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Four Day Week Schedule Announcement

We are trying something new at Aeolidia, and wanted you to be the first to know. I’ve spent the last year or so reading all I could about the research on the four day work week, and we have decided it’s just the thing we need to make us more productive. We have joined the 4 Day Week Global pilot program from October-March, and are streamlining everything we do, with their support.

What is a four day week?

The model we’re using is a 100:80:100 model. That means we’re going to be paying our team 100% salary, completing work in 80% of the hours, and maintaining 100% productivity. Companies do this successfully when they’re able to reduce unnecessary meetings, use technology to eliminate or reduce busywork, and improve processes.

What is changing?

We are trialling Fridays as our new day off each week, starting the first week of October. Expect to hear from us during regular work hours Monday through Thursday as we begin the trial. If this schedule works well, it will continue. Otherwise, we will adjust, and keep you informed.

What’s staying the same or improving?

We will still have the same amount of hours scoped for you and your project, and the quality will continue to be up to our rigorous standards.

We have plans in place for keeping our project types to the same number of weeks as usual, and we are not anticipating any changes to launch dates.

In fact, with our recent focus on completing certain projects in a day or in a week, over the next six months we’ll be building the skills needed to complete 100% of your work in even less time than before.

Why are we doing this?

Studies show that most companies who try this end up seeing equivalent productivity, or a boost in productivity. The research shows that cognitive ability, critical thinking and productivity all decline significantly when working for too many hours or days in a row. We want to keep everyone’s minds sharp and motivated to strategize on your project.

The aim of adopting a four day week is not to become a more laid-back place that does less. We have commitments to our clients, immediate needs, and long-term ambitions. Moving to a four day week is meant to help us achieve all of those more efficiently.

My goal is for Aeolidia to be a dream job for our employees, and a “dream hire” for you. This new schedule aligns well with our values, and I’m excited to see what we can do for you when we’re all at our best!

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