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Shopify Design Before & After

by Sam Hirst

March 17, 2015 / Updated: January 24, 2023

A new custom Shopify design for a gift shop

Tickled Teal is an ecommerce business specializing in custom gifts such as custom coffee mugs, cell phone cases, personalized pet tags, license plates, and more.

Renee contacted us last fall about redesigning her logo and website. She wanted to create a cohesive, professional look that would make her feel more comfortable driving traffic to her own website. Tickled Teal began with a pre-made design from the Shopify theme store, which is a great way to get started for a new business. You can test out what works and doesn’t work for your customers, hone in on your brand’s identity and style, and then when you’re feeling confident about your business, move on to hire a designer to create a custom Shopify design for your website.

Tickled Teal before and after

Renee explained why she was ready for a custom design:

Currently the site is pretty plain and we feel it could use more personality. We love to make it feel more fun and whimsical to go along with our products. We don’t feel that our site, as it is now, is a good representation of what we have to offer. As a graphic designer, I am too close to the project and feel like I need some outside help to help break through to what I know it can become.

Here is Renee’s original website:

Tickled Teal before

The website worked, but lacked personality and showed little of the whimsy that is such a big part of Tickled Teal’s line of products. You can see that the item page, below, was rather plain. Important information, such as the price and social sharing buttons were easily lost on the page.

Tickled Teal before

Sarah on our team began by creating a new logo and identity for Tickled Teal, which is a huge improvement over the bland “before” look. We posted this one on Instagram recently, and got more “likes” and comments than we ever have!

Tickled Teal Brand Identity

Sarah then carried the new brand over to the website design. When presenting the new look, Sarah explained to Renee:

I tried to keep things simple, light and friendly while scattering lots of nice little details throughout the design. Your colours are so lovely and bright! There is a lot of white space to keep things looking un-cluttered and while I have used colour to grab attention, each section of the design stands out in its own subtle way so that nothing is annoying or distracting.

Tickled Teal after the website redesign

Custom Shopify design for a gift store

The new Tickled Teal site is full of personality. The design (those feathers!) carries the customer’s eye down the page, and important information is now easy to find. One feature that Renee needed on her new site was a way to easily sell her customizable products. For this project, we used an app that will allow Renee to change all of the fields and drop-down options for an item, as well as add new fields in the future. This makes it easy for Renee to set up customizable products, and the design of the page makes it easy for customers to understand how to order them.

Custom Shopify design for a gift store

We asked Renee for feedback about her project with us and she shared:

I went into the project not really knowing what to expect, but I am definitely thrilled with the finished product for our logo & website re-branding project! Throughout the project you were incredibly easy and great to communicate with.

I really enjoyed the way we could bounce ideas off of each other and work through design challenges to create awesome solutions. It was awesome to always feel like the designer and I were on the same page. I would describe something for her and what she would come back with was like she had read my mind.

I really appreciated how organized you were and that you were quick to answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Aeolidia to anyone looking to re-vamp or start a new web design project.

Ready for a before & after of your own?

We would love to talk with you about a website redesign, get you started with a marketing plan, or get your logo and packaging ready for the big time. Contact us at Aeolidia!

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