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Wholesale Strategy & Design

Does It Feel Daunting to Figure Out How to Sell Wholesale And Retail Online?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the tools, documents, design, and strategy to close more big wholesale deals?


There are so many questions when it comes to selling wholesale, both online and offline! You might be wondering if you need two websites, or can use a wholesale app. What about discounts, payment terms, and shipping? Who are your perfect wholesale customers, and what do they want? Once you know who you want to work with, how do you reach out to them? What about all the different print and digital catalogs and order forms that you’ll need? And, finally, how do you stand out from your competitors as a great prospect for retail partners?

I want my Shopify site to look more professional and function better so that I can drive more DTC and wholesale customers to my own website rather than 3rd party website.

From a request we received this year

Some of the things we can do to help you excel at wholesale

  • Define your needs and create a unique wholesale strategy
  • Define your wholesale customer persona
  • Evaluate your wholesale offerings (physical or digital)
  • Create a strategy for retailer outreach
  • Create a strategy for the wholesale website journey
  • Add a wholesale app to your existing Shopify site
  • Design a wholesale brand book
  • Design a wholesale order form (Excel/Google Sheet and PDF)
  • Create an example retailer outreach email
  • Copywriting for the above

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