Smart Idea: Coupon Pop Up

I don’t know about you, but it drives me mad when I’m shopping online and I get to checkout and I see that “coupon code” box, but I have nothing to put in it. I feel like I’m getting ripped off somehow, like other people have coupons and I’m the chump paying full price!

I often will take some time to go to the business’ Facebook and Twitter pages to see if I’m missing out on a discount, and I’ve even abandoned my cart from time to time, because the “coupon code” box was a reminder that I could get my purchase for less.

What to do about this as a small biz owner? You could remove the coupon code box, but that is only viable if you have absolutely no active coupon codes at any time. I recently bought some Christmas cards at Paper Source, and found this clever little addition to checkout:

current offers link

A “current offers” link right next to the coupon code box!

A selection of sales and discounts

A selection of sales and discounts

They put active sales and coupons right there at checkout, which helped me to feel like I was in the know. It ended up with none of them applying to me, but saved me from that “chump” feeling and allowed me to continue checkout happily.

Of course, any special or secret coupons that are only meant for a limited group of people wouldn’t need to be included here. If you put the right kind of sales and deals in here, this could have the effect of sending your customer back to your shop to add more things to their cart, so really seems like a win-win!

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