Will You Participate in a Winter Slowdown?

I’m taking a cue from the Oh My! Handmade community this December, and pausing the Aeolidia blog over the holidays. We have some great articles planned for January, we’re working on our Christmas gifting, and we are cramming our new year’s schedule full of projects. Let’s meet again then!

This December on OMHG we are taking a collective deep breath and putting the brakes on for the great Winter Slow Down of 2014. Think of it as a season of slow, or a holiday without hustle, permission to ease into a winter of contentment and calm-even if life is swirling around us. Whether you are a maker,  small business owner, shopper or someone who hides from the rush, it can be hard not to get caught up in the frenzy of the holiday season and end up overwhelmed. Commitments like packing orders, promoting sales, events, shows and magic making for our families are all important but we often prioritize them over rest and then need to squeeze in simple goodness. What if this year we all made our own policies that protect our right to slow down for one month a year? It starts here!

Instead of regular posts and social media-ing from December 1-24th OMHG is celebrating a new kind of advent with our #24DaysOfPresence challenge. For the weeks leading up to Christmas take time to document the gifts each day brings whether it is a lovely sunset, a sweet note, or a quiet moment then share them (or don’t!) with the hashtag #24DaysOfPresence. Connect with others who know that the real treasure is never presents but the gift of presence. Once we slow down we can start to pay attention to where our presence is most needed in our lives and communities. Why is being present not only for ourselves but especially for others so very hard?

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Here’s hoping your shops are bustling over the holidays, you get some quiet time with your loved ones, and that you’re reinvigorated in the new year to give your business a good look-over, tidy those corners of it that need tidying, and make it the best it can be! We would love to help. Get in touch today so you can beat the January rush and secure a cozy spot on our 2015 calendar.

Merry merry!