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Online Design Store on Shopify: Koromiko

by Arianne Foulks

December 3, 2013

Koromiko website by Aeolidia

KOROMIKO is an online design store founded by Tracey George, a New Zealander now living in Dallas, Texas. Started from the simple idea to support and promote independent designers producing handmade, authentically sustainable, craft + design objects.

We curate a carefully edited collection of items for your home and life. We support artisans who hand make their items in small-batch runs. It’s kinder on the environment and we love the beauty of perfectly imperfect objects made by hand and made to last.

This was a fun one to work on! Lauren designed this site and Zak made it work in Shopify. Tracey puts a lot of work into highlighting the designers on her site, from showcasing product videos on the item page, to having a featured maker, a page of “maker spaces,” and an “About the Maker” tab on each item page.

All the content under the ‘About the Maker’ tab on the product pages is pulled from hidden Shopify blog posts, which made it simple for Tracey to add the content.

Looking for Shopify designers? Take a peek at our Shopify Experts page here, and give us a holler if we can help!

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