Free Resource: Planning Your Content Strategy

A guide to organizing and creating content for your e-commerce website

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Free Resource: Planning Your Content Strategy, Aeolidia

Learn how to whittle down your content and strategically plan your website links.

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A vital first step before creating a website is working on content strategy, and a very important part of your content strategy is figuring out your site map: what pages will be on your website, and how are you going to organize your navigation so that people can find what they need?

If you already have a website, it’s always good to take a look at it after some time has passed, reassess your goals, and adjust your pages and navigation. It can be great to do this on an existing site, because you will hopefully now have some data and feedback to use to inform your decisions.

Included in this PDF:

  • Defining your website’s goals: what do people want to do on the site? What do you want them to do?
  • Brainstorming your pages
  • Prioritizing content
  • Organizing a site map
  • Writing the content for your website