Shopify Design Before & After: A Dynamic New Site for Soaring Suds Co.

Soaring Suds Co. had only been operating for about a year and a half when founder and soap maker Leslie realized she wanted to take things to the next level. The natural soap company had been enjoying good local sales and successfully acquiring wholesale clients, but online sales were being hindered by a non-intuitive shopping experience and an ineffective design. Before contacting Aeolidia to redesign and launch her new Shopify site, Leslie took steps to steer her business in the right direction: she came to us with a new logo and new packaging. Now it was our job to transform her look into a thriving brand.


Soaring Suds brand identity design for a handcrafted soap brand

Soaring Suds brand identity design for a handcrafted soap brand


To bring her brand to life, Ann Parker on our design team set out to infuse a modern, minimal aesthetic with a clean and chic sensibility, inspired by Soaring Suds Co’s new logo and packaging.

“Your products make people feel indulged and pampered, while providing a vegan product they can feel good about purchasing. The brand design should communicate the same story,” Ann said. She refined the new logo by simplifying the typography and avoiding anything overly trendy or complicated. Since customers purchase Soaring Suds Co. products as an indulgence, it was important to keep the aesthetic simple and high-end. Paired with a colorful array of accents, the design is intended to resonate in everything from the company’s new brand mark to new patterns created for social media background graphics and blog posts.


Soaring Suds logo before (left) and after Aeolidia (right).

New branding, packaging, and photography for Soaring Suds.Redesigning the site presented another opportunity to make the shopping experience feel simplified, yet luxurious. The navigation menu now includes a “mega-menu” revealed when you hover over the company’s main products—rather than expanding to only text, it features an image of each collection within the parent collection. This allows customers to easily view and choose from the products in a visual way. It makes the process more fun, intuitive, and inviting.

Of course, a more visually-enticing site web design calls for beautiful product photography, so Jen our team took stunning, dramatic new product shots that show off the vibrant, beautiful colors of Soaring Suds Co.’s products and packaging. The products were photographed from fun and unique angles—think beyond a front-facing product shot—to create a bold, eye-catching hero image for the home page.


Soaring Suds custom product photography for a handcrafted soap brand

New website photography for Soaring Suds

Soaring Suds custom product photography for a handcrafted soap brand

New branding, packaging, and photography for Soaring Suds

Knowing that her brand’s visual makeover would also require a new voice, Leslie added our copywriting services to her project. The main headline (Elevating baths to an amazing experience) echoes the indulgent, feel-good vibes established by the brand’s aesthetic. Immediately below the fold, a clear and straightforward brand statement tells customers who Soaring Suds is and exactly what they sell. Finally, a Collection Call-to-Action area features 3 product collections in an overlapping, stacked design, each with attention-grabbing descriptions. At every turn, art and copy work in tandem to create a fresh new site for Soaring Suds Soap Co. that will convert sales and create a great user experience for its customers.


Soaring Suds website before (left) and after Aeolidia (right).

Soaring Suds brand identity design and custom shopify website for a handcrafted soap brand


In terms of conversion rate and engagement the site was performing extremely well post-launch.

  • Visitors browsed 9 pages per session (we like to see at least 3)
  • Visitors averaged over 4 minute session duration (we like to see at least 2 minutes)
  • The bounce rate was under 40% (we like to see 50% or lower)
  • Overall conversion rate is 3.76% with mobile conversion even higher at over 4%!
  • Returning visitor rate of 47%

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