design block, which means you could show off your new brand and packaging to all of your Christmas shoppers! If your products make good gifts, contact us today to ensure you’re sending the right message by Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

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A checklist of what you’ll need and an indicator of where you’re at creating a brand that will resonate with your customers.

The Real Way to Increase Online Sales

Aeolidia is one of the highest ranked Shopify Experts, and our custom sites transform businesses and result in substantial increases to online sales.

Do you want to know the real way to increase online sales? It’s not a tweak here, a tweak there, or any kind of fiddling around.

There are no good shortcuts.

The real way to grow your business is to review your entire online presence as a cohesive unit. Then, rather than tweaking what’s there, build a new tool that will propel you toward your goals. The tool I’m talking about is your website. It’s also your brand identity: your logo and all the strategy that goes into the look and voice of your brand.

Adjusting what’s ineffective is only going to create incremental change. To see BIG change, you need to look at where your business stands now. Consider your goals, then build the tool that will get you there. That’s where we come in! Are you wondering if we’d be a good fit?

  • Do you own a creative or design-oriented product-based business?
  • Are you gaining traction in growing a customer base?
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Yes? You can’t afford not to invest in your business right now. Things change quickly, and what worked a few years ago is not going to keep you competitive now.

Your business is at that tipping point where the return on investment for hiring Aeolidia can be huge. Let’s talk!

If you’re new here

Aeolidia is a web and graphic design studio that has been designing brands and setting up online shops for designers, makers, and other creatives since 2004, when ecommerce was still a toddler. Aeolidia serves those at early stages on their path with an informative blog and supportive community, and meets established businesses at that tipping point where strategic design can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Aeolidia is one of the highest ranked Shopify Experts, and Aeolidia alumni include Emily McDowell, Rifle Paper Co., and the Renegade Craft Fair. They all started small, just like you, then grew and met goal after goal with their businesses.

The custom websites Aeolidia creates have a reputation for transforming businesses, taking them to the next step, and resulting in substantial increases to online sales.

We can work in a variety of styles, and we won’t rest until you’re impressed. Here you can see some of our recent design work:

Mafu skincare logo, packaging design, and product photography by Aeolidia

Mafu skincare logo, packaging design, and product photography by Aeolidia


Dani Barbe custom Shopify jewelry website design by Aeolidia.


Logo design for a gift company

Indigo Ember: logo design for a gift company by Aeolidia


Logo and brand identity design for a home furnishing brand.

Lonestead Range: logo and brand identity design for a home furnishing brand by Aeolidia.


Business stationery design for Love, Georigie, a handmade jewelry designer.

Love, Georgie, brand identity & logo design for a handmade jewelry designer, by Aeolidia.


Hester & Cook Custom Shopify design

Hester & Cook: custom Shopify design for a kitchen accessories shop by Aeolidia.


Aeolidia 2017 schedule

We are booking our August and October design blocks right now—and then that’s it for the year! Please don’t delay if you want beautiful product packaging for Black Friday or want a kickstart for 2018 goals.

January tends to be extremely busy for us, so skip the line and join us now. This also has the advantage of locking you in at 2017 pricing, even if you want to start in 2018.

Get the most up-do date info on our schedule here.

We only work with businesses that we can make a real difference for. Let me know where your business is at and where you want it to be, so we can make a plan. I hope to hear from you today!

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Grow Your Business by Not Being Seinfeld’s “Night Guy”

How to grow your business by making plans for Future You. What the problem is, and how to start making more sales online.

Your customers can feel it when your business is overwhelmed. It’s not something you can hide. Are you barely achieving the day-to-day, much less purposefully growing your business? It’s time to make some changes.

Specifically, it’s time to start making plans for Future You. “Future Me?” you ask?

I spent my college years watching Seinfeld. My husband and I enjoy our Seinfeld in-jokes. Every time I have grand plans for summer, I shout, “IT’S THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!” One of the concepts that has stuck with me all this time is this stand up bit about “night guy and morning guy”:

JERRY: I never get enough sleep. I stay up late at night, ’cause I’m Night Guy. Night Guy wants to stay up late. ‘What about getting up after five hours sleep?’ Oh, that’s Morning Guy’s problem. That’s not my problem, I’m Night Guy. I stay up as late as I want. So you get up in the morning with your alarm, you’re exhausted, groggy, oooh I hate that Night Guy! See, Night Guy always screws Morning Guy. There’s nothing Morning Guy can do. The only thing Morning Guy can do is try and oversleep often enough so that Day Guy loses his job and Night Guy has no money to go out anymore.

Why you have a hard time hitting your goals

Michael Gerber says in The E-Myth that each new business owner has to take on three roles. If you’re a designer or creative, you probably started out in the Technician role. You’re the person designing and/or making the product. You also need to serve as the Manager, overseeing operations. The personality you need to encourage is your Entrepreneur, to grow the business.

The problem is that it’s easy and rewarding to work on the day to day stuff. The easy projects you know how to do where you can check off wins all day long. The Technician enjoys the work and doesn’t have to make tough decisions. The Manager knows what to do and doesn’t need to take risks. But step back: are you serving your business best in these roles? Or could you train someone else to delegate tasks to, freeing up your time to find ways to make more sales?

Think of it this way: the work you’re doing today for your business is all for Future You to enjoy. Treading water each day in 2017 means that 2018 Future You won’t have made it anywhere. Don’t you want something spectacular to show for all the work you’re doing now?

The place where I see many business owners losing momentum is when they try to do everything by themselves. If you’re the only person responsible for day to day operations, how on earth are you going to find time to grow your business? Once you start seeing success, you need to prepare for the next level. What got you here won’t get you there.

What to do to get Night Guy under control

How can we stop our present selves from screwing things up for our future selves? Imagine if Future You could be doing only the things you’re the best at, and getting help with all the rest. Oh, and making more money than your business has ever made, too.

To get there, you need to care about your future self’s success more than you care about your present self’s discomfort or reluctance. You’ll need to take some calculated risks, make some investments, and put in some time now.

There are dozens of ways to be a good Night Guy to your Morning Guy, but let’s keep it simple. Here is how to best serve your future self so you can get off the treadmill you’re currently on with your business:

  1. Pick a date (5 years from now, say) when you will be Future You and figure out what Future You should be doing. What jobs in the company are yours? What are other people doing for you? How much money are you and your business making? What’s in your product line? What stores are you sold in? What milestones has your business achieved? What collaborations have you forged?
  1. What is the one thing you could do this year to set yourself up for the 5 year plan? What is the one thing you could do this month to set yourself up for the year’s goal? What could you do this week to meet the month’s goal? What will you do today to get on track for the week’s goal?
  1. Now find a way to do these things, and stick with doing them until you’ve satisfied Future You. Let the day-to-day suffer while you take leaps to build your business. The day-to-day isn’t serving Future You anyway. In fact, focusing solely on the day to day leaves Future You out of a job!

To learn about these concepts in actionable detail, grab my recommended books. I didn’t come up with any of this on my own. The 3 steps above are from The ONE Thing.

How Aeolidia can help to immediately take over your most vital work

We’re the design studio that uses data and strategy to design a brand and website that will get you more sales. To reach your goals, you’ll want a few tools in your belt. You’ll need a strong brand identity, impeccable product packaging, and a high-converting website.

Waiting until you’re in pain to make a change is not the entrepreneurial mindset. Please have your Entrepreneur personality contact me. We’ll make a plan that will have all three of you sitting pretty by the time they become Future You (is your head spinning yet?).

What will you do right now to get on track for your day’s goal that’s going to knock down the week’s goal, that’s going to start a chain reaction on the whole stack of domino goals that are going to lead to the Future You 5 years out?

The last few spots with Aeolidia in August & September are being filled now. Our design work propels businesses forward and helps hit goal after goal after goal. Let’s start making some real changes that will have you in a much better position for 2018 and beyond.

Contact me today and tell me all about the wonderful business you’re building. I can’t wait to hear!

Your second-best step today

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An Iconic Name and Logo for a Luxury Western Brand: Lonestead Range

Logo and brand identity design for a home furnishing brand.

Susan Merkle came to us with a vision for her business and a completely clean slate. A designer of fine furnishings and goods made from cowhides and artisan leather, she described her pieces as trophies of nature for the high-end clientele that lives in the luxury mountain homes of the west. She needed a name and logo—a visual identity that would appeal to an elevated taste level while keeping the rustic vibe of western landscapes. In short, she was starting from scratch. Just like the spirit behind her brand, Susan was adventurous and fearless.

“One thing I have heard over and over from makers is that they wished that they had launched with professional help from the beginning, to eliminate costly do-overs,” she told us. “So I have decided to heed this wisdom and invest in professional help from day one. I have my ideas, but I’m not married to any of them and am open to professional advice.”

Logo and brand identity design for a home furnishing brand.

During our business name brainstorming, certain themes and images began to emerge. Rawness paired with sophistication, as well as a very strong sense of place guided the process to a name that was completely original but also felt timeless. Lonestead Range evokes the idea of homestead, of the Lonestar state, of independence and a vast expanse of land that stretches to a sunset horizon.

With the name enthusiastically in place, we moved on to the brand’s visual identity next. A lifestyle brand like Lonestead Range needs to very clearly communicate its essence, and so Ann on our team focused on conveying a refined but rustic sensibility. It was important that the design go for the unexpected.

“Lonestead Range needs to have something strong with a little toughness, but also beautifully classic,” Ann explained. “I wanted to create a literal ‘brand’ for Lonestead Range that represents the ranch lifestyle and the incredible artisan quality of the products.”

Logo and brand identity design for a home furnishing brand.

She began this by choosing typography with a slightly vintage feel and a non-trendy approach, purposely avoiding anything overdone, too dated or too decorative. Considering that the brand’s higher price point would mean that customers would be purchasing to make a statement with their items, it was important for the design to be more chic and exclusive than other labels.

The typeface incorporates modern lines and a bit of rustic industrial. The star, although a simple symbol, is instantly recognized as part of Western American iconography, evoking spurs, state flags, the “big sky” country, etc. It also represents awards for high quality, like 5-star hotels and trophies. Together, they create a simple but strong logo that becomes its own iconic brand mark. It feels more luxe and modern than other brands in the same niche, while still capturing the essence of the lifestyle.

Lonestead Range name and logo brand

We knew we’d hit the right mark when Susan responded to the initial logo concepts with exclamation points and a heart emoji.

“Oh Ann, Take my breath away! This is such an amazing start, I’m having a hard time imagining it better! I’m not sure there is anything else to say, other than AMAZING! You put in words what is in my head and <3.”

Do you need someone to translate the vision you have for your business into words and design? Contact us to get started bringing your brand to life.

Is it time to consider brand strategy for your own business?

This step by step guide and story from one of the most powerful brands we’ve helped to build will be an eye-opener. Grab it for free:

A-Z Rebrand With Handcrafted HoneyBee

Rebranding from the ground up ebook

Learn exactly how this handcrafted brand multiplied their sales nearly 10x in less than a year! This ebook doubles as a workbook for you to use to rebrand (or brand) your business.

How to Create Effective Calls to Action on Instagram

Selling from instagram: how to craft a powerful call to action to get sales on your Shopify store.

Do you spend a lot of time on Instagram or another social media platform, but no one will buy? You need a way to get your perfect customer to move from admiring to desiring to buying. When you’re communicating with your customer, consider what they need to know to make a purchase.

Does giving a person a reason to buy make you feel pushy and unpleasant? It doesn’t have to be that way. First, decide you only want to convince your perfect customer. It’s the people who are trying to convince everyone to buy that come off like used car salesmen. Your perfect customer is close to being very happy to buy from you, and you need to help her get all the way there.

Are you giving your potential customers a good reason to buy?

When you propose an action to a customer (click here! buy now!), their first reaction will be, “why should I?”

Make sure that your writing answers this silent question before it’s asked.

Every time you ask someone to do something (and you should be asking), think, “why should she?” to yourself. Then put the answer in your request.

Examples of bad and good calls to action

When you ask someone to do something, that’s called a “call to action.” Here are four small business photo captions I found on Instagram. Which do you find more compelling?

1) Bad:

“Fresh out of my kiln today!”

Okay, great! You made it. Will it be for sale? What is it, what do I do with it and why do I want it? Perhaps this post wasn’t meant to sell anything, but even if I find the work interesting, nothing here sparks me to action.

2) Okay:

“This old rack is pretty perfect. 4 metal hooks, 35″ long. $55”

At least the price tells me it’s for sale! But this is all info, no call to action. I need to know what makes it perfect (what’s the benefit?), and I need to know what the seller wants me to do (“head to our website to grab it before it’s gone!”).

3) Better:

“Our cube chair is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that promotes independence (starting at about 5-6 months). It comes in Birch or Walnut and is fully assembled.”

This is so close. This tells me a bit about why I want it (independent baby–but what’s so great about an independent baby?), but how do I get it? Remember I’m on Instagram. What do I do next? Is there a website I go to?

4) Great!

“Entertaining in style is kinda what I live for. It’s what’s behind the brand @suiteonestudio in the simplest sense. I wanted to bring a new freshness to the table, because I believe that sharing meals together isn’t something that needs to remain in the past. Sure gathering around the table is a bit more challenging these days (life is busy busy!) but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t carve out time to do this, and to do it well, and beautifully. Visit the link in my profile to enter for your chance to win this platter and gorgeous @rebecca_atwood napkins so you too can make mealtimes beautiful.”

Ding ding ding! Oh yes. I can relate to this, I understand it, I know where to go and what I’m getting there, and “so you too can make mealtimes beautiful” answers the question I’m asking in the same sentence as it asks me to visit the link. This is how to do it with grace and effectiveness.

Do you always have to include a call to action?

It’s true that a picture is often worth a thousand words. Some people go far on the strength of their photos alone. People figure it out, love it, and buy it, with a sales process that is more like friendly chit chat.

If demand for your products beats the supply, do whatever you enjoy on Instagram. But if you wish more people would follow through after you post, use your words wisely. Not only on Instagram, but across social media and on your own website or Etsy shop (think product descriptions!).

I’m not saying that you should sell every time you post. People will appreciate your just-for-fun posts–the ones that show your personality. It’s fine to use social media to be social! When you do want to sell, though, make sure you know how best to bring people along with you.

If you’re interested in psychology, like I am, this research study on the answer to “why” is fascinating (it turns out that almost any dumb reason after the “because” causes people to help you!):

The Power of the Word ‘Because’ to Get People to Do Stuff

Here’s my call to action

One thing you may not know about hiring the Aeolidia team to design your website is that we don’t let you get away with flimsy calls to action on your home page! We’ll include our copywriter on your team, and make sure that every bit of content gives your customers a reason to buy, counters their objections, and helps them sail smoothly to checkout.

Our website redesigns consistently increase conversion rates for established businesses and provide a killer start for new businesses. That means that you can see many more sales with the same amount of traffic you get right now. Same marketing effort, bigger results! Get in touch with me today so we can chat about making your website really work.

Once they get to your website, will they trust what they see?

Shipshape Collective Freebie

If you think your website is making you look like an amateur, this video is for you. Kiffanie Stahle interviewed me about making a trustworthy website.

The Shopify Designers For Creatives: 28 Big Transformations

Shopify designers for creatives, 28 big transformations by Aeolidia.

When your shop has grown beyond pre-made Shopify themes, and you’re ready for something more powerful for your creative business, it’s time to call Aeolidia. We specialize in custom Shopify design, tailor-made to your business and your customers. We design strategically, and our design decisions are all meant to support your goals, increase conversion rate, and multiply your current sales numbers.

Here is a quick peek at our clients’ recent launches, and at what we’re working on going into the fall. These motivated creative businesses include: 4 gift and housewares designers, 2 children’s clothing brands, 2 shops for the mother-to-be, 1 party shop, 3 bath and body brands, 1 doll maker, 1 fine art gallery, 1 interior design studio, 2 clothing pattern designers, 3 jewelry designers, 1 flower farm, 1 cooking club for kids, 2 designers of art prints, 1 furniture designer, 1 eyewear designer, 1 ceramic artist, and 1 shop specializing in cheese storage.

It is such an honor and a delight to be able to work with such creative, ambitious, and dedicated business owners. I think you’ll like them, too!

We will write about these projects in more detail in the upcoming weeks, but for now, I wanted to give you the rundown of what work we’ve finished and what we’re beginning now.

These ones are totally done!

Design block three at Aeolidia has wrapped up, and block four of 2017 is underway. Some of our logo clients from block three are having a website built, some sites designed in the last block are being developed, and the others are new to us this block. I’d like to show off the inspiring brands that are ready to put their plans into action and achieve their goals now! Here are the projects we’ve recently completed:



Custom website design for Bamboletta a maker of handcrafted dolls.

Natural, handcrafted companions for your little ones.
Project: Custom Shopify website, marketing consultation
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Bamboletta, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

We wanted to create a bright and happy home for Bamboletta’s dolls. The website balances simplicity and warmth, while telling the Bamboletta story, showcasing the dolls and what sets them apart, and inspiring customers (new and trusted alike) to make a purchase. The homepage features woodland inspired illustrations paired with storybook typography all on a clean, responsive layout. There is no white background, but there’s still enough visual space so the important information doesn’t get lost. The photography is beautiful, so we made sure to give the photos room to breathe. By keeping the overall design clean, the photos are able to shine, telling the story of the Bamboletta brand and products.

Visit the Bamboletta project in our portfolio.


Hester & Cook

Hester & Cook Custom Shopify design

Known for their paper placemat pads, a gift industry trend they started.
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, SEO consultation
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Hester & Cook, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

Our goal was to create an updated and beautifully branded experience that would not only appeal to their current customer base but also attract a new online clientele. We also wanted the online experience to match the quality of their curated, flagship brick & mortar experience.

Visually, we took inspiration from Hester & Cook’s new logo, beautiful products, and timeless color palette to create a classic, but contemporary, look and feel. Details such as the curved page corners, editorial typefaces, and stationery-inspired tables, add dashes of personality to this clean design. The fresh, polished design showcases their range of products beautifully and helps instill customer confidence in the Hester & Cook as the home for high-quality, kitchen and home goods.

Not only is the visual transformation from the old site to new site striking, the redesigned navigation now allows visitors to understand at a glance what Hester & Cook has to offer, improving shopability. We’re so excited with this makeover and can’t wait to watch Hester & Cook continue to grow!

Visit the Hester & Cook project in our portfolio.


Indigo Ember

A mission to use American-sourced materials to create unique personalized gifts and elegant home goods.
Project: Business name brainstormingbrand identitycustom Shopify website, copywritingproduct photographymarketing consultation
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Indigo Ember, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

This brand started with our business naming process and became Indigo Ember. Patricia was ready to invest in what she needed to take her business to the next level, so we completed a business and marketing consultation with her, wrote the copy for her website, and styled and shot photos of her products. The new brand identity and custom website design are now complete as well.

Visit the Indigo Ember project in our portfolio.


Lonestead Range

Paying homage to the iconic spirit of the West with artisan made goods and furnishings.
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Designcopywriting
Status: Project complete, brand ready to grow!

We created a literal “brand” for Lonestead Range that represents the ranch lifestyle and the incredible artisan quality of the products. The star is a symbol that not only appears in much of Western American iconography, but also represents high quality and awards. Together they create a simple but strong logo that becomes its own iconic brand mark. The simplicity of the typeface contrasts perfectly with the roughness of the more traditional serif used with the star. It’s blending a bit of old and new.

Visit the Lonestead Range project in our portfolio.


Love, Georgie

Logo and website design for Love, Georgie a handmade jewelry designer

Making highly customizable, handmade jewelry and gifts, laser engraved with custom messages.
Project: Brand Identitycustom Shopify websitecopywritingphotographysocial media management
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Love, Georgie, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

To begin the rebrand, we worked with Robyn to change the name from “Georgie Designs” to “Love, Georgie.” The logo starts with a feminine script, paired with the modern lowercase type. It’s casual but contemporary, sweet but professional. The lowercase “georgie”—while not in the same exact font as before—echoes Robyn’s former business name and logo. The handwritten “love” and hand drawn heart show the personal touch that goes into her products (and every single package she sends to her customers). While the typography and illustration choice is a departure from the ones in Georgie Designs, it is similar enough that it still feels like her brand, just more grownup and polished. There is a stacked version of “love, georgie” that can be used in alternate layouts/spaces, as well as a monogram that can be used in places she may not need the entire logo (like a sticker or as a watermark on an image). We used the same hand drawn, carefree illustration style for other icons that are used throughout her branding, such as a flower or maybe even an “xo.”

Visit the Love, Georgie project in our portfolio.



Logo and brand identity for Mafu, maker of botanical health and skincare products.

Bath & body products made with your precious wellbeing in mind.
Project: Brand Identity and product presentation design, packaging designcustom Shopify websitecopywritingproduct photography, trademarking
Status:Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Mafu, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

The logo design features solid, classic typography, paired with a whimsical hand-drawn illustration. It reflects Mafu’s trusted, tried and true handmade botanicals and the friendly services that Bonnie provides in her own home. The primary mark includes an “est.” date, which establishes the business’s longevity and experience. The macrons (little lines over the vowels) and dictionary inspired pronunciation tag are fun and helpful visual cues. The thin, delicate lines in the leaf drawing adds contrast to the bolder type. The alternate marks feature a version of the logo with the “goodness & beauty” tag line, along with the word mark alone and an M monogram.

The website design expands on the modern botanical branding we established, while telling the story of Mafu, showcasing Bonnie’s wonderful products, and inspiring her customers (new and trusted alike) to make a purchase. The slightly darker, muted tones of the branding colors add legibility, while illustrations and a new handwritten font, bring softness and warmth to the site.

Visit the Mafu project in our portfolio.

Nest Interior Design

Website design for Nest Interior Design and Retail Shop.

Offering a broad spectrum of products for the home, in addition to interior design consultations.
Project: Brand Identitycustom Shopify websitecopywritingsocial media management
Status:Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Nest Interior Design, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

While putting the design together, Brooke incorporated the brand’s colors in a refreshing but not overly intrusive way. The top of the page, in particular, is more sleek and clean, as it is important for the logo to stand out, the navigation to be clear and concise, and the slider images to not be competing with other page elements. As you scroll further down the page, you see more color and more detailed design elements, but it is still balanced with white space, clean lines, and easy-to-read typography.

Visit the Nest Interior Design project in our portfolio.


Well Dressed Wolf

Logo, brand identity, and custom website design for Well Dressed Wolf, creator of quality children's garments.

Designing children’s clothing with a strong online community.
Project: Brand identitycustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Well Dressed Wolf, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia.

Well Dressed Wolf is a well-loved brand for well dressed children, and they came to us looking for a polished brand identity. We fine tuned their existing logo, as well as the logos for their sub-brands, Omi Jo and Wildling, ensuring the marks would work well online and in print. We created a color palette and selected typography that would work well across the entire brand—not just within each sub-brand. And we designed a few patterns that would breathe life into it all.

Together, the branding elements give Well Dressed Wolf’s family of brands a streamlined look with a touch of whimsy. The website expands on the sweet branding we established, while telling the story of Well Dressed Wolf, showcasing it’s beautiful products and explaining its wonderful mission. The photography has a clean and airy canvas so it can shine. Accented with a few illustrative details along with classic and feminine typography, the overall look is professional but warm. A place where the Well Dressed Wolf community will feel right at home.

Visit the Well Dressed Wolf project in our portfolio.


Launching any day now!

Cactus Fine Art

An art gallery selling fine art from a hand-picked group of artisans.
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design, custom Shopify website, copywriting
Status: Brand identity design complete, online shop complete and launching soon

With a unique collection of handcrafted items from artisans across Latin America, Ricardo was looking for a brand that reflected both the artists he features and the masterpieces they create. The “Handmade Heart” tagline remained at the forefront in our minds as we designed colorful branding, print, and web designs that stay true to the roots of this new online hub of artistry. Visitors can browse work by exploring amazing 360 degree views of each piece, and learn the specifics of each creation and its artist before purchasing.


Geese and Ganders

Custom website design for a children's party shop.

Children’s party themes that disrupt the usual gender norms.
Project: Print designscustom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation
Status: Website design and development complete, online shop complete and launching soon

We first got to work on branding for Geese & Ganders. They had an adorable logo, but needed business stationery and packaging pieces to round out their brand identity. We were inspired by their love of patterns and highlighted the brand’s personality in their printed pieces. Since this is a new business, we also worked on website copy and marketing strategies to give her a unique voice in the marketplace.

View the Geese & Ganders project in our portfolio.


These ones have moved to the next phase

We were hard at work on these projects in block three, and now we’re moving right along with the next step through August.


Adoren Studio

Encouraging watercolor prints and downloads for your nursery and home.
Project: Brand Identity, custom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: Adoren Studio (new site scheduled to launch October 13)
Status: Brand identity design is complete, and website design begins.

We first got to work on defining Adoren’s target customer and unique selling proposition with a business and marketing consultation. These exercises provide great detail about the audience we are designing for and really help us move forward. Next we designed a logo and brand identity that relates to Adoren’s mission of “loving deeply, living simply, and making life more beautiful.” Now it’s time to incorporate all of this goodness into the website design.



Empowering curvy women to sew timeless clothing that makes them feel proud of their bodies and of themselves.
Project: Brand identitycustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Cashmerette (new site scheduled to launch October 16)
Status: Brand identity design is complete, and website design begins.

Cashmerette’s brand identity has served the business well, acting as a wonderful launchpad for the brand. The logo just needed a refresh so that it reflects a European simplicity while having a fun and happy vibe. An identity that’s a little more grown up and sophisticated, giving the brand the flexibility to grow. And grow it will! Cashmerette currently has a very successful blog-with-a-shop and we have been working hard to come up with the best strategy to turn it into a shop-with-a-blog.


Dotted Line

Handmade jewelry made with gemstones from the earth, and talismans from around the globe.
Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Dotted Line Jewelry (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Website design complete, and development begins.

Dotted Line came to us looking for a website that could become the backbone of her business, so we have been working hard to deliver her one. We have been writing copy and designing the site around the brand’s beautiful photography to create something that will not only speak to her target audience, but also be something to be proud of.


Floret Flowers

Family-run flower farm specializing in growing unique, uncommon, and heirloom flowers.
Project: Custom Shopify website
Current site: Floret Flowers (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Website design complete, and development begins.

The Floret Flowers site was a project that required even more critical strategy as usual, since we were helping them replatform from WooCommerce to Shopify, while keeping the blog on the WordPress platform. They had experienced some frustration with their website, and we are working to make everything smooth sailing post-launch. We’re coding away on this one!



Cheese paper photo © Formaticum

Cheese storage products that make spoiled cheese a thing of the past.
Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: Formaticum (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Website design in progress.

It has been such fun writing copy for this cheese loving brand. We’re currently working closely with Mark on content for each page of the website and for customer-facing emails, planning the website strategy, and providing art direction for photo shoots so we have strong imagery for our design.



Celebrating the zesty, peppy essence of animals with original designs and goods for your nursery, home, desk and beyond.
Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Gingiber (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Website design complete, and development begins.

This one is going to be so much fun! We spent the first part of this project advising Stacie on her brand graphics, and moved right along to a web design that captures the spirit of Gingiber and will engage her customers and bring them along on her business journey (with an emphasis on purchasing her products, of course). I really can’t wait to show you this one!


Miracle in the Green

Beauty and personal care products that feature moringa, the new quinoa.
Project: Brand identity and product presentation design, packaging designcustom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: Miracle in the Green (new site scheduled to launch October 13)
Status: Brand identity in progress.

We’re enjoying the challenge of marrying modern with ethnic/traditional, bold with subtle, and simple with complex for this brand identity. The logo is complete and we are deep in pattern design to create a harmonious look and feel to this brand’s diverse aesthetic.


Mouse in the House

Ethically handmade children’s clothing.
Project: Brand Identitycustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: MITHshop (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Website design complete, and development begins.

When working on the website design, we really honed in on the concept of creating space for story-telling along with commerce. Visually speaking, we were influenced by the brand’s beautiful editorial photography along with its nature-inspired color palette and timeless type. The priority was to introduce customers to the brand story and their range of high quality, ethically-made handmade children’s goods. An experience both existing and new customers will love!

Oh Baby Names

Name prints with a detailed account of the name’s etymology, history, usage, and numerology descriptors.
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Designcustom Shopify websitecopywritingproduct photography, SEO consultation
Current site: Oh Baby! Names (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Brand identity is complete, web design begins

With a successful Etsy shop, Oh Baby Names had the proof of concept they needed to take their business to the next level. We first started with new business name brainstorming and then moved into logo design. We came up with classic yet playful logo with vintage-inspired details that reflect the authenticity, heart, and soul behind the brand. Now we will begin website design.


Pam Powers Knits

Knitwear designer that writes patterns for knitters.
Project: Brand identity and product presentation design, packaging designcustom Shopify website
Current site: Pam Powers Knits (new site scheduled to launch October 13)
Status: Brand identity design is complete, and website design begins.

We updated the Pam Powers logo, making it a natural evolution for her brand. It pays homage to her past but will appeal more to her mature target audience. We also worked on a variety of business stationery and packaging items—staying true to the new brand guidelines we created. Next up is a custom website design that will support Pam’s new look and specific business goals.


Petit Mignon

Online baby boutique that focuses on exquisite gift boxes for new mother-to-be.
Project: Brand Identitypackaging designcustom Shopify websiteproduct photographycopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: None (new site scheduled to launch October 13)
Status: Brand identity design is complete, and website design begins.

Petit Mignon already had so many of the key pieces to a darling brand identity. The logo just needed to be polished so that it reflected a higher end, European style aesthetic. We are very excited to start designing a soft and sweet website that evokes the innocence and wonder of this brand.


Raddish Kids

A cooking club for kids bringing families together in the kitchen and at the table through edible education.
Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Raddish Kids (new site scheduled to launch August 18)
Status: Website design in progress.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with a framework and strategy to meet Raddish’s specific sales goals. With this project, as with all our work, marketing and sales strategies are just as important as design aesthetics. Raddish recently moved from their garage to a shipping facility, and we’re excited to assist in this boost up to the next stage for their business.


These ones have just begun

I’m thrilled to introduce you to these inspiring businesses who are beginning work with us in block four. See where they’re at now, and check back with us in a couple of months to see their transformations!

Goobie Baby

Unique and stylish baby products for the modern mom.
Project: Brand identity and product presentation design, marketing consultation
Current site: Goobie Baby (new brand identity to be completed June 16)

I don’t have a cohesive brand style/personality. I feel like the chevron and mint combo is well liked and I get a lot of compliments on the packaging. However, I feel like the brand image is missing a luxe element or something special. The products are fantastic, but I’m not sure if the brand is memorable.


Louise Little

Edgy, contemporary glass jewelry, influenced by the desert.
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design

I am ready to rebrand. I need a new logo and guidance with the look of my website. I want people to see edgy contemporary jewelry and the influence of the desert. I want them to see jewelry that will make them feel special and help them to make an impression.


La Vida

Stylish eyewear designed to fit ethnic faces.
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Design, packaging designCustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: None (new site scheduled to launch December 18)

Our goal is to have a well designed, functional e-commerce website that will promote the sale of our eyewear and allow affiliate brick and motor stores to enter eyeglasses orders for their customers.


Miss Design Berry

An online shop offering unique and personalized products for all of life’s celebrations.
Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Miss Design Berry, (new site scheduled to launch October 16)

We started on Etsy in 2010 and opened our current shop in 2012. This is our second website and although we are super thrilled with our branding, the logistics and functionality of our site is really lacking. We feel migrating to Shopify will help to alleviate many of the issues we are having.


Pure Luxe Apothecary

All natural skincare products made by hand with the highest quality ingredients.
Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: Pure Luxe Apothecary (new site scheduled to launch October 16)

The majority of my retail sales have come from my presence at a local farmers market, and honestly, that’s where I’ve focused most of my energy up to this point. It’s been a needed learning experience and ‘proof of concept’ for me to build confidence, gain selling experience, develop customer relationships, establish a few wholesale accounts, and expand to making larger product batches.

While I’ll continue to grow my presence and sales at the farmers market, it’s time to shift and invest more energy in developing online sales.



Heirloom quality ceramics whose details are thoughtfully considered and possess a beautiful, timeless style.
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Designcopywriting

I make beautiful handmade ceramics of the highest quality. 36 individual steps where my hands are forming, shaping, touching, from the first handful of clay through to the final glaze firing give way to dishes, trays, cups, bowls, bottles, vases, jars, and pitchers. Each piece is hand crafted with care and consideration to form and function, with no two exactly identical. They serve a functional physical purpose to contain and hold the food meant to nourish our bodies, but also feed our souls in the way they evoke a feeling of intimacy and connection from the expressive marks left by my hands in the process of making the work.

I seek a business name and brand that will visually translate well with marketing materials, packaging, and a craft show booth, while supporting the feelings of connection I am trying to evoke.


Do any of these hard working business owners sound like you?

Your small but fast growing business is perfectly poised to make a big splash in online retail, and that’s exactly where Aeolidia loves to meet you. We are highly-ranked official Shopify Experts, with a history of exceeding expectations. Our work is strategic, completely custom, and entirely goals-based. We like to get involved when we know our work can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Read more about what makes us different than the other designers you may be considering.

Ready? If you’re ready to move forward with your business, and to invest in some outside help, we would love to be your team. Please contact us if you’re interested in telling us more about your retail goals and objectives so we can put together a custom proposal for you.

Not quite ready? If you’re not quite ready to do this work for your business (or you aren’t sure if you are or not), a great next step is to join our community, The Shipshape Collective. Not only will we send you our best info about pushing your business to the next level, but you’ll be invited to our Facebook group, and be able to access all the free business building tools in our members’ area. Join here:

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Do you run a creative product-based business? You’ll get a lot out of our community. Bonus: you'll also get instant access to free tools for making a website work, pricing your products, building a brand, and more. Let our helping hand lift you up. There's no need to do this alone!

Our Creative Business Group: Announcing the Shipshape Collective

Aeolidia's Shipshape Collective: Join our creative business group!If you’re anything like me, you love making improvements and watching your business grow. Sometimes, though, the day-to-day reality of running your own business doesn’t feel ideal. It doesn’t feel like you’d hoped when you first started out.

We can all get closer to that ideal:

  • sticking to the tasks that we’re best at
  • working on our businesses, not in them
  • seeing consistent increases in profit
  • AND being able to close the laptop, set the phone down and enjoy evenings and weekends

I have been watering and weeding a sprout of an idea for the last couple of years. It finally needed a name and a mission applied to it:

Welcome to The Shipshape Collective,
a growing community of creative shop owners!

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Do you run a creative product-based business? You’ll get a lot out of our community. Bonus: you'll also get instant access to free tools for making a website work, pricing your products, building a brand, and more. Let our helping hand lift you up. There's no need to do this alone!

I have been sending a business-building newsletter since 2011. I started the Aeolidia blog in 2012. In 2015, we added the Aeolidia Facebook group. I wanted to go beyond broadcasting and have some real discussions. And to make a space where you could learn from and help each other.

Aeolidia has two sides. We’re primarily a transformative design agency. The funny thing is that I spend most of my time on the free half of my business: the educational resources and creative shop owners community. The Shipshape Collective is the second branch, the helping hand that lifts you up.

We’re going to work on making Shipshape a little “brand within a brand.” I’d like to design a logo and polish up the look of the newsletter and Facebook group. Someday! I wanted to get the ball rolling, and I’m okay going slow with this.

The Shipshape Collective’s mission

I’d like to bring real professionalism, credibility, and business savvy to creative shops. All this while staying true to what made us want to start selling our products in the first place. If you take yourself seriously, your customers will, too.

I aim to support struggling, stressed entrepreneurs in becoming confident captains of their industry. Your small business can be as successful with your small niche of customers as large businesses are with their big group. More successful, because your customers believe in you and your story.

Do you feel like you’re getting bogged down doing everything for your shop? Embrace the idea that you aren’t an accountant or an advertising specialist or a web designer. You shouldn’t be doing data entry or packing orders forever: I’d like to see you hasten to invest in your business and yourself.

What our members discuss

We talk about all the nitty gritty that goes into running a business. Recent roundups of great business advice have included:

  • How to print shipping labels & ship cost-effectively
  • What to write in a newsletter
  • Where to find printers and packaging suppliers
  • What to do about copyright infringement
  • How to sell wholesale

Join us and ask your question!

What makes us special

In most business-building groups, you’ll find “hustlers” and “startups” and “disrupters.” People in it to make a buck. How about joining a community of creative businesses founded by designers? Our methods are a bit different, and we already understand you. For us, the passion and drive to create usually came first, with profit coming next.

That’s all well and good, but it’s hard to run a business without knowing how to run a business. I speak from experience, HA! No business should be an island. Talk to other shop owners to find out what works.

Not just any shop owners, though: ones who have the same concerns and a similar path to yours. The Shipshape Collective!

Thanks so much for all of the information you share in the class, in your newsletter and blog and in the Facebook group. Aeolidia consistently provides specific, helpful information and feedback. It’s appreciated!!
–Lauren Boggs Meslar

What you get and how to get it

Our members’ area is full of detailed, free bonus content. More than 10,000 subscribers have access to all this goodness.

The Facebook group is humming along without a single sales pitch or spam in sight, even with over 3,000 shop owners involved.

I recently taught an online class to 120 community members. This is a possible new direction for The Shipshape Collective. It went well and gave me ideas for how to do these in the future.

I will be putting more of my time toward helping your growing business. My ultimate goal is to be able to help you every step of the way: from grand idea to the busy business you dreamed of! I’d love you to succeed, and then Aeolidia can work directly with you as your design team. Step by step by step. We’ll get there.

Will you join our smart, supportive group? It’s all still totally free, by the way. I hope to see you soon and help you solve some problems:

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Do you run a creative product-based business? You’ll get a lot out of our community. Bonus: you'll also get instant access to free tools for making a website work, pricing your products, building a brand, and more. Let our helping hand lift you up. There's no need to do this alone!

Customizable Products: How to Easily Increase Sales

Here's a story about a jewelry designer with customizable products who increased her conversion rate by four times and her sales by seven times by making just one change to her website

Here’s a story about a jewelry designer with customizable products who increased her conversion rate by four times and her sales by seven times by making just one change to her website (then capitalizing on it with targeted social media ads)!

Usually, the design work that Aeolidia does doesn’t pay off until after we launch the site. But, by working on streamlining customizable products and options, we were able to help a jewelry designer revolutionize her business right away. I’ve been dying to be able to tell you about this!

Robyn Klauer, owner of Love, Georgie, sells customizable jewelry through her Shopify site. As we worked on the design of her product detail pages, we could see there were an overwhelming amount of options for the charms that can be added to her bracelets. Many different icons, colors, and metal choices.

We reviewed the statistics for the existing website and began talking of ways to make the customization process easier. We asked Robyn which charms are selling, as a preliminary question to recommending that Robyn pare her options WAY down.

Robyn took our cue and got exactly what we were driving at:

OMG I’ve had a revelation. I need to offer slightly LESS customization in order to make ordering easier. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Let’s take my “she believed she could so she did” bracelet. The photo shows a year charm and a graduation cap. I’d say a good 75% of the time, people choose those two charms. PEOPLE BUY WHAT I TELL THEM TO BUY. I’ve always said that! And now I’m realizing, people need less choices.

We agreed completely, and were glad to find we were on the same page. Numerous studies have been done about how too many choices can be paralyzing for customers. A famous one is about a grocery store giving out samples of jam:

In a California gourmet market, Professor Iyengar and her research assistants set up a booth of samples of Wilkin & Sons jams. Every few hours, they switched from offering a selection of 24 jams to a group of six jams. On average, customers tasted two jams, regardless of the size of the assortment, and each one received a coupon good for $1 off one Wilkin & Sons jam.

Here’s the interesting part. Sixty percent of customers were drawn to the large assortment, while only 40 percent stopped by the small one. But 30 percent of the people who had sampled from the small assortment decided to buy jam, while only 3 percent of those confronted with the two dozen jams purchased a jar.

That study “raised the hypothesis that the presence of choice might be appealing as a theory,” Professor Iyengar said last year, “but in reality, people might find more and more choice to actually be debilitating.”
Too Many Choices: a Problem That Can Paralyze

It’s much easier to sell a product that doesn’t have lots of choices, and most customers want you to do the work for them. For the few where extreme personalization is important, you can still have that available. I felt that Robyn could have more “ready-made” type jewelry, and then a big noticeable message letting people know that they can personalize it (and taking them to a different page to do so).

Business stationery design for Love, Georigie, a customizable jewelry designer.

Logo and business card design by Aeolidia

We were designing the Love, Georgie logo at the time of this discussion, and planning for the website. Fast forward three months later, when Robyn came to us with this exciting news:

So this is amazing. I’ve spent no less than 100 hours getting my website options up and ready so that it’s all in line when Jon starts coding. I’ve GREATLY eliminated the amount of options available for each item while making it still feel like a very personalized gift.

After I did that I started to notice an increase in sales. So then I started dumping money into Pinterest ads and Facebook ads (not really knowing what I’m doing but learning). And my sales have skyrocketed. I’ve done $67,000 this month to date on my website (this is my graduation/mother’s day season). Last month I did $7,300 just for perspective. My conversion rate was previously .89% and now it’s around 3.5-4%. I can only imagine what will happen when we launch the new site!

You guys. I had to know more about this, and I’m sure you want to, too. Here’s my interview with Robyn about how exactly this all went down.

Product styling and photography by Aeolidia

Did sales increase immediately as you narrowed the options?

Robyn: Not immediately, as it was off season and generally low traffic at the time. I also did some testing on different items to see if the amount of options offered made a difference. Finding the balance between offering enough options to make it feel personalized, but not so many that it feels overwhelming is the hard part.

I tested pricing along with options. I took one of my most popular items and and changed it from offering unlimited charm options (you could choose from birthstones, initials, words, and about 50 symbols) and did two things with different results:

  • Before changes: Bracelet with unlimited charm options: average cost per bracelet sold was $52, at a 0.89% conversion rate.
  • Options change 1: Bracelet with only two charm options (the ones shown in the example photo): average cost per bracelet sold was $52, at an approximate 4.3% conversion rate.
  • Options change 2: Bracelet with 8 charm options: average cost per bracelet sold was $64, with the same 4.3% conversion rate.

So I was able to increase the amount per purchase by offering just the right amount of charms.

I also made it easier to add the product to the cart. In offering unlimited charms, the customer had to let me know which charms in a typed note. When I changed it, I made everything a dropdown menu. I think that by specifically asking, “Do you want to add a birthstone charm?” and they have to pick yes or no, it made the customer stop and think about that specific idea. Prior to doing this, they were overwhelmed by the 80+ total options before so they’d just choose “none” or pick only the two shown as examples in the photo.

Logo and website design for Love, Georgie a handmade jewelry designer

Logo design by Aeolidia

Were you doing any other new promotions or marketing at the same time as you adjusted options?

Robyn: I was doing additional marketing. But my marketing efforts became more successful and my cost per acquisition changed drastically. Before my changes, I was seeing just a 0.89% conversion rate on my website. After the changes, I now see a 4.3% conversation rate and we haven’t even launched the new website or branding yet!

My revenue in April and May matched half of my entire annual revenue in 2016. This was of course because of my increase in ad spend. But without the better conversion rate, it wouldn’t have been possible to do.

I slowly increased my ad spend as my conversation rates got better. I ended up being able to spend over 10 times what I was spending before.

Was there anything different about your marketing materials?

Robyn: I did not change my marketing materials at all. My same item photos that I’ve always used were what I advertised with. Since my new site and branding hasn’t launched yet, I didn’t want to use the new materials in the marketing.

I did use some new charm graphics on my website product detail pages that were created by your designer, Christine, and they helped to visually organize the options better! I’m sure this helped in converting visitors to sales.

Have you gotten any feedback on this change from your customers? What have they told you?

Robyn: I have had them say they googled my website after being in my Etsy shop (which I have no control over changing) to see if it was easier to order. And they were pleased to see it was.

We have also noticed the amount of questions coming in through our website contact form has decreased. Some of the questions that we would get over and over again on a daily basis about how to choose charms and where to write them, etc. we hardly see any more.

Are the orders keeping up at the new level?

Robyn: Yup! I have had to hire two more people! I imagine it will slow down after Father’s Day, but we are generally higher than we would normally be right now. My jewelry is popular over gift giving holidays and occasions, so it’s normal to get slower from July-October. But we use that time to prep for Christmas.

New website launched today! Take a look at Love, Georgie

View all the design for this project in our portfolio

Do you sell customizable products?

Wow! I’m sure you’re reeling right now. This is an incredible new start for a business that was relying on Etsy for sales. It seems like giving people more choice will lead to more sales, but the opposite was true in this case.

Products that customers can personalize are a big draw, but can also be hard to sell. Helping people streamline their customization offerings on Shopify is one of our areas of deep expertise, and we would love to help you make sense of your products.

Pair our strategy for your unique business with design that will draw people in, and see where that takes you! Please get in touch today about what we’d recommend for your business.

Shipshape Collective Freebie

If you think your website is making you look like an amateur, this video is for you. Kiffanie Stahle interviewed me about making a trustworthy website.

What to Look For When Hiring an Ecommerce Web Designer

What should you think about when hiring an ecommerce designer? You need a team that understands strategy and sales for online shops.
If you plan to sell products, you can’t ignore design. It’s easy to find a designer who can make your business look pretty. But if you have an online shop, “pretty” doesn’t pay the bills. You need an ecommerce web designer that understands strategy and sales.

What should you think about when hiring an ecommerce designer? You may wonder what makes Aeolidia different from other design studios. We’re pretty different! Here are some things that make our work at Aeolidia game-changing for our clients.

A data-based strategy for each individual shop

We base our design decisions on your real data. We work to improve your conversion rate, customer retention, and average sale amount.

Our Web Analyst will dig into your Shopify and Google Analytics stats before we begin. She will analyze your website’s effectiveness and pinpoint areas to improve. She will gather info on who’s shopping and how they find you.

We then get together behind the scenes with a full team to review and refine a strategic plan. Our strategy is always based on what we know about your business, customers, and your goals. If you don’t already have a website, we are still able to get strategic, based on your Etsy information, what you’ve learned selling in-person or our general knowledge of your industry.

We check back in after launch to go through your stats to analyze the effectiveness of our work. At this point, we will suggest improvements.

Gift and housewares logo design by Aeolidia

Gift and housewares logo design by Aeolidia

A full service studio with a team-based approach

Your dedicated project manager and team of four to ten Aeolidians will be tight for the length of your project. Your designer will collaborate with your developer. Your copywriter will chat with your designer. Your photographer will learn from your marketing consultant. Aeolidia is a team from start to finish!

There’s a lot of content to gather and create for an ecommerce website. It can be messy to coordinate these things between third parties. That’s why we have a copywriter, a product photographer, an SEO strategist, a web analyst, and a marketing consultant on our team.

We remove the problem of juggling different timelines and deadlines between creatives. We identify your needs and make a plan that is our responsibility to carry out and schedule.

YAYA custom Shopify website design

YAYA custom Shopify website design by Aeolidia

A deep understanding of ecommerce for creative business

We only work with creative product-based gift stores and lifestyle brands. We only create online shops, and we only use Shopify. This narrow focus leads to mastery.

Our work is goals-based and custom to each client. We ask a lot of questions, and get to know your positioning and your customer before any design work begins.

We excel at working with other graphic designers. Our clients are creatives, and we can design and communicate for you in a way that feels exactly right.

Petit Collage website redesign

Petit Collage Shopify website redesign by Aeolidia

An effective and distraction-proof process

We have developed a unique and effective process: we launch on time every time.

We excel at clearing a path to your success. Our system keeps things moving even when life and business get in the way of your project tasks.

We don’t do incremental change. Our work is transformative. Making little tweaks or taking your web presence only as far as 90% isn’t going to move you far enough along.

We’re not yes-men, and in fact will respectfully disagree with you. If a choice or idea of yours will take you farther away from your goals, it’s off the table. We don’t base decisions on personal preferences (ours or yours), instead focusing on your customer’s needs.

JillianMaddie Paperie Shopify custom theme

JillianMaddie Paperie Shopify custom theme by Aeolidia

A high price tag

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We only do completely custom work, meaning we don’t box you in by starting with an existing design theme. A blank white page + your unique business and goals = your website will be a tool built just for you.

When you’re quoted a low price from a designer, ask yourself how the price is possible. How much time can they devote to strategy, research, and exploration? How important is it to your designer that you reach your goals?

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A User-Friendly Ecommerce Website for Handmade Dolls: Bamboletta

Christina Platt of Bamboletta

© 2013 Photography by Mark Whitehead

Imagine creating a product that regularly sells out within hours or days of it going live on your site. Such was the case for Bamboletta, which sells one of a kind handmade dolls from Canada. With such rapid sales for her brand, founder Christina Platt felt it was time for a website redesign. Her products were widely loved and in-demand; in order to keep up with their growing popularity, she wanted the site to showcase her products more effectively and move customers through the purchasing experience more efficiently.

We recommended she remain on Shopify (it’s our top choice for nearly all ecommerce businesses), but work with us to redesign her site from scratch, creating a custom Shopify theme meant just for her business and her customers. The new, user-friendly site recently launched, and we’re pleased to share the strategy that went into building it.

Step 1: Design a website for limited edition handmade dolls

Creating a user-friendly site is essential to driving sales. In other words, it’s not only friendly to customers, but to your business. What brand wouldn’t want that?

To build a site for Bamboletta that would play nicely with her customers, our first step was to assess the brand experience and what functionality it required. Because the dolls are made in small quantities by Bamboletta’s “sewing mamas” who work from home, the site gets updated weekly with the newest dolls. There are also many different kinds of Bamboletta dolls made to suit kids of different ages and for different styles of play.

Bamboletta handmade dolls

© Jozi Grant Photography

In designing the new site, Christine on our team focused on making customers feel immediately drawn in, welcomed, and informed. The header highlights two key points visitors ought to know: that the products are handmade in Canada and the site offers worldwide shipping. A dropdown menu featuring illustrations and a short description gives a quick glance at what makes each type of doll unique. And below the navigation, a quick introduction with a countdown clock builds anticipation for the next doll release!

Designing a website for handmade dolls

Step 2: Function, meet beauty

Of course, function requires aesthetic. To create a soft and happy home for Bamboletta dolls, Christine paired woodland-inspired illustrations with storybook typography on a clean, responsive layout. This new mobile-friendly design balances simplicity and warmth, inspiring customers (new and old alike) to make a purchase.

Bamboletta website design for a maker of handcrafted dolls.

Step 3: Put your web design to work for you

Phew! That’s a lot of weight for one website to pull, but with careful, strategic planning, it came together seamlessly. And that was only the beginning. A hand-illustrated “Meet Our Dolls” section provides a quick overview of the different types of dolls. An Instagram feed offers visitors a peek at the world of Bamboletta behind the scenes. And a section titled “The Magic of Bamboletta” goes that one extra step to show new customers what makes the brand, company, and dolls so special.

Bamboletta custom illustrations for a maker of handcrafted dolls.

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