Free Resource: Forecasting Web Design ROI

How much money could your website make?

What's It Worth? Forecasting Your Website Design ROI

How long will it take for your new website to pay for itself? This PDF helps you decide if it's the right time for your business to invest in design.

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Are you interested in hiring Aeolidia to design or redesign a Shopify website for you? I’m so glad! We’d love to talk with you, but before doing so, maybe you’d like to think about the possible return on investment?

Included in your free downloadable PDF:

  • Who We Are, and Who We Work With
  • The Usual Path to Hiring Aeolidia
  • A Formula to Help You Predict Success
  • What Does Improving Your Numbers Look Like?
  • What If Your Sales Numbers Are Lower?
  • What Happens When You Wait
  • Why You Need to Take Your Website Seriously
  • Is It Time For Your Business to Invest In Strategic Design?
  • What Unique Value Does Aeolidia Provide You?
  • When Will Your Investment Pay Off? And How Much?