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How to Sell Digital Invitations on Shopify

by Natalia Sylvester

September 22, 2016 / Updated: June 27, 2022

Chances are, if you’re reading our blog, you’ve been in a situation similar to the one Louise Sanders was in. About a year ago, Louise launched Sunshine Parties with a shop on Etsy. She also set up a corresponding, self-hosted blog, where she shared the beautiful pictures and stories behind her products. Sunshine Parties sells digital invitations and party décor—each an original, modern set designed by Louise—which clients can quickly download, edit, personalize, print, and assemble at home.

One of Louise’s primary differentiators is the instant gratification of being able to quickly and easily customize a Sunshine Parties design at home. Coincidentally, this is also what brought Louise our way—as her business grew, she knew she needed to streamline the shopping experience for her customers. Having them go from her blog to her Etsy shop (or vice-versa) was not only inefficient, it made tracking conversions and cart abandonment very difficult. “I’m at that point now where I know I need to create my own online shop and have more control over my brand,” she said.

Photo © Sunshine Parties
Photo © Sunshine Parties
Photo © Sunshine Parties
Photo © Sunshine Parties
Photo © Sunshine Parties
Photo © Sunshine Parties

Working on the new Sunshine Parties site was a dream. From the very beginning, Louise had a list of specific, tangible objectives that helped us hone in on a proper course of action:

  • Improve visitors’ experience with the shop and make turn them into return customers.
  • Showcase the Sunshine Parties products first and foremost, without elements that distract from them.
  • Clarify messaging so people know that the files are digital, editable and printable.
  • Explain “How it Works” so customers know it’s quick and simple to use.
  • Have the shop co-exist with the blog to make backend logistics more streamlined
  • Draw visitors from the blog to the site

With this in mind, we got to work and created a custom design on Shopify for Sunshine Parties. By integrating a blog and shop, her customers now enjoy a seamless experience when visiting the new site. In addition, we worked on creating new copy for her site in key places—like the home, about, and FAQ pages—where customers could quickly learn how to purchase and customize Louise’s beautiful party printables.

Melanie’s design emphasized giving visitors an immediate overview of Sunshine Parties with a large, dominant image, followed by two photos below that guide shoppers to the different product categories. Scrolling further down, customers begin to get a quick taste of what else is in store. A simple, but engaging step-by-step graphic quickly explains how digital downloads work.

Sunshine Parties website design by Aeolidia
Sunshine Parties website design by Aeolidia
Sunshine Parties website design by Aeolidia

The end result is a great example of how strategic design and messaging can “teach” your customers how to experience your brand. It marries form and function in a bright, happy, interactive way that’s worthy of a celebration or two!

Ready to gain more control of your brand with an online shop tailored especially to your needs? Contact us to get the party started!

Visit Sunshine Parties.

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