Upgrade Your Business: Weaving Works

Does running your business make you happy? Happiness is overrated. The best moments running a business can be times that aren’t exactly “happy”:

  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Working up the bravery to do something that scares you
  • Making the leap to do something you’re not sure you’re ready for yet
  • Pulling all-nighters and finding you’ve accomplished something that almost seemed impossible

We recently sent a call out to our newsletter readers, asking them about their best business moment. Jessica of Weaving Works was kind enough to take a moment to share her story of revitalizing an established business, and bringing it up to date. Read her story below.

Weaving Works item page, designed by Meg Lewis

Weaving Works item page, designed by Meg Lewis

Jessica upgrades her business

Our business has been undergoing some major changes for little over a year now. I became the manager of an almost 40 year old established retail business that needed to face the growing demands and dependencies of modern technology.

Our systems, procedures and marketing were severely out of date and unable to keep up with our customers’ needs. Overdue, we are currently overhauling everything to retain our current customers and hopefully grow our customer base.

Being an established business has its share of challenges: customers and staff have specific expectations and everything new is compared to everything old. We cannot start small and focused, we are where we are now and must go from there.

In the past year we have implemented a new Point Of Sale system which connects to our Shopify website (Aeolidia designed!) and allows us to maintain inventory, make quicker and more effective orders and serve our customers so much better, We are still working towards joining the 21st century, but our POS and website have been amazing in helping us get there.

Our new website is a clean and modern update of our image, still recognizable to our customers and a perfect, fresh face for where we are hoping to take our business on and offline.

Aeolidia was (and still is) integral to this process. Thank you for being so helpful and responsive.

Thank you, Jessica! We’re so glad to have eased your transition into the 21st century! Visit the Weaving Works site here.

Do you need to upgrade your business as well? Let us know what’s feeling daunting and what challenges you’ve already overcome in the comments.