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Sewing Logo for Puzzle Patterns

by Natalia Sylvester

July 6, 2017 / Updated: January 27, 2023

Aimee Randle had been following Aeolidia on Instagram for about a year when she finally made the leap and reached out to us about creating a logo and visual identity for her brand new clothing pattern business, Puzzle Patterns. We were thrilled at the chance to start from scratch, especially because she was looking for a team of logo and brand designers who could work with her business as it grew.

Puzzle Patterns sewing logo design for a maker of clothing patterns.

Puzzle Patterns sells PDF clothing patterns for collection pieces that are interchangeable, like a puzzle. With an initial launch of children’s clothing patterns and plans to expand to women’s clothing later, the brand has a style that is modern, hip, and functional for play and tumbling, with a dash of cute and quirky. As Aimee put it, she wanted a visual identity that would quickly let customers know that “this is not the same kind of patterns their nana uses.” She also envisioned clear lines and structured design, to keep the logo reflective of the brand’s easy-to-follow patterns. Enthusiasm paired with simplicity were key.

As we kicked off work on her new logo design, Aimee told Jess on our team: “I don’t want people to look at it and think of the chore of sewing things for themselves, but the fun and imagination that can come from it.”

Puzzle Patterns custom sewing illustrations for a maker of clothing patterns.

Minimalism and quirk? Sign us up. Inspired by Aimee’s love for Scandinavian design, Jess began researching and exploring imagery options and kept coming back to retro Scandinavian folk art flowers. They’re graphic and fun, but with a minimal amount of lines and detail. Using this as the foundation for the logo, she then incorporated scissors and pins—tools of the trade—into a flower design made up of individual geometric pieces. “They can be shuffled around to create new and different types of flower designs, much like your concept for your products! In addition, the line-art style of the icon also mimics the design of clothing patterns.”

Puzzle Patterns sewing logo and brand identity design for a maker of clothing patterns.

Jess paired the flower icon with a simple lowercase serif type that has a retro fun flair with the loopy “t’s”. The resulting combination hints at a vintage aesthetic, but with a clean and contemporary twist that Aimee absolutely loved.

Check out the branding guide and accompanying brand elements, like Puzzle Patterns postcards and Instruction Sheet Templates, that Jess created using the new logo as a foundation. The color palette has plenty of vibrant pop, but delivered in a really simple balance that makes it feel clean and refreshing.

Puzzle Patterns logo and brand identity design for a maker of clothing patterns.

We’re so excited for Aimee’s new business and look forward to the time when a custom web design is on the horizon! We loved cheering her on as her business identity came to fruition.

“This was a huge step for me and everyone involved made the whole road clear, exciting and incredibly easy to navigate,” Aimee said. “The logo is beautiful and the design is so simple and clear, but I keep looking at it and seeing more and finding more to love.”

Puzzle Patterns business card design for a maker of clothing patterns.

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