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How to Use Graphic Design For Your Brand

by Arianne Foulks

January 7, 2016 / Updated: January 17, 2023

You have probably seen some gorgeous brand guides on Pinterest (and here on the Aeolidia site!), with color schemes, graphics, patterns, and fonts. Maybe you have one of your own, or you’re creating one for your business right now. These visual cues are meant to be helpful in keeping your brand cohesive, making it memorable, and making it easy for you or your designer to create new marketing collateral for your business. But how to use graphic design for your brand in the real world? Where to get started?

Using graphic design for your brand

Here are three real-life examples that show how you can use your logo and branding details across everything you do: website, print materials, and product packaging.

1. Incorporate your branding into your product packaging

Aeolidia client: Azalia Spa Goods

Azalia’s brand details:

How to use graphic design for your brand on websites, product packaging, and print materials

Packaging we designed for Azalia Spa Goods:

Luxury bath and body packaging design by Aeolidia
  • Logo: Let the full version of your logo shine on your product
  • Colors: Don’t feel that you need to use all the colors everywhere – sticking to a limited version of your palette can have more impact
  • Pattern: Pulling a subtle pattern onto your package and adding in a graphic can make all the difference
  • Fonts and text treatment: Keep fonts, borders, and effects the same from piece to piece across your branding
how to use graphic design for your brand on your packaging

2. Incorporate your branding into your website

Here is an example of how your branding could be incorporated into your website. Keep in mind that you don’t have to fit all of your branding elements on your home page. Be creative and scatter them throughout your interior pages, or save some graphics or patterns for other marketing materials.

Aeolidia client: Tickled Teal

Tickled Teal’s brand details:

Tickled Teal Brand Identity

Website we designed for Tickled Teal:

how to use graphic design for your brand on your website
  • Primary logo: include your logo at the top of your website for excellent brand recognition
  • Patterns: patterns can be used for more than just backgrounds
  • Subtle footer pattern: add your branding patterns throughout your website for an extra touch of visual interest
  • Color: use your color palette for brand consistency
  • Graphic elements: graphic elements and brand marks can be used to keep your branding strong without the repetitive use of your main logo


3. Incorporate your branding in your marketing materials

Your print and promotional materials are a fun place to get creative with your brand graphics! There are lots of places where you can fit in illustrations, patterns, colors, and other graphic details.

Aeolidia client: Mockingbird

Mockingbird’s brand details:

Mockingbird brand identity by Aeolidia

Print materials we designed for Mockingbird:

how to use graphic design for your brand on your print materials
  • Stickers: simple stickers with your logo
  • Pattern use: use your patterns in marketing materials, back sides of business cards, or stickers
  • Product tag with icon: add simple icons or patterns to the back sides of your product tags
  • Icon use: add your included icons or graphic elements to cards, stickers, or any marketing materials
  • Business card with alternate logo: your alternate logo can be used wherever space is limited or when you want to keep things simple

Voila! Now you’re matchy-matchy all over the web and in person. People will remember the effect your brand had on them, and everything’s looking so pulled together!

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3 thoughts on “How to Use Graphic Design For Your Brand”

  1. This was so helpful, thank you! I find myself over doing branding more often than not, thinking I have to have every color, pattern and font, in every piece. It’s nice to see that isn’t necessary and some clear guides on what to strive for. Appreciate it.

  2. Hello Arianne Foulks! Thanks a lot for posting such an insightful and detail content on how to use graphic design for a brand. The best part of your content that I personally liked was the use of real life examples to explain the concepts so beautifully that even a beginner in this industry would be able to understand and implement. This will help a prospective client too to understand the importance of seeking professional services from an experienced graphic designer to increase their brand identity. Looking forward to read more valuable content on graphic design from your end. Thanks again 🙂


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