Free Resource: 10 Craft Show Application Don’ts

A free downloadable PDF to help you create a craft show application juries will like

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Learn how to create a craft show application that avoids pitfalls and prepares you for success.

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You can create a strong craft show application, and avoid the common pitfalls that many people make with our list. If you are applying to a juried craft show, read this first! If you have applied to a craft show and been rejected, grab our guide to avoid that next time.

We interviewed Nicole Stevenson of Patchwork Show, and she told us, “Over the ten years that we’ve been doing this show, I have compiled a list of every reason anybody’s ever been rejected, and it’s about 10 different things. I send out a form rejection letter with these ten things, and I say, “If you were rejected, 99% of the time it’s for one of these things. So, take a look at this list and see which one applies to you.”

After you’ve grabbed the guide, make sure to watch our video interview with Nicole about craft shows.