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A Business Name That Glows | Lucette Jewelry

by Sam Hirst

August 8, 2013 / Updated: January 18, 2023

One of our favorite projects here at Aeolidia is business name brainstorming! Business name ideas are hard to come by, and Jena loves to take on these projects, working with you to define your business, figure out the feeling that you are trying to capture, and find a name that will reach your target customer.

Jena looks over your ideas, does extensive research with a thesaurus and dictionary, researches your competitors, and finds possible names that are available.

If you are just starting out or want to rebrand your business, it will definitely save you money to pin the name down now instead of having to get everything re-done in the future (new logo, new URL, website moved, new business cards designed and printed, etc.). It’s a great thing to feel confident that your business name fits your brand, will be memorable for your customers, and will serve you well for many years. Lucette Jewelry logo

We recently worked on a business naming project with Stephanie for her jewelry business. She had a clear sense about her business, but was struggling to come up with a name that she loved.

We were chatting with Stephanie about a logo project, and she asked us, “Can you help with naming the business? I am really struggling with that!” Of course we can!!

Stephanie’s plans are “to make estate jewelry more accessible to someone who may not have been in the market before.” She told Jena, “A friend of mine thought of Modern Cleopatra for me and I love it… not sure if it is being used anywhere. I like something fresh and whimsical.  My background is finance and energy… so you could play on those if anything makes sense, but I could not think of anything!”

Jena found in her conversations with Stephanie that she seemed to like names that were referencing age or time, women’s names, French words, and alliteration. Some of the initial ideas Jena showed Stephanie were: Modern Cleopatra, Luster & Grace, Margot Grace, Lucette, Gilded May, Felicite, and Belle Tempo.

Stephanie made a short list of favorites and Jena expanded on those to show her a few more ideas, like Aurelie and Chantal. For each round of ideas, Jena included their meanings and found a web address that was available for each name.

After some back and forth, Stephanie decided on Lucette, which was one of Jena’s personal favorites as well. She told Stephanie, “It sounds sweet and pretty and easy to remember, sounds like a modern boutique, feminine- it’s perfect.” Oh, and in French, Lucette means “little light” – a perfect name for a jewelry company!

 “Working with Jena on my business name brainstorming was an absolute delight. I needed help coming up with a name for my online estate jewelry business. Jena helped me turn my vision into a name that reflects the vision I had for my brand, Lucette Jewelry. I felt that Jena was extremely responsive to my ideas and came up with a variety of names and variations that I loved. I felt that she was able to take some names that were evocative of times gone by and give them a new twist that will appeal to my customer base.

The entire team at Aeolidia has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with them as my business grows.”

Stephanie then worked with Margot to create a logo that is classic, elegant, and feminine, with a whimsical edge. Margot took inspiration from the meaning of Lucette and designed a logo that glows. It speaks to the luxurious, yet accessible feel that Stephanie is trying to capture!

Branding and business naming project for Lucette Jewelry; shown here is the new branding guide by Margot Harrington for Aeolidia

Stephanie was so pleased with the business naming and logo process with us that she is now working with us on her ecommerce site. We can’t wait to show you this beauty!

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