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Logo Case Study | Surly Sheep

by Arianne Foulks

June 13, 2012

Liz Wong recently designed the logo for Surly Sheep, an online fabric shop. See Brooke’s initial info for us, below, to see how we can translate your design preferences into a strong logo that will be memorable and appealing to your customers.

Surly Sheep logoIdentity:

“I sell high quality quilting fabrics in specialty cuts such as fat quarters, fat eighths and fat sixteenths. I don’t sell any yardage, since that’s what all other fabric shops do. When I went online as a shopper, I found it was virtually impossible to find a shop that categorized fabrics specifically by color and scale rather than fabric collection or manufacturer, let alone a shop that would have cuts of fabric small enough for me to make my quilt without breaking the bank. So I started up Surly Sheep to specialize in fabric bundles that make it easy and economical to add to your fabric stash in specific colors.”

Target customer:

“My target customers are mostly women, ages 25-45 who quilt. They are artistic, relaxed, usually moms (usually stay at home) who quilt using lots of color.”

Describe your ideal logo:

“My ideal logo would be artistic, somewhat abstract. I love clean, modern lines but also love that hand drawn, spontaneous thing. I really decided I wanted to design a logo for Surly Sheep when I saw the sheep from “The Secret of Kells.” I think the design and illustration that went into that movie is incredible and jaw dropping and combined with the artist’s interpretation of the sheep…. I would love a logo inspired by that kind of illustration.”


“I’ve been looking, but all the logos I’ve seen are either way too graphic or cutesy animals. I want my logo to say, ‘I’m a modern quilter with tattoos.'”

Surly Sheep Etsy shop

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