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Chronicle of the rebranding process, plus a workbook for creative businesses embarking on a rebrand

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Learn exactly how this handcrafted brand multiplied their sales nearly 10x in less than a year! This ebook doubles as a workbook for you to use to rebrand (or brand) your business.

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After facing some major burnout in their skincare products business, Handcrafted Honeybee founders Stacia and Robert Guzzo decided to embark on a rebrand. This e-book, published by Academy of Handmade, details their entire rebranding process, which involved addressing some major target customer problems. It also doubles as a workbook to help you manage the process of branding — or rebranding — your creative business.

Included in the PDF:

  • Dealing with business burnout
  • Figuring out who your target customer is
  • Hiring a designer
  • How to communicate with your designer
  • Using a brand guide
  • Determining the right goals for a rebrand
  • Package design
  • Outlining a customer journey
  • How to relaunch a brand after a redesign
  • Redesigning a website

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