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Upscale Jewelry Website Design

by Heather Harris

May 25, 2017

Former rock star turned rock hound, Dani Barbe sculpts and sets gemstones into modern, glamorous statement pieces. She started her business with her own logo design, fabulous photography, and a shop on Etsy. With a strong presence on social media, she was able to drive a ton of customers to her shop. Products sold like wildfire, and Anthropologie came knocking on her door.

It wasn’t long before Dani’s upscale jewelry brand required a custom website design to inspire customer confidence.

Enter Aeolidia!

Custom Shopify website for jewelry maker Dani Barbe.
Photography © Bliss Katherine for Dani Barbe

Solving website usability problems by replatforming to Shopify

Dani had a WooCommerce site built about a year and a half before coming to us, but it wasn’t performing up to her standards. Frustrated with its functionality, Dani continued to send customers to her Etsy shop.

I am currently using WooCommerce, and it’s such a pain to update things, that I just don’t do it! I find that it impacts the amount of new items I post, and also the amount that I actively promote my website. I currently have an amazing Etsy following, but would love to have a website that looks higher-end to send to my clients and more upscale boutiques.

Our team worked both internally and with Dani to come up with a straightforward list of project goals:

  • Improve functionality for processing payments and communicating order information with customers.
  • Make a connection with customers, giving them a more secure and professional shopping experience.
  • Attract high-end wholesale customers by having a protected wholesale portion of the website.
  • Showcase Dani’s amazing product photography.
Custom Shopify website for jewelry maker Dani Barbe.
Photography © Bliss Katherine for Dani Barbe

With this list of goals in mind, we set out to create a website that balances simplicity and style, showcases Dani’s gorgeous jewelry and accessories, and inspires confidence in customers to make a purchase.

Custom jewelry website design for Dani Barbe

Dani’s existing logo was fantastic! It spoke to her customers and had longevity. It was edgy and modern, but still approachable and sophisticated — it just needed to add a little refinement on spacing and proportion. What Dani was lacking was a complete brand identity, full of complimentary elements that could be carried over to her site.

Christine on our team created a new brand mark. Inspired by Dani’s jewelry, the intersection of the D and B creates fun shapes that would be used as additional graphic elements mixed and matched throughout her new site.

The colors are simple—black, gold and white, with a bit of blush to take the edge off (but not too much).

Dani Barbe website design for a modern bohemian jewelry and décor brand.

We were really drawn in by the chic sophistication and artfulness of Dani’s photos, so we gave them prime space in the site design. By keeping the overall design clean, the photos are able to shine, telling the story of her brand and products.

Website design for Dani Barbe a modern bohemian jewelry and décor brand.

The layout is clean but not stark, and the typography is strong but not loud. The branding elements we created together are carried over in some spots, giving the site dimension and interest. Together, these design elements support the true star: Dani’s jewelry.

What our client thought

I am over-the-moon in love with the design. Really, I couldn’t be happier. I feel like everything will be so easy to navigate. The main page looks so fashion-forward and clean. You truly brought to life what I envisioned for my brand.

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