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Shopify Brings a Jewelry Store a Huge New Audience

by Natalia Sylvester

March 23, 2017

What could be more perfect than creating a shiny new Shopify website for a jewelry store? We recently had the pleasure of introducing Israel-based jeweler YAYA to a completely new audience in the U.S. Their big launch involved not only a new website, but an incredible amount of fun and intense work on the foundations of their brand—from marketing and differentiation exercises to copywriting, SEO and social media consults—to ensure they reached their dream customers.

Much like YAYA creates jewelry and gifts that can be infused with personalized meaning for the receiver, we too did quite a bit of custom work in order to make sure this project suited their every need.

Photo © YAYA
Photo © YAYA

Bringing a popular hometown jeweler to a huge new audience

Having successfully launched YAYA in Israel, Alon and Yael Yanay were excited for their brand to make the cross-over to a U.S. audience. But how do you launch an established brand in a new and different market while still preserving all that makes it unique? We first set out to define YAYA’s target customer in the U.S., and equally importantly, what sets the brand apart from its competition in this new market.

By working one-on-one with our marketing expert, Caroline, Alon dove into the story of YAYA and the passion that drives them to live and give meaningfully. They also discovered the theme and philosophy that would become the driving vision behind the project. Caroline discovered:

“I think you touched upon a very useful word in this most recent exploration: COLOR and COLORFUL. While you may intend for this to be describing new designs you have in process, it seems to me like it may be a very fitting description for YAYA. Many times you have mentioned the vibrancy of your lifestyle… Perhaps YAYA’s USP has to do with incorporating color into stamped jewelry designs that are more commonly monotone and subtle in their color palette. And even more so, maybe it also has to do with infusing color into the aesthetic of the whole site, and expressing a colorful vibrancy in all that YAYA offers! Color is fun, it is playful, it is friendly,  and color can also serve as the perfect metaphor for a multicultural brand that embraces diversity.”

We made an online jewelry store for 
YAYA; shown here is the custom Shopify home page.

Translating a unique selling proposition into art and copy

To further help YAYA reach its new target audience, we worked on the new web design and copy development in tandem with our SEO team, who helped us find the most strategic search terms for the brand and incorporate them in a way that felt natural and engaging.

A “gift guide” section on the homepage mirrored the personalized experience that YAYA offers in real life, working with each customer to help them find (and customize) just the right gift for their special someone. The copy was written to be friendly and inviting, and always with the goal of supporting the brand’s beautiful photography, which Christine chose to spotlight on the homepage.

“Your photography is so fantastic—it really tells the story of your brand. The images are engaging, beautiful and inspiring. So I really wanted to showcase one, nice and large, here. The caption written by Natalia borders the image at the bottom, with a call-to-action button to make a purchase.”

By balancing simplicity and color, the new design created a bright and vibrant platform from which the jewelry could really shine. And since choosing a gift for someone can often feel like an overwhelming experience, the layout was kept clean and decluttered to quickly help customers find what they’re looking for and create a shopping experience they’ll want to return to. This vision was carried throughout every interaction a customer has with YAYA—from the first moment they visit their website to the confirmation email they receive when they make an order.

Soon after launching the new YAYA site, we received a picture of Yael and Alon fulfilling their first U.S. order—smiles, high fives, and hooray for a true team effort!

jewelry store YAYA's first orders to the U.S.
YAYA’s first orders to the U.S.
jewelry store owners Yael Yanay and Alon Abadi of YAYA
Yael Yanay and Alon Abadi of YAYA

Alon was a delight to work with from start to finish, and after launch, told us,

“Working with Aeolidia team was a great and enjoyable journey – the entire team was dedicated to the project and put their soul and heart into it – very professional from all aspects – a great and enjoyable experience to work with such an amazing team.”

Is your jewelry brand ready to reach a new audience? Contact us about launching (or re-launching) in a fabulous new direction.

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