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Downloadable Tools + Training

260 Blog Post Ideas

A comprehensive list of 260 blog post idea prompts for creative, product-based businesses that sell products online.


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How to Create a Powerful Email Newsletter

Here’s how to build (and market successfully to) your email list.


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Free Resources

How Much Money Can Your Website Make?

Is a redesign worth it? Here’s how to use your own sales numbers to forecast return on investment (ROI) for a web design project with us.

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Get More Traffic, Make More Sales

Here is what we know about how to grow your traffic and improve conversion rate to make your online shop profitable.

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Top 10 Craft Show Application Don'ts

Use this list by a longtime craft show organizer to find out why your application was rejected, and make sure your next one works.

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E-Commerce Setup Checklist

Everything you need to do to set up an online shop in one handy guide. Includes a comprehensive e-commerce setup checklist!

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Aeolidia Logo Help Guide

Our logo use guidelines (the same one we use for clients!) explain how to extend your brand details to everything you do, online and off

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A-Z Rebrand with Handcrafted Honeybee

The story of how a skincare business handled a rebrand. Doubles as a workbook for you to rebrand your own business. By Academy of Handmade.

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Planning Your Content Strategy

A comprehensive content strategy guide for e-commerce shops. Learn how to whittle down your content and strategically plan your website links.

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Who is Your Dream Customer?

A blueprint, based on our own client work, to help you figure out who your best customers are so you can build a brand and marketing plan that resonates with them.

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How to Get Targeted Traffic

How to get more traffic to your e-commerce shop from people who will love and buy from you.

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Etsy vs. Shopify Fee Calculator

Use our handy downloadable spreadsheet to find out if it’s worth it for you to make the switch from Etsy to Shopify.

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How to Create an Editorial Calendar

A guide for e-commerce shops on how to create and stick to a content calendar for your blog and business.

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Market Your Biz Using Pinterest

A guide for e-commerce businesses on how to use Pinterest as tool to generate traffic and sales.

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The Lucky Girl's Guide to Product Pricing

A comprehensive guide to product pricing formulas from Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting.

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Ultimate Wholesale Show Packing List

A master list of what to pack when you exhibit at a trade show, based on our interviews with 14 business owners.

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A 40-minute recorded webinar on marketing your creative business, starting with your brand identity.

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