What Designers Dream About (Our Social Media Team)

Aeolidia designers on Pinterest

It was feeling increasingly weird for me (Arianne) to be the entirety of Aeolidia’s social media voice, when we’re happily a team of 22 creative, inspired, interesting individuals. I spend most of my day sitting on my couch bent over a pile of email, so I know I’m not the most “with it” individual on the team when it comes to design trends and inspiration.

With that in mind, we’re experimenting with group social media. Rather than having one or two people keep up with our social media, I’d like every Aeolidian to feel welcome as part of our social media team.

We’ve adjusted our Twitter account so we can each post, with our signatures appended to each tweet. Instead of “Arianne Foulks,” we’re now “Aeolidia Team” on Twitter. This way we can keep in better touch with our clients, share some other perspectives, and find lots of great design and business inspiration for you.

If your business has employees or a business partner, you may be interested in doing something similar. We did some research, and ended up using GroupTweet for this.

We also decided to start using Pinterest more creatively. Now on Pinterest, instead of just being able to see what I like, we’ve turned our boards into group boards, where many of us collaborate together to gather inspiration from around the web.

Want to find your design match made in heaven? Each Aeolidia designer has put together a “meet your designer” board on Pinterest, so you can see whose tastes align most closely with yours. It has been very fun seeing what pops up on these boards!

To make your own shared boards in Pinterest, just edit any board you’ve created, and add people in the “who can pin?” box. Be warned that if you add what Pinterest considers to be “too many” people at one time, it will give you a “whoa, slow down!” type message and you’ll have to continue again another day.

Have any questions about how you can use social media to your advantage? Let me know what’s on your mind – I may just have a thought that could help you!