Sourcing Printers and Packaging Companies

As part of Aeolidia’s big redesign in 2014, we wanted to revamp our client experience as well. One consideration is that since we work remotely, we wanted new ways to bring a personal touch to our work. Our clients live all over the world, and the team we assign each client is geographically scattered.

It can be hard making the decision to hire someone who you haven’t been able to sit down with and get to know. There is also usually a wait time between making a down payment with us and getting to work. While clients are busy gathering content and info during this time, there isn’t a lot of interaction, and it’s a period when doubt could set in.

We made this “getting started” period more reassuring by sending our new clients a welcome kit in the mail. You can see photos of it here:




What’s in our kit

For each kit, I pull together a set of “trading cards” of the team that will be working on the project. I hand write a note, and put together some branded gifts. This package is fun to get, and it sets the tone. It also gives clients an idea of what we can do for them and their brand identity. We designed some clever things that our clients often tell us they’re inspired by.

The heart of our welcome kit is in a folder, like you would get a special wedding invitation in. The folder is stamped with a golden merman seal and wrapped with a belly band in our wave pattern. Inside, you find our frame-worthy manifesto and a set of informative cards to prepare you for our process and your project.

On top of the folder, I pack a sweet little bag of treasure, which includes a book of post-its, custom pens, and our trading cards.

The box matches our brand colors, and has an embossed gold seal on it. We decided to put the box into a plastic sleeve, to protect it from postmarks, stamps, or scuffing. We wanted it to be worthy of keeping, if our client chooses.

At the close of each project, I send a smaller matching box, with a handwritten note and a custom metal merman lapel pin as a thank you gift.

Sourcing printers and packaging suppliers

I would like to share our design process, and which printers and manufacturers we worked with to produce our marketing materials and packaging. I am also going to tell you about:

  • any problems I had with printers
  • how we saved money when we could
  • where and why we splurged.
  • what I learned through the process (there were some mistakes!),
  • what I would do differently

People are always asking me for print and packaging sources, so I think this is going to be a popular series! This information is going out to my newsletter subscribers only, and I will write once a month throughout 2016 about each part of our packages in detail.

Sign up for our newsletter below! The first post is about our “thank you” lapel pins. These come on a thick printed card, in a glassine envelope, with a metallic die cut embossed sticker.

Aeolidia lapel pins and packaging

Find out how we designed the pin and packaging and had it all made here:

Shipshape Collective Freebie

Here's where I got all the printed materials I use to promote Aeolidia and send our clients as gifts, with detailed reviews of and links to the printers I used.

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