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Yep, it’s January, which means you’re likely thinking about what you can do this year to improve your business. I’m not going to attack you with any kind of “New Year Must-Do List” or anything stressful like that. However, if you (like me) are always plotting improvements, I do want to offer to support you in your efforts.

Aeolidia is your small creative business team

Ready to have a team to back you up?

We aim to make the process of building your business online less lonely. Having some experts with their thinking caps on for your business is a feeling like no other. I know how great it is personally now, after hiring my team to redesign our brand and website (coming up, but I’m not promising a date!).

Are you second-guessing what you want to do, or how best to present it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, lean on when things get confusing, and help solidify plans with? That’s us!

We’ve done this with hundreds of businesses much like yours, and our clients are happy to have our support at the beginning, and our ongoing assistance as they build and grow their businesses.

Small biz owners have to do everything themselves. It’s so refreshing to be able to have a team on your side to consider your ideas, help make plans, and cheer you on for once.

Does this sound like you? A new client recently asked me:

“If I could only ask you one thing… where do I begin on the redesign thoughts? Updated logo, slimmed down content, streamline my site/blog/Facebook.. it can get so overwhelming that I just sit on it and make no progress – thoughts?”

Oh, do we ever have thoughts! This is our favorite kind of question to hear, because it means we can get strategic with the big picture.

Ready to make a small start?

The easiest first step to take? Get my creative small business newsletter in your email inbox. I work to make these timely, helpful, and to include information you may not have thought of. My tips on making improvements yourself are always simple to take action on, and can improve sales and create interest in your business.

I also include some fun design inspiration from time to time and our readers often send me insider tips on running a small business, which I pass right on to you.

Here are some examples of our recent posts, as a preview of what I’ll be writing to you about:

So, follow the link below, and you’ll get some great tips and website help directly from me, which you can work on as you get the time. I’m always happy to hear from you in response, so please don’t hesitate to say hi and let me know what kind of help you’re looking for.

We do not do “email blasts” at Aeolidia (that sounds so horrible!). I send out a thoughtful message meant for you and I value a reply.

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Ready to make a real leap?

If you’re past the “thinking about it” stage, and would like to get started working on your logo, your packaging, your photography, your web copy, or even a website redesign (or your first website!), we would be completely thrilled to be your team, to back you up, and dream big for your business. Just come say hello to me here, and I’ll work on a good plan for you.

If you know of anyone that you think we’d be a good match for, please spread the word, either personally, or via social media. We’re up for a challenge for 2014. We’d love to be introduced to your friends!

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