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A Successful Cookie Decorating Company | The Flour Pot

by Arianne Foulks

June 4, 2013
flour pot homepage

We recently adjusted the Flour Pot website to add this video, and we were charmed by it! The Flour Pot was featured in this video by FedEx (you’ll see the website Lauren designed for them at 2:29!). See how Margie and Abbey, a mom-and-daughter duo, run their cookie business. It’s so important for us at Aeolidia to work with creative small businesses.

Margie and Abbey’s story is pretty inspirational, going from Margie’s kitchen to being on Oprah’s O List, on The Food Network, and Entertainment Tonight, as well as being featured in national magazines, and having a customer list that includes Polo Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue and Spanx. Abbey says:

We had some big breaks early on – with some major national broadcast and magazine publicity.  These also led to a number of major corporate customers, which have really helped us to build our business over the years.

Margie and Abbey

While working with my mom and building our business hasn’t always been easy, it’s always been a great experience.  I couldn’t have done this without my mom.  It’s really worked.  We may not always agree.  But at the end of the day, we’re still mother-daughter.  So everything gets resolved.  Usually with a shopping trip!

While bakeries aren’t our biggest client group, we have worked on website design for quite a few bakers over the years.

logo cookies
Logo cookies! How fun are these?

I particularly like the logo cookies they make. Wouldn’t these be fun to have for your own business? Perhaps as thank-you gifts, to give out at an event (such as an in-store, trunk show, craft fair, class, or party), or for the grand opening of a brick-and-mortar shop! Any other ideas for logo cookies?

Shopify website design for food & drink brands is a specialty of ours! View more examples in our portfolio and when you’re ready, get in touch.

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