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What Would More Traffic Help You Do For Your Business?

Traffic leads to money, and it’s important to have a good mix of new visitors and returning customers. We can help with both.


Of course you want an on-brand, highly-converting website. But even the best site won’t help with cash flow unless you have enough traffic. What could happen if you used our new Traffic Package to get traffic to your Shopify store? Getting your business to the point where you’re getting more than enough visitors will allow you to make the investments to multiply your results: by hiring or improving benefits for employees, having a healthy budget to keep optimizing your site, or to fund the equipment or software you need next.

We’re pretty darn good at curating fabric collections, manufacturing, shipping, customer service. Totally clueless about marketing, SEO, web design.

From a request we received this year

Each traffic package is customizable, depending on your needs. Our standard package consists of three vital things:

Klaviyo Strategy

This includes:

  • Polished, high-end email design, matching your aesthetic
  • Account setup with signup forms
  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Browse Abandonment flows
  • Basic account training for campaigns and segments

Read more about our email marketing service here: Klaviyo Setup & Strategy for Shopify


Your SEO consultation is a detailed, growth-focused SEO assessment of your store to give you a solid, understandable path forward to growing with Search Engine Optimization. Your SEO consultation will review and offer direction on the following areas for your store:

  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Priorities
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Recommendations
  • and SEO Opportunities.

At the end of this project you’ll receive a detailed report for your store, highlighting the most important findings, priorities, and recommendations. Unlike SEO consultants you may have worked with before, this report will be personable, understandable, actionable, and not intimidating!

Google Analytics Setup and Analysis

Our Google Analytics-certified web analyst will analyze your website data to identify segments that are performing well, areas in need of improvement, and opportunities for growth. After our work, you’ll be able to identify:

  • The top tasks to improve the performance of your site
  • Snags for customers that prevent them from checking out
  • Your most engaged audiences, and your most engaging content
  • Your highest value customers to target
  • Your most effective marketing channels
  • Results for ecommerce goals

When you have automated [email marketing] flows, things literally just sell themselves, and you don’t have to do anything except sip coffee and watch Bravo!

Angie Chua, Bobo Design Studio

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