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Beautiful and Powerful Website Redesign on Shopify

by Natalia Sylvester

January 19, 2017

When you’re building a website for your business, it’s likely you’ll start with the basics, like a home page, about page, product pages, FAQs and policy. Giving your customers the information they need is an important starting point, and essential to all good e-commerce sites. But great e-commerce sites do better—they make it easy for customers to not only find what they need, but to discover all your offerings. They entice them to want to shop your products by making the experience easy and enjoyable. And they streamline the fulfillment process for you as the business owner as well.

Lovewild Design is a perfect example of an online store we were happy to help blossom to its fullest potential. Family-owned and women-run by Sierra Zamarripa, they are a Brooklyn-based studio known for handmade sustainable gifts and stationery. A significant portion of their customers are local retailers who carry Lovewild’s original lines, but as business grew, they began needing more efficient ways for retailers to place (and for them to process) wholesale and custom orders.

Enter Aeolidia!

Lovewild Veggie Dinner Dice © Stephen Wilson Photography
Lovewild Veggie Dinner Dice © Stephen Wilson Photography

Solving problems with a website redesign on Shopify

Our first priority before beginning the Lovewild redesign was to define the project goals. Our team worked both internally and with Sierra to come up with a simple, smart and straightforward list:

  • Have the home page clearly show what Lovewild does with super easy navigation.
  • Easily portray who they are and the array of items they offer: “A lot of our visitors are from Instagram or from a site feature that directly mentions a product, so it would be nice to show the other goodies we have,” Sierra mentioned.
  • Make a connection with customers, giving them an easier and more professional shopping experience.
  • Create a system that processes custom orders faster and allows wholesale accounts to see past orders so they can quickly reorder.
  • Showcase and feature her top-selling products in a way that’s easy to understand.

That last point was especially important. Sierra noted they’d enjoyed more success at trade shows and in-person events because the concept of their “Blooming” products was not being conveyed effectively. Their plantable gifts made of paper with seeds are part of what differentiate and define the Lovewild brand, so we knew they would need more than a subcategory in the site’s navigation.

Lovewild Design product page
Lovewild Design product page
Lovewild Design retailers page
Lovewild Design retailers page

The custom design plan for Lovewild

Do-Hee on our team redesigned the Lovewild site with an aesthetic that echoed the tactile, natural, handmade quality of Lovewild’s products.

“While the website is digital, I brought in analog-inspired elements to complement your handmade practice and products.”

She also came up with a new navigation structure that immediately showed retailers and wholesalers where to go, while also leading customers to all the fun products available in the shop!

“I love that this menu is immediately visible when your customers come to your site, so it’s very clear to them the range of products Lovewild Design has to offer. They will not have to guess!”

Lovewild website design

Why a custom site was the necessary solution for Lovewild Design

Sierra and the Lovewild Design team came to us for a website makeover that better showcased their point of view and quality products. Plugging their existing products and content into a pre-made theme was not going to cut it.

Instead, we designed a contemporary Shopify site from scratch that reorganized the existing products into easy-to-shop categories.

Visually, we integrated existing elements from their handmade products, including Sierra’s whimsical illustrations, to really bring Lovewild’s personality to the forefront (without clutter). The neutral colors in combination with sage green and yellow ochre accents echo the color palette of their botanical inspirations and help communicate the natural aspect of Lovewild’s products.

Overall, we created a site that improved shopability, all the while showcasing the spirit that makes Lovewild Design unique!

We invite you to take a look at the brand-new Lovewild Design shop and discover all the lovely handmade goodies they have to offer. If you think your e-commerce site could use a more welcoming, easy-to-navigate, shopping-friendly experience, contact us! Friendly is our middle name.

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What our client thought

Sierra told us,

“Hiring Aeolidia was one of those things we felt needed to happen in order to grow and strengthen our online presence. They made taking the plunge and investing in a relatively intangible thing a lot less scary by holding our hand the entire way.

I was super impressed by their response time and organization right off the bat. Everyone on the Aeolidia team took the time to listen and humor me when necessary. The overall design process took what felt like very minimal back and forth as the main designer understood who we were from the very beginning.

When put to the test- our conversion rate was overwhelmingly higher. It’s one thing to have friends and family say how great the new site is but when customers and bloggers comment on the design and ease of use you know you got the results you’ve dreamt of.

Thank you!!!”

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