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I looked at dozens of websites this spring and summer with Helen on our team, and we saw some common problems over and over on websites during this time. Some shop owners were using themes from the Shopify theme store, some were on a different platform, and some had hired a designer to work on their site.

The same things came up so often that we would spend the most time on the first site during each 5-person call, then just reiterate what we’d explained each time we saw the problem again on the other four sites. So I wanted to share these two live website reviews with you, because I’m sure you’ll get a lot of tips for your own site!

This video shares two small business website teardowns from Aeolidia’s captain & founder, Arianne Foulks, and our Ecommerce Strategist, Helen Hulskamp. This was on a live video call open to all mailing list subscribers. The two websites we reviewed were:

Stella Chroma

Stella Chroma website screenshot


Sugared Mango

Sugared Mango website screenshot


We see the same opportunities for improvement over and over on Shopify websites, so these website reviews should give you many ideas for how to make your own website better. Do you want to see what we advised these two business owners?

Website teardown screenshot

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Review from a small business owner

“I am going over my notes from yesterday’s website teardown and I cannot thank you enough. It was so great to watch you both work your magic, and I appreciated you sharing your expertise with us. You all are really the gold standard when it comes to websites and I appreciate your generosity. I have 36 actionable items to work through. I am excited to explore the links you sent us and dive into all those Aeolidia articles I’ve been bookmarking for a while now. This experience had fueled me with a new excitement to improve my online sales.” -Jessica Sandford, octoberforever.com

Your experts

Arianne Foulks

Arianne Foulks is a popular educator and small business enthusiast. As a champion for creative brands, she has a 15+ year reputation for thoughtful redesigns that help businesses level up. She loves having a problem to solve, and has focused throughout her career on building online homes for fascinating people. She is raising boys, will walk any distance, always has a pile of novels by her bed, and was once bitten by an elephant seal.

Helen HulskampHelen Hulskamp has been a web developer since 1996, and her work has focused on conversion optimization and analytics. She’s a software engineer who runs a small-batch natural soap and skincare business. She dives headfirst into new crafts regularly, particularly in the fiber arts, though any medium or material is fair game. She loves DIYing everything (except food) and is a genius at creating Halloween costumes for her son.