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Logo debossed on the bottom of ceramics


Creating a pottery brand: naming and a logo for a handcrafted ceramic studio.

The Challenge

Ceramic artist Nona Kelhofer had maintained a studio practice for over 35 years. While her work was refined to a professional quality, she had never taken the leap to turn what she considered to be her part-time hobby into a business. In order to get to the next level, she needed a business name, logo, and branding.

Our Approach

We came up with a timeless business name, then designed a full brand identity. We incorporated the shape of a vessel with a natural element, making use of negative space for a mark that would stand out when pressed into clay. The full graphic identity uses organic colors, textures and shapes that match the brand’s handcrafted appeal.

logo and brand identity for a ceramic studio
Logo design for a ceramic studio
Logo design for a ceramic studio.

We started the business naming project by gathering as much information about Nona’s process as possible. We also learned about Nona’s artistic influences and the businesses that inspire her. As we do with all our business naming projects, we asked what types of business names felt right to her. Was she looking for something that captured the essence of her brand, but wasn’t necessarily descriptive? Or was she looking for something more straightforward and tangible? We settled on Vesselry, which Nona felt was both timeless and reflective of her process.

I’m so inspired by how well you captured everything! You have designed the perfect logo for my brand and I love how you are translating it into the brand identity. I’ve so enjoyed working with you and remain in awe of your abilities, from the name Vesselry on through to your insights for the website copy. So glad you are sharing your gifts with the world. They have helped me feel more confident in sharing mine!

Nona Kelhofer
Brand mark in base of ceramic vessel
Pottery branding – brand mark in base of ceramic vessel.

Nona faced a specific challenge in that her business required a name and a logo that would look good as a mark stamped on the base of her pottery. Like the name “Vesselry,” the mark feels both ancient and modern, giving it a timeless feel, and the simplicity reflects Nona’s minimal aesthetic. Unlike most ceramic artists and potters, Nona crafts each piece she creates by hand, without the use of a wheel or mold. She wanted her business name to reflect this slow, ancient practice.

Logo stamped on the bottom of ceramics
Ceramic branding – logo stamped on the bottom of ceramic tumblers.

Prior to working with Aeolidia, I struggled with where to begin. I have made pottery for decades – that part is easy, but I had no idea how to transform this passion into a business. Natalia’s wonderful work with the business name and Jess’s amazing capture of a brand identity have served as a foundation for me to start. Thank you again for everything – this whole thing felt insurmountable until I had the foundation Aeolidia provided!

Nona Kelhofer

Nona Kelhofer of Vesselry
Business card design
Business card design for a pottery brand.
Greeting card with logo and branding for Vesselry, a ceramics studio
Greeting card with logo and branding for a ceramics studio.
Care card design for Vesselry
Care card design for a ceramic brand.
Graphic patterns for Vesselry
Graphic patterns.

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