Selling Fabric Made Easy: Duckadilly Redesign

DuckaDilly is a boutique fabric studio, which specializes in Liberty of London fabrics. Lesley came to us last year, ready for a new logo and website. She told us:

We would like our website to reflect the luxury of Liberty of London fabrics. We also need our website to be easy to navigate and to sort through fabrics by color, season or motif. The entire shopping experience with us should feel special from beginning to end: from ordering on the website to the beautiful package that arrives in the mail.

Duckadilly website redesign by Aeolidia

The studio is named DuckaDilly, after the sweet nickname that Winston Churchill called one of his daughters, Marigold. The marigold was part of the old DuckaDilly logo, and Lesley was originally planning to keep it:

I would like to continue using the marigold as an element of the logo, but would like it to be redesigned to better reflect our company. Graphic Inspiration: Marigolds, Teapots, English Cottage Gardens

Judy on our team began by creating a few logo options which included marigolds, but also showed Lesley another option which was more inspired by gardens and the icons of London. She told Lesley:

I wanted to play with different shapes, styles and colors, and combine some fonts I’ve chosen. I wanted to give a fresh, happy, natural and also “repetitive” style, to get closer to Liberty of London Fabrics soul and to the world of patterns.

Lesley loved this direction; the new DuckaDilly logo and identity is fresh, modern and very London-inspired. She told Judy:

Thank you so much for all of your work and creative ideas! The brand identity and print materials are amazing. I can’t wait to see everything come together on the website and with packaging. You created such a wonderful group of graphic element, colors, and patterns––there is so much to work with now!


Our photographer Jen worked her magic to create some gorgeous “hero” images for the new DuckaDilly website. These large, styled images can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a website. Having great photography is always a worthwhile investment.

DuckaDilly website photograpy by Aeolidia

DuckaDilly flowers photography by Aeolidia

DuckaDilly jellyroll photography by Aeolidia

With the new photography and brand identity in hand, Christine on our team got to work, creating a fresh new website for DuckaDilly. When she showed Lesley the initial concept, she told her:

I kept in mind your desire for a whimsical but refined website. The concept is consistent with your beautiful, sweet branding—including illustrative details and pops of light, bright color.


One of the most important aspects of our work on the new website is seen on the item pages. Selling fabric yardage can be difficult to set up on your own. When Lesley originally wrote to us she told us:

Our current Shopify site does not allow us to sell in fractions, (for example 1.5 yards). At the moment one unit = .25 yard. So if you purchase 1.5 yards, you must enter “6.” This is confusing and I would love to have this fixed. We also need a checkbox, which would allow the customer to let us know if they would like their fabric cut as a “Fat Quarter.”

Zoe on our team was able to set up the item pages to make purchasing yardage very simple for customers to understand. Customers can see exactly how much yardage they are purchasing, and the amounts are also seen (and can be edited!) at checkout.


The graphic elements Judy created for the new DuckaDilly brand were fun to sprinkle throughout the site – details like this make otherwise simple pages such as a contact page really special.


We asked Lesley about her project with us and she said:

It’s beautiful! I love how you tied the logo, graphic elements, and photos together. The (home) page is so lovely–it is sweet, refined, and has a touch of whimsy. It’s perfect! I love the clean titles that you designed for the informational pages. You have done such a lovely job creating a clean, sweet design, while also letting the fabrics look their best. I love it!

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