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Illustrated Website Design: Gifts Define

by Arianne Foulks

January 21, 2014

Gifts Define is an example of a very well-thought-out product line that clearly is painstakingly worked on with love. We worked together with our buddies at This Paper Ship to create this beautifully illustrated website, pouring care and lovely details into the site, just as Irma does with her charming mobiles.

Illustrated website: Mermaid Sea Friends favors
Mermaid Sea Friends favors
Illustrated website: Woodland Trail mobile
Woodland Trail mobile

Lauren designed the website, Jon developed it, Dewi wrote the copy, and Jena helped Irma with her strategy.

Gifts Define illustrated website by Aeolidia

Irma shares her decision-making process with us, as well as providing a review of the work we did for her:

At Gifts Define, “do our very best” is not a mission, it’s a statement! I truly love what I do and am obsessed in making my clients happy with the creations I make! When the time came to improve Gifts Define’s e-commerce website functionality, design and branding, I was completely overwhelmed! Did tons of research, I realized there are so many web design companies out there to choose from! Sometimes the thought of not being able to find the one who would understand the visions and aspirations of my creative company – is wearisome!

Then I thought of Arianne at Aeolidia. I first heard about Aeolidia back in 2006 when I was looking for a web designer to create my first website. Although then, she was not available to take on my project. Now, 7 years later, still trusting my initial judgment; I decided to contact Arianne once again and convinced that Aeolidia was the right company to take on this momentous project of mine!

What a decision well-made! My belief is when you expect the best, work with the absolute best! Arianne is very attentive in keeping my project ahead. There were some minor glitches in the beginning of the design process but she handled things promptly and professionally! Moreover, working closely with Lauren, Jon, Jena and Dewi has been delightful! I wish I could have the brains of these individuals in mine! Very organized, super creative, resourceful and simply brilliant in what they do!

I want to extend my big thanks to Arianne and team Aeolidia for making my dream website come true! Thank you for your endless patience in listening and understanding my ideas while thoughtfully bring them into realizations. After 5 months of dedication, commitment and enthusiasm from the Aeolidia’s team, I never thought that I’d be so pleased and proud to have a fabulous website to represent Gifts Define in front of millions….thank you!

All the best,
Irma Niekum
Gifts Define

Isn’t the site so great? Aeolidia began in the early days by partnering with a bunch of talented illustrators, and I’m glad to see that people still appreciate the charming custom look you get by designing an illustrated website. Especially fun for kids’ shops!

You can see more examples of kids and toy boutiques in our portfolio.

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