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Business Name Ideas for a Free Spirit: Wildbox Flowers

by Natalia Sylvester

November 6, 2014

I’ve always thought business name brainstorming is a bit like shopping for a pair of jeans—you start by trying on the business name ideas that strike your fancy. Maybe you like the sound of one name, but you’re not sure it fits your business perfectly. Maybe you see potential in another, but you’re worried about the size—will it grow with your business goals?

It can get overwhelming, which is where I come in. Think of me as your personal shopper. To help you discover a business name you love, I start by asking about and listening to your wants, needs, inspirations, and target audience. Where do you see yourself going with this pair of jeans/name? Who are you hoping to attract? This way, when I bring you that first set of names to try, you’re not flustered but invigorated by the possibilities.

We brainstorm more names, we make adjustments along the way. We make sure this is a name you can feel great in, a name you and your business can wear daily for years and years. We mix, we match, we accessorize, until we get to the one that feels just right.

Naming a new floral business

I recently worked on a naming project for Vivian Mak’s new floral arranging business. Since she hadn’t launched yet, Vivian already had a name, Dixie Belle Flowers, but she knew it was more of a placeholder; she wanted a name she could fall in love with. I was thrilled to learn about Vivian’s business because her ideas were rich with possibilities. In a market saturated with structured bouquets and floral arrangements that stick a little too close to romantic traditional design, Vivian wanted something bolder. Her floral designs incorporate unexpected elements, like hat boxes instead of vases, to give her arrangements a modern, refined feel.

“I like the luscious, wildflower designs which are rare to find in Hong Kong,” she said. “I am looking to cater for a more sophisticated, acquired taste… perhaps sophisticated but not snooty would be good.” Vivian wanted a business name that reflected her personality—something quirky, smart, elegant, feminine, and “a little bit fun and free.”

For her first round of names, I took all this into account, and also thought a bit about Dixie Belle Flowers: what was the initial inspiration behind that name, and was there a way to take those first ideas in a new direction? Vivian had expressed a love for all things Southern, like the French-inspired belle. I combined this with the idea of free-spiritedness and submitted business names like Belle Chapeau Flowers, Luscious Blushes Florals, and Wildbox Flowers.

Vivian’s initial thoughts:

“Thank you Natalia! All great names! Let me give it a think some more – but I do love the use of the word “chapeau” at first glance.”

Vivian then gave feedback on each of the ten or so initial business names I’d submitted, which helped me get an even better idea of where she was coming from. One name that caught her eye upon second glance was WildBox Flowers. “I like the simplicity of it, and it grows on me as I look at it more.” She also expressed a desire to explore names that had a delicate connotation, and was interested to see more names reflecting the word or concept of “Wild.”

I loved this creative direction because it gave me two very different ideas to work with, and sometimes it’s great to look at opposite ends of a spectrum so we don’t get tunnel vision in our inspiration. The next couple of rounds of names varied widely—from The Blushing Bouquet to Wild Bloom Florals—with Vivian’s love for Wildbox Flowers continuing to grow. It’d been a personal favorite of mine, too, so I was thrilled when Vivian chose Wildbox Flowers “for its simplicity, short and easy to remember name, and good roll of the tongue.”

Designing a wild logo

Shalon then worked with Vivian to come up with a brand new logo for her brand new business name. Here’s where the original inspiration of Vivian’s love for all things Southern came in, but with a modern edge to it. Reflecting the hints of “fun and free” in the Wildbox Flowers name, Shalon’s design speaks to Vivian’s love of luscious wildflowers and the non-traditional with a bold, yet feminine twist.

wildbox flowers - business name ideas

Need some help with a new business name?

If you would like help naming your business, please check in with us! Natalia, our copywriter, is astoundingly good at this. She will come up with a big list of names that you may like, based on the story of your business and your preferences, and they will all have an available domain name. Once you’ve decided on your new name, we can also help you trademark it.

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