Using Keywords Effectively: Sock Monkey Company

So, we all know that “if you build it, they will come” is not something that happens on the internet (unless you manage to go viral with a silly cat photo).

Some people seem to think that just having a shiny new website will make people flock to it and start throwing money at them.

So not true! I thought it would be very helpful in managing expectations if we could hear some stories from business owners who have launched a website.

Today, Sharon from Sock Monkey Company has some great insight on how to leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to promote your business, by using keywords effectively, paying for Google ads, and keeping up with her blog and Pinterest pins.

Sock Monkey Company, designed by Lauren

Sock Monkey Company, designed by Lauren.

Since I sell sock monkeys, I made sure that the words “sock monkey” were on my home page and category pages in Google readable text. You have to repeat the keywords of your products many times, but not crossing the line and going overboard because Google will penalize for doing that. I try to name each product specifically, like “Purple Polka Dot Sock Monkey Lottie”, because in Google searches, each word is important.

Google is the most important tool for selling products on my site. I update products and add new blog entries, because Google likes active sites. I spend quite a lot on Google ads. If I didn’t, my sales would be poor. I don’t advertise on Yahoo or Bing.

Every new product is listed on my Pinterest board. That seems to generate a lot of interest.

I use Facebook to introduce new products sometimes, but I try not to go wild with too many postings. When I mention my Facebook promotional 10% off code, I always get an increase in sales.

I don’t use Twitter because I really don’t like it, and I don’t think it would be that useful for my site.

I have a mailing list, but I’m too lazy to create mailings…I should do that someday. :)

For a tiny business like mine, with only two people doing all of the work, my business generates quite a lot of revenue. Thanks to Aeolidia, my site was designed very well, and I get compliments on the easy navigation from my customers. I could probably do some other things to generate more sales, but I’m pretty content right now with our volume.

Sharon Conner, Owner, Sock Monkey

Using keywords effectively: Andrew

Andrew the sock monkey

Using keywords effectively: Jumbo sock monkey

Jumbo sock monkey

Your launch strategy

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