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7 Steps to Building Your (First) Online Class

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As people are getting used to doing more and more things online, online learning is going to be huge. Have you considered teaching an online class? Your unique perspective is valuable, and in this video, we go over fears that may be holding you back, and how to get started teaching online for money.

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Teaching online classes (what the video is about)

As we stand in the midst of deeply uncertain times, I believe that we are simultaneously witnessing the start to a massive momentum towards service and online education business possibilities. I know firsthand that one of the best ways a Creative Business owner can make an impact, while also creating additional revenue and passive income opportunities, is through sharing your gifts and skills virtually.

What are your gifts? What is your area of expertise? What comes easily to you? What are your talents, skills, knowledge, insight that people are always asking you about?

If you feel the gentle nudge to share, if supporting others in finding new opportunities for their success lights you up, now is the time. We need you.

During the economic crisis of 2008, a baby e-commerce business, just beginning to gain momentum with selling my Art, I was getting so many questions about how I had found success in the online space. With no prior thoughts of teaching, just a desire to share and positively impact another Creative, I pieced together my knowledge of audio recording, how to set up a private blog, and hosted my first online class.

We’ve come a long way since then. Technology has caught up to the vision and the ways in which we can now easily share our knowledge with one another is incredible.

In this webinar, I will be walking you through the 7 steps to getting started with your online class, from how to choose what to teach, the presentation style that is right for you, to where to host it and how to launch and market it.

Passionate about helping fellow Entrepreneurs who have a desire to share~ I want to do all I can to support you in creating your class, even if it’s just getting the wheels spinning for future ideas. The explosion of online learning is coming… and I know you want to be ready!

Your instructor

Marisa Anne Cummings is an L.A. based artist, designer and founder of Creative Thursday. A small intention to be more creative one day a week while working a 9 to 5 job… Creative Thursday grew into a full time business that is home to Marisa’s art, podcast, interview series, blog and book of the same name. Passionate about encouraging others to live a life they love, especially creatively, Marisa also teaches, speaks, and coaches Creatives in Business as founder of The Expansive Artists community.