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Ecommerce Web Design ROI

by Arianne Foulks

April 11, 2018 / Updated: January 23, 2023
ecommerce web design

Are you interested in hiring Aeolidia for an ecommerce web design project for your small business? I’m so glad! There’s nothing quite like having a team of Shopify experts on your side for an important project like this. But what about ecommerce web design ROI? Is hiring a professional web designer worth the cost?

We’d love to talk with you, but before doing so, maybe you’d like to think about the possible return on investment? Business owners often come to me to figure out if they’re ready to hire us. And over and over, we are brought on late in the game, to fix a neglected website that hasn’t been pulling its weight. Let’s think about when and why to make this investment in your future.

Aeolidia: A Shopify Conversion Optimization Team

Hi, we’re Aeolidia. THE designers for creatives. We’re the best in our niche since 2004. Sounds boastful, but it’s true — try finding another full-service agency that uses data to boost your numbers and truly cares about and understands your business, with know-how from hundreds of projects like yours.

We’re a team of designers, developers, content creators, marketers, and strategists. We specialize in Shopify ecommerce web design for design-oriented business owners who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

But what does “taking your business to the next level” mean, exactly? We’ve found that the business owners we work with have vital things in common.

  • They sell creative, well-designed products, and they’ve built a following around their business… but it doesn’t have to be a huge following.
  • They have a track record of sales, either on their own website, on Etsy, in person, or they have a strong wholesale game… but their online sales numbers aren’t as high as they could be.
  • They know they’ve taken their brand or online presence as far as they can take it on their own, and they’re ready to hire a professional… but they’re not sure when paying for a professional redesign will pay off.

We also often work with people who have just started a new business… but they have past experience and know professional design will take them far.

Do any of these descriptions fit your business? Are you wondering when the right time to invest is, and what results you can expect? Let’s go!

A Formula To Help You Predict Success

The cost of an ecommerce web design or branding project can feel intimidating if you’re not sure yet whether your business is ready for the expense. What’s the return on investment for a strategic website redesign? Luckily, we can do some calculations to forecast. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

If you have them available, grab your stats from the past 12 months:

Number of unique visitors: ________________

Number of sales: ________________

Sales divided by unique visitors = conversion rate: ________________

Average order value (AOV): ________________

Dollar amount of total website sales: ________________

Your numbers should roughly map to this formula:

(unique visitors) x (conversion rate) x (average order value) = (website sales)

If it doesn’t match up to the formula, we’d be glad to help you do the math! Please get in touch for a more in-depth analysis.

Redesigning an e-commerce website can and should lead to higher sales. The money you spend on a website redesign should pay for itself within a matter of time. Ask yourself:

  • What would my sales be next year if I increased conversion rate by 1%?
  • What would my sales be next year if I increased my AOV by 5 percent?
  • What would my sales be next year if I increased both, simultaneously?

What do your numbers tell you? Let’s take a look at some examples.

How Does Improving Conversion Rate and Average Order Value Pay Off?

When you work with Aeolidia, we design with your sales goals in mind. So you’ll not only be getting a beautiful website, but one that’s designed to retain, engage, and convert the visitors you work so hard to bring there.

This means that when we redesign your website, we aim for at least a modest increase in conversion rate and average order value. Watch what happens when we use our sample numbers to boost conversion rate and average order value with a strategic redesign.

Example business, one year:

Website traffic: 96,000 visitors

Website conversion rate: 2%

Average order value: $58

Yearly website sales: $111,360

Example forecast after redesign:

Website traffic: 115,200 visitors

Website conversion rate: 4%

Average order value: $62

Website sales:  $285,696

Total additional sales after website redesign: $174,336

Wow, right? That shows a 20% increase to website traffic the next year, a 2% increase to conversion rate, and improved order value. A healthy business usually gains traffic year over year, and our work has helped capitalize on it.

Our team of experts can help you boost sales dramatically.

What If Your Sales Numbers Are Lower?

You might be thinking, “That’s nice, but my traffic and sales aren’t nearly as high.” That’s okay! Look what happens when we help boost traffic and conversion rate on a website that gets just 50 visits per day on average, with a 1.3% conversion and an average cart value of $45.

Example, lower numbers:

Website traffic: 18,250 visitors

Website conversion rate: 1.3%

Average order value: $45

Yearly website sales: $10,676.25

Example, after redesign:

Website traffic: 21,900 visitors

Website conversion rate: 2.3%

Average order value: $48

Website sales:  $24,177.60

That’s an increase of $13,501.35

We’ve increased the average order value through a smart redesign of the path to purchase, added 10 more visits to the site per day (thanks to our guidance and your hard work), and upped the conversion rate. This is what we’re experts in—and this is why you hire us!

You’ll see this forecasted conversion rate is lower than for the first example business. As you get more skilled at driving traffic, you may find that your conversion rate will improve, even if you don’t change how the site works. The reason for this is that you’ve gotten better at finding and communicating with the people who are more likely to make a purchase.

What Happens When You Wait

If this same business had waited 3 years to hire us, the owner would have missed out on nearly $22,504 in sales (after subtracting the cost of the website redesign itself). And by putting in stop-gap measures to help boost sales, as many people do, she’s actually lost more money:

Ineffective Facebook ads: $2,400
Hiring a designer for a website “facelift:” $2,800 Hire consultants or take courses: $600
Total cost of waiting: $28,304

There are also opportunity costs to waiting.

Lack of professional design makes it harder to grow your business: wholesale sales, product collaborations, and building a customer base all suffer when you look amateur. The path to your goals will be longer.

Struggling with your website can lead to feeling defeated and discouraged, and doing less than you could to grow your business. Our clients get a huge boost of confidence that inspires enthusiasm to pitch to big businesses and create compelling marketing campaigns.

Being slow to get to market and establish a presence means your more motivated competitors may take your idea and become the leader in the market. I have seen this happen to business owners I know, a few times. Market leaders invest in their ideas and move quickly. No one cares if you’re the original when they haven’t heard of you.

Why You Need To Take Your Website Seriously

If your website is using an off the shelf theme, your site looks similar to thousands of others. Your content has been shoehorned into something that wasn’t built for you. Your customers know that, even if only on a subconscious level.

A custom Shopify website is how you get the immersive brand experience that elicits an emotional response from your target customer.

The real way to increase your online sales is to start treating your website like a professional sales tool—one that will appeal to the right visitors and sell your products without you having to put so much effort into it.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. 
The next best time is today.

Chances are, you started your business without having everything perfectly planned out. If you’re like most business owners we work with, you jumped in head first, and you’ve been figuring things out along the way. This has lead to some amazing successes for you, but it’s also left some things overlooked.

A beautiful, high-converting website isn’t something you need immediately upon launching your business. But if you’re running your business with the intention of increasing sales year over year, you’ll eventually wonder if not improving your website is holding you back.

When Will Your Ecommerce Web Design Investment Pay Off? And How Much?

Now you know how to do the math to determine how much more money an increase in conversion rate and average order value will mean for your business. Of course, results vary, and forecasts are just educated guesses.

We can’t promise specific numbers, but we can promise to make informed, data-based decisions based on your goals, as well as to use the best practices that we’ve seen work well over our 15 years in business.

We are also able to help you increase your traffic by including marketing, SEO, and/or mailing list strategy consultation to your project.

All you need to hire Aeolidia and expect a great return on your investment is:

  • A product that people love.
  • Success in at least one area. For example, are you on track to make at least
    six figures in gross sales this year, but want more from online retail sales?
  • A willingness to make a monetary investment now and put in the work
    needed to see it multiply your sales over the years.

Are you curious to know how much to budget to work with Aeolidia, and how our payment structure works? Grab our rate sheet!

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