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Selling on Shopify During the Pandemic – 8 New Offers

by Arianne Foulks

May 18, 2020 / Updated: June 30, 2022

Have you been thinking of selling on Shopify during the pandemic? If you sell products online, it’s likely that you use, or have heard of, Shopify. It’s become the leader in ecommerce platforms for a reason, and I’d like to share a bit about how they’re helping merchants at this time.

Shopify has spent a huge amount of time and energy lately helping small businesses pivot to weather the changes we’re seeing due to the new Coronavirus pandemic.

Here is a rundown of 8 recent changes they’ve made and help they’re offering.

Shop app to boost local exposure during the lockdown

shopify's shop app

Shopify announced the new Shop app recently. It is a “digital shopping assistant” that serves as a way for your customers to bookmark your business, keep you and your products top of mind, and track their orders from you in real time.

It sets your customer up to follow your shop automatically, once they’ve purchased from you. Once you’re in their favorites list, they will see your products in the app.

We’ve had a quick chat here at Aeolidia, and we think it’s going to be a big deal to be on this app.Since it’s notifying all your customers anytime they are receiving an order update from anyone on Shopify, each interaction like that may mean they’ll open the app, see your latest products, and buy from you.

Learn more about being listed in this app and optimizing your listing here.

Gift cards are free from Shopify during the pandemic

Shopify adjusted how their plans work to make gift cards available to all merchants. If you have customers that can’t shop with you right now, due to state lockdowns and shelter in place orders, gift cards can be a great way for them to support you and plan for the future when you’re up and running again.

They also make a great gift, of course!

Learn more about gift cards here.

Google Shopping is now free to use

You used to have to pay to show up on the Google Shopping tab in search results, but Google is now showing free listings alongside paid ones.

Shopify has partnered with Google so you can easily sync, submit, and optimize your products through Shopify’s Google Shopping app. If you already are set up in this app, your approved products can show on Google Shopping now for no charge.

Here’s how to get set up with Google Shopping.

Help for brick and mortar shops from Shopify during the pandemic

Mockingbird brand identity by Aeolidia
Mockingbird brand identity by Aeolidia

If you’ve relied on local sales in your brick and mortar shop, you are likely having a hard time right now serving your customers. Shopify has provided tutorials and features to help you offer both local delivery and curbside pickup.

Here is their help for local delivery.

Here is how to do curbside pickup.

Using email to keep your customers up to date

Email marketing is a vital part of your ecommerce strategy, and Shopify moved quickly to roll out their new email marketing system while merchants are looking for ways to keep customers up to date and shopping. It’s completely free until October, and is a great starter way to send email to your customers.

Shopify Email is very simple for now, and in most cases, we recommend that shop owners use either Klaviyo or Mailchimp.

Learn about Shopify Email here.

Pinterest integration

Indigo Ember hero photo © Jen Lacey for Aeolidia
Indigo Ember hero photo © Jen Lacey for Aeolidia

Also brand new, Shopify now offers Pinterest as a sales channel, which means you now have a quick way to upload your products to Pinterest and turn them into shoppable Product Pins, in just a few clicks.

The app connects your Shopify store and Pinterest, and keeps things updated automatically.

You can learn more and grab the app here.

Shopify POS updates

Shopify has made some big updates to the Shopify POS, and it keeps getting easier and better to keep your in-store sales linked with your online sales.

Some new things include curbside pickup, local delivery, staff permissions, and lots of improvements to how the interface works to help you pivot how you sell on Shopify during the pandemic.

Shopify Compass: Courses and webinars

Shopify has been working with their network of partners to present online learning opportunities, and I’ve been delighted to be a presenter with them this month. Tune into live workshops here, and don’t miss the past workshops. Keep your eye out for new content!

Shopify asked me to be one of their founding instructors for Shopify Compass. My own course is now live, and you can see it here: Introduction to Strategic Store Content

Moving to Shopify

20x200 Custom Shopify website for art curator

My team at Aeolidia has been working exclusively with Shopify for many years. There is no other ecommerce platform out there right now that compares with Shopify, and it’s the most flexible platform that can grow with you to any size.

There are other good ecommerce options, but Shopify keeps trying new things and these innovations are only available if you’re on their platform.

If you’d like help moving to Shopify, or taking better advantage of your existing Shopify site, we’re your team. Grab our services and pricing information here:

Aeolidia Pricing

I hope we can help!

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